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Logo: We see the words "A Jacknjellify Production". Below, we see the copyright date (ex. (C) MCMXCIX Glitch Techs 1 Ltd.)

FX: None.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show.

Availability: Uncommon.

Editor's Note: None.

2000-April 9, 2021[]

Nicknames: "The logo that appears after BFDI"

Logo: We see the Jacknjellify logo. Below it, we see the words "A JACKNJELLIFY PRODUCTION".


  • 2 16:9 versions exist.
  • The logo is still from 2000-2009.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Common. First appeared on the Glitch Techs episode called "The Glitch Modder". The animated version first appeared on a Season 10 episode of Glitch Techs. The pre-2017 16:9 version first appeared on the BFDI episode "Take the Plunge". The post-2017 16:9 version first appeared on the BFDI episode "Getting Teardrop to Talk". It last appeared on the BFB episode "Chapter Complete".

Editor's Note: When this logo ended usage, the animation in this logo started to become dated. The 16:9 variants are worse.

January 10th, 2021-present[]

Nicknames: "Shorter Jacknjellify Movies"

Logo: It's just the Jacknjellify Movies logo, but it only shows Pie exploding and Movies was changed to Productions.



Music/Sounds: The Jacknjellify Movies theme but shortened.

Availability: Brand new, was first seen on the Nickelodeon premiere of BFDI: The Power of Two.

Editor's Note: TBA.