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1st (and only) Logo

Nicknames: "The Blue J", "80s J","Filmstrip/Blue J Combo"

Logo: We see a filmstrip unwinding, in a polished and realistic way. The filmstrip pans in to reveal a blue field. A stylized, shiny blue letter J (which happens to be Johnson Entertainment's "Blue J" logo) rotates and zooms out, before turning to its position, accompanied by a light behind it and a brief lens flare. The words "JOHNSON ENTERTAINMENT" fade in below, in Futura.

FX/SFX: The animation, which is extremely impressive for 1982!

Trivia: The film reel was animated by Richard Williams and a team of twenty other animators, all of whom had worked for El TV Kadsre Animation either at the time or in the past. Founder Sheldon Johnson wanted animation on par with El TV Kadsre kadsresatsu classics. The blue "J" was a wood model coated in resin, spray-painted blue, and placed in front of a sheet of black fabric to avoid reflecting. The model was then rotated on a small stage covered in a black cloth. It resides in the MatsuMedia museum today.


  • 1982-1989: A fanfare by Wilbur Matsushita (the then-current composer and conductor of the El TV Kadsre Philharmonic Orchestra) was used.
  • 1989-present: An even more triumphant version of the previous fanfare by Cal Matsushita, with the addition of more instruments, including bongos, saxophones, and a chorus.

Availability: Common. This logo has been seen on every Johnson film since the studio’s founding, including movie-exclusive variants.

Editor's Note: Probably one of the most beloved El Kadsreian logos ever made, with revolutionary effects and a powerful score.