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Background: Jungle Wood Video Is A Home Video Company So That Is The VHS Companies,That It Renamed Into Jungle Wood Home Video

1st Logo


Logo: On A Black Background,We See A Golden Cube Rotating And Moving,When It Stops,It Spins Until "JUNGLE WOOD VIDEO INC." In Tajik Fades In.


Music/Sounds: Same As The 1980 Authority Films Ltd. Fanfare,With Stolen Music.

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Medium to high.

2nd Logo



NOTE: It Was Renamed To Birch Wood Home Video.

Logo: Same As The First Logo,But It Transforms The Cube To Silver,And "JUNGLE WOOD VIDEO INC." In Tajik Replaced With "JUNGLE WOOD HOME VIDEO" In Tajik, "Presents" In Tajik Fade In.


Music/Sounds: Sounds Of Whooshing And Exploding,Followed By A Distorted Sound Wave.

Availability: Coming Soon!

Scare Factor: High,Because This Is One Of The Most Insane Logos Ever.