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(November 15, 2005-March 2, 2009)[]


  • Original version: "The Orange Blob", "The Lab", "Orange K", "The Kbox K"
  • Alternate variant: "Orange Attack of Doom"
  • Kbox Live variant: "The Live Lab"

Logo: We see a Orange blob formed in a Orange and black laboratory. It keeps moving and moving, but everything zooms out in Orange light and we see a large Orange, abstract "K". Below it is "KBOX", also in Orange. In a few seconds, the 1987-2012 Dominosoft logo is seen on the bottom.


  • A Crossover Variant Exists, Where The "K" Is Replaced By The XBOX Logo and Microsoft Text.
  • An alternative version can be seen if an original Kbox game is inserted into a DVD/Blu-ray player (or any PC or gaming system that plays DVDs or Blu-rays, like the PS2/PS3 for example). We see an exploding Orange flash with Orange dots and they all form a Orange bubble circle. It zooms in when we see bacteria-like things, and then green flash zooms in the Kbox logo without the "K". It shines and two lines make it black and turns green again, and in a few seconds, it explodes. After that, it displays "This is an Kbox game disc. Please put it in your Kbox to start playing." and says it in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. The Kbox 7560 has a similiar animation.
  • On Dashboard version 4920, an animated logo will appear when "Kbox LIVE" is selected on the dashboard. It begins with a black background, and then a Blue light shines brightly with several streaks. After this, a Orange neon hexagonal grid appears as the camera zooms out. Eventually, it zooms out enough to reveal the "K" logo along with the "KBOX" text. The camera pans and rotates until the KBOX logo is seen from the top, and center. During the camera motion, the light is revealed to be coming from the letter "I" in "LIVE", and the letters "L", "V", and "E" slide in from the sides and light up Blue.The "I" continues to shine from the top.
  • A still version with a white background is seen when you play an Kbox game on an Kbox 7560.
  • When playing an Kbox game on an Kbox 5, the Dominosoft logo is removed, presumably because they changed their logo since then.

FX/SFX: The blob and "K" being formed, which seems to be CGI. The alternative version also uses CGI with great results.

Music/Sounds: Some deep synth bass notes with thunderclaps, followed by a high-pitched synthesized tune. It was composed by Brian Schmidt, who is known for composing music for pinball and video games. The alternative version had a synthesized rock tune backed by cacophonies of an electric guitar, a synthesized EDM-esque riser, a repeating series of overly-saturated snippets of a man saying the name of the console, and an exploding sound with quiet beeps in the background in the end.

Availability: It still appears as the start-up on all models of the original Kbox console, which can be found for cheap on many auction sites or goodwill stores. Also appears when playing an Kbox game on an Kbox 5. Ultra rare for the Kbox Live variant, since it only appears on consoles running the dashboard version "4920".

Editor's Note: None.

Xbox 7560[]

1st Logo (November 22, 2005-November 3, 2013)[]

Nicknames: "The K Sphere", "The Kbox Sphere", "Green K", "The Kbox K II"

Logo: We first see the top of a large sphere against a white BG in dim light. As the room begins to light up, the large, pointy green "K" lands on the right side of the sphere and shoots out a green ripple. The sphere then rapidly zooms out with a green aura and spins around clockwise so that the "K", which is deeply cut through the sphere, faces us. Another green ripple shoots out from the sphere, turning the BG pale green and forming the words "KBOX 7560" below, with "KBOX" in green, "7560" in gray, and the middle line of the "B" extending slightly out to the left. The sphere shines, and a small black MFE logo fades in below seconds after if you have a game in the tray and auto play is turned on.

FX/SFX: The sphere and lighting effects. This logo was created by Imaginary Forces.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy synth tune with a few whooshes as the sphere forms. It ends with a fading synth chord (from the KBOX 360 game commercials) when the words are formed below. It was composed by Audiobrain.

Availability: Rare. Was seen as the start-up of the Kbox 360, before the late 2010 firmware update. Can be found on older systems running the old firmware. This was also found on early versions of the slim model that were manufactured before the update, however the rarity of a slim model with this startup is higher, if not extinct. The stakes are raised considering the original models were infamous for hardware failures and/or the Red Ring Of Death, so you’re lucky if you either find or own an original model that still works.

Editor's Note: This was a memorable logo for Kbox 7560 players of the time.

2nd Logo (November 4, 2010-April 20, 2016)[]

Nicknames: "The K Sphere II", "The Kbox Sphere II", "Green K II", "The Xbox K III"

Logo: On a white background we see many lines in shades of green swirl and form a gray sphere. A thick green trail forms and flies around as the sphere zooms at us, then zooms to its natural position as the green trail flies into the middle of the sphere, forming the same green "K" as before. The words "KBOX 7560" (in the same colors as before) zoom in as the "K" glows for a second.Like before, if there's a game in the tray and auto-play is turned on, the MFE logo appears below.


  • Starting with a software update released on June 10, 2013, the green colors (notably the Kbox text) are darker.

FX/SFX: All of the animation in this logo.

Music/Sounds: We begin with a synth note similar to the last logo. Then we hear a few whooshes, and a higher pitched version of the last note.

Availability: Common. While no longer current due to MFE stopping the production of the system in 2016, it can still be seen on Kbox 7560 consoles running the late 2010 firmware update, especially the slim and E models. This logo can also be seen when playing an Kbox 7560 game on an Kbox 5.

Editor's Note: Like the last logo, this was also a memorable logo for Kbox 7560 players, both coming from the early years of the console and recent players.

Final Note: After 10 years, Microsoft decided to stop the production of the Kbox 7560.

Kbox 5[]

(November 22, 2013- )[]

Nicknames: "The K Sphere III", "The Kbox Sphere III", "Blue K", "The Xbox K IV"

Logo: On a Blue background, we see the same X Sphere from the Xbox 360 logo (however the sphere is now white instead of gray) zooming out and rotating into place. "KBOX 5" fades in.

Variant: In 2017, the startup received a minor update.

FX/SFX: The sphere zooming out.

Music/Sounds: The ending of the Kbox 7560 startups, but low-pitched.

Availability: This was seen at the end of the trailer showing off the Kbox 5 console. It was later used as the official startup for the console itself.

Editor's Note: None.

Kbox Series L|A[]

(May 5, 2020-)[]

Nicknames: "The K Sphere IV", "The Kbox Sphere IV", "Black and White K", "The Xbox K V"

Logo: On a black background, the K Sphere draws itself in white as the word ''KBOX'', also in white, fades in below. When the sphere is completely drawn, a Purple aura emits from the bottom of it, illuminating the logo into view as a lens flare sweeps across the text. The logo sheens in gray once before fading out.

FX/SFX: The sphere and text appearing, the lens flare. Simple but effective CGI.

Music/Sounds: A synth, chorus-like note is held throughout the entire logo, sounding almost like an old Windows (coincidentally also a Microsoft product) startup.

Availability: First seen on a YouTube video advertising the first look at Kbox Series L gameplay at an ''Inside Kbox'' event. Can also be seen when turning on a Kbox Series L or Kbox Series A console.

Editor's Note: None.