Adam's Dream Logos 2.0 - Adam's Closing Logos - Dream Logos Wiki

Logo; on the shady red background, in 1 minites, the kaBOOM logo pops up, in 2 minites it burns up the screen like the film burning up.

FX/SFX; Nice 2D Computer animation.

Chessy Factor; Cheese me. man. bomb is in graphic. not bad. good graphics.

Availbaty; Taken from some DVDs of the era.

Music/Sounds; the beeping plays in twice. the faint choir. the whoosh as the zooms in. breaking sounds as the kaBOOM Letters fall down.

Scare Factor; Nightmare to SUPER FREAKY; the CHEAPLY CRUDE bomb, the scary animation can scare some. the low pitched music can creep you and then flames turning to black can cry some.

2nd Logo


Logo; on a the black BG, we see the flashlight looking and seeking around the logo in random places. the bomb is about to explode. in 2 seconds, it explodes, leaving only the cartoon explosion, the logo falls one-by-one. then entertainment inc. appears, then the bomb is about to explode like before. in 2 seconds it explodes leaving the logo.

FX/SFX; CGI Animation.

Variant: In the Kaboom Entertainment's website, the logo is made in adobe flash. the entertainment text and the sparkles fade in instead of animating.

Chessy Factor. TBA

Availbaty; it is seen on kid dvds.

Music/Sounds; sounds.

Scare Factor; Minimal. the same time jitters can appears the bomb. none you can seeing it.

3rd Logo