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Background:An Kaput and Zosky Television is Founded in 1987 and It Is Created by Mark Wilson in 1987 and It's A Great Idea Television is Done.

An Great Idea is a Creator of Sans the Miracle.

Great Idea Television

1st Logo


Nickname: "Great Idea" "The Black and White Text in Blue"

Logo: On a Black Background,We See a Text "Great Idea Television" in Stacked Blue.

Variants: on South Park is Born (1992), That's a White Background of This and Music Box Goes on.

FX: None.

Music/Sounds: Kenny McCormick Mumbles Follow by Boing Sound. In 1999 Music of Italian Bumper of Disney VHS.

Availability: Seen on My Rainbow Bunny Hoods Adventures(1987-2000) and Sans The Miracle (1997-2008).

Editor‘s Note: None.

Kaput and Zosky Television

2nd Logo


Logo: on a White Background, We See Title of "KAPUT AND ZOSKY" and Titles of Bottom Replaced with "Television" when Rocket Falls Down.

FX/SFX: Rocket Falling Down.

Music/Sounds: An Kenny Screaming,Follow By Fart Noises.

Music/Sound/Variant: An Kaput and Zosky Screaming,Follow by Bomb Falling Sounds.

Availability: Seen on Sans the Miracle,Lightyear Dogs and More.

Editor‘s Note: None.