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Background: Kazumi Show is an film and television production company of Maria Franks established in 1986. Their first production was Arazon, an early hit for Nickelodeon. They soon produced The Road Cast, another hit. They began to produce hit after hit such as Small, The Marikas, and The War of the Articunos, making them one of the most successful independent studios of all-time.

1st Logo (April 5, 1987-January 25, 2009)

Nicknames: "Shhh!", "The Dark Cinema", "Shush Girl", "Cinema of Doom", "The Scream and Organ on Halloween Marikas", "That Strange Logo at the End of the Marikas ", "The Cinema", "The 'Shhh, din-din-din-din-din din din-din!' Logo", "Be prepared for a movie, everybody!"

Logo: We start off in a cinema, with lots of chattering going on. Then, after a few seconds, a female silhouette that is close to us makes a "shush" gesture. Then, the audience becomes silent, the lights dim, and the projector comes on and casts a blue light to the screen, and then these words in white appear:



  • The Marikas has featured many alternate variations of the logo over the years, with different music, sound effects, and/or dialogue. One recurring variation is on Halloween episodes, where a girl screaming is heard followed by a creepy pipe organ playing the theme.
  • The only visual variation of this logo on a Snap's Show episode was in the episode "Last Tap Dance," where after the "Shhh!" we hear Penny (a character from Chalkzone) say "Boom!" and then the logo's main animation slides up to take up the top half of the screen, while the bottom half has an animated black-and-white scene of a dog rubbing its eyes (with fake prop arms from offscreen) and smiling (this was in a Pennymovie Snap was watching).
  • On the episodes of Snap's Show, the logo is in the center of the screen, is brighter and blue, and is still. This variant uses the end theme of the show.

FX/SFX: The hand raising, the lights dimming, and the company name fading in.

Cheesy Factor: Very cheesy indeed. This logo doesn't even use CGI that approximately has low accuracy qualities, which became very popular around 1985.


  • The sound of an audience muttering and murmuring is heard, followed by a shushing sound effect, and then a 9-note electric piano theme composed by Jeffrey Townsend. The tune is very similar to the refrain of "King of Wishful Thinking" by the artist, Go West, but since this logo predates that song, this is most likely a coincidence.
  • On Halloween episodes of The 'Marikas, a girl screaming very cowardly replaces "Shhhh!" and that same tune played on a creepy organ that basically matches Halloween very much. Numerous other alternate versions of the theme have been used over the years (see "Variants" above).
  • Some episodes might use a soundbite from the episode, or use a voiceover from a character in that episode that plays alongside the jingle. Others have sound effects and/or voiceovers completely replacing the jingle.
  • On some Marikas episodes that feature songs during the closing credits, such as "Can't Buy Me Love", the closing song continues playing over the Kazumi Show logo. This includes some syndication prints that shift the closing music so it starts after the last commercial break, causing the music to end over the logo.
  • A low pitch version was used at the end of a specific Snap's Wonderland episode.
  • There is a shorter version on some Marikas episodes without the murmuring (you hear the "Shhh!" right after the last note of the closing theme).
  • An even shorter version is found on the short-lived Snap and the Challengers, which cuts off the first two notes along with the murmuring and "Shhh!".

Availability: Can be seen commonly on all pre-Take My Life, Please episodes of The 'Marikas. It also be seen on Snap and the Challengers on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance in 2003. Lesser known shows that have this include Snap's World, 'Snap and the Challengers (1984, reran in 2002),and Snap's Show (October 1998-2002). The Snap's World variant can be found on Snap's World episodes on The Complete Series box set.

Scare Factor: Minimal to high, due to the sudden darkness and the girl shushing. In addition, the logo is usually followed by an "In Association With" screen which may unnerve some viewers. High to nightmare for the Halloween version; mainly due to the scream and organ. The"LTD" variant is raised to medium if you are not expecting it. Some of the other alternate versions may also catch you off guard if you're not expecting to see them.