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File:Keegan Ltd.png
1st logo (1979-present)

FX/SFX: Short electronic music from Ujam

Cheesy factor: The drawing of Keegan may seem a bit sloppy, but it seems cool.

Availibility: The Crazy Adventures of Garrett and Keegan, iDog and Furby, Keegan's 1st Movie, iDog and Furby The Movie, Mr. Disguise Man (the show and the film adaption), and more films and shows made by Keegan Ltd.

Scare Factor: None for the movie version, the logo seems awesome. Low to medium for the sped up TV version, the speeded up Keegan Ltd. music might catch somebody offguard.

Staring from 1992 to early 2000, the byline was "A DIVISION OF KEEGACTION FILMS" until then, Gorilla Cable sold 30% of it and then AOL Time Warner sold 30% while Keegaction Films still owns 30% of it.

Starting on early 2000, Gorilla and AOL Time Warner bought it and started to have the byline that says "A Gorilla Cable, LLC/AOL TimeWarner/Keegaction Films/Ian Salisbury Company."

But then, in late 2003, AOL split away from Time Warner, Inc. and then the byline changed to "A Gorilla Cable, LLC/Time Warner/Keegaction Films/Ian Salisbury Company."

In 2005, it changed to "A Gorilla Cable, LLC/TimeWarner/Keegaction Films/Ian/Keegan Salisbury Company."

Keegan Ltd. was established in 1978 by Ian Salisbury (1970-present, he is still alive.). But then in late 2008 the son of Ian, Keegan Salisbury aquired Keegan Ltd.!