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Nickname:"Dreamworks Kenny" "Germany Dreamworks" "Germany Moonboy"

Logo:on a white background we see Kenny McCormick from South Park with Text "Die Producineo Des Kenny Films" ("The Production of Kenny Films") is shown black.


Music:Dreamworks Theme Orchestra from Mouse Hunt.

Availability:Seen on Germany Prints,Some Flims from Guy Lived in North Pole (Gerade Die Normale Polizei),Die Sega Mit Todos, Der Hunter Und Politik, Wirtschaft Fisch,Kann Man Nicht Unbedingt, Aber Catte Dpa Meldet,Kenny und Österreich Catte,Haremsdamen Die Sich Mit Todesstrafe, Die Sammlung Der Stadt,Samstag Um Elf Jahren und More.

Scare Factor:None,Kenny.


Logo:on a Black and Blue background we see circles zoom out and turns into Kenny McCormick and words "Kenny films" in white.


Music:Pony Video Music Plays.

Availability:seen on Die Sans Flimmerte.

Scare factor:low to high, due to a darkness.