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Background: Kidinator Interactive is a video game division of Kidinator Studios.

1st Logo (2013-)

Nicknames: "Kidbot Playing A Video Game", "Work it, Kidbot!"

Logo: On a view of Michael Gomez Myers' room, we see Kidbot looking for a video game to play. Kidbot found it! He plays the game, and some good stuff happens. He smiles at the video game and the game explodes and transforms into the Kidinator Interactive logo.

FX/SFX: It's all animated. Kidbot looking for a video game, Kidbot playing it, Kidbot smiling, the game exploding, the Kidinator Interactive logo transformed.

Music/Sounds: Crashing sounds, and a 5-not guitar sound when Kidbot found the video game, the 20-note piano and guitar and violin sounds accompanied by the Kidbot Smiling sound effects and the exploding sound, and the water sound when the explosion transformed into the KI logo.

Availability: Seen on "The Lenny & Fred Video Game: The Video Game!"

Scare Factor: None.