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Kijón Moving Picture Communications is the vanity card for 5 animation producers, which became the most famous animated series makers of the 1980's: Kanjo Mé-Bene, Isabela Majagrán, José Biguracin, Onteniente Tzas-Kabim and Nacimiento Orlucán.

1st Logo (1977-1986)


Logo: We start off with a space background with stars shining each other. Suddenly, a comet strikes to the center of the screen, to reveal a red, white-neon-ish line. The line then rotates slowly to reveal a close up of an abstract K, which soon became rainbowed when the logo has revealed exactly at the same minute. It zooms out extremely and then returns to it's place, causing a cerulean neon smiley face to jump in. The neon smiley face then lifts it's hand, and then "paints" the K in purple. Soonly after that, the text "Kijón" zooms out the screen, and then a line jumps in mid-air. The line then unfolds to reveal the text "Moving Picture Communications" on Isabela's script, all in blue, with conjoint with the line. The logo then flashes and then zooms in to the viewer, with one second of black background.

  • A short version also exists, starting with the face laughing and drawing.
  • A still version also exists, seen on shows like Quick and D**k.

FX/SFX: It's all done in pretty cheap 80's animation, as expected from another Equatoguinean logo.

Cheesy Factor: The space looks pretty good, but the rest is bad. The zooming out and then coming back looks like the K is jumping. The face drawing is more like the hand being out of control on some parts of the screen, and there's no need to the text to be blue, beacuse it's barely seen more than usual on a black background. And the zooming in looks completely unnecessary. The comet in the logo contributes too.

Music/Sounds: A quiet synth note apppears, followed by a synth noise and an explosion, which transfers into a triumphant fanfare about to start. Then, a laugh from the face is heard, and then drawing and spinning noises are heard. A cartoony-ish sound with trombones and xylophones appears, followed by a 8-note rock theme. A whoosh is heard when the rock theme ends. All composed by Marco Buj-Kelé.

Availability: Common, as far as 80's logos go. Seen on Aagu Kye-Zumbedé, Estrella del Cajón, Himejiru Burakku Farideiyo (in it's spanish dub), La Cantalla del Saguán, Bienvenido a Bikka, Scolders of the South Not Formally Digested and Sobacrón Sigán. The short version is more common than the others. It can be seen on later shows, such as Honibán Konica.

Scare Factor:

  • Normal version: Low to high. The comet shooting may get more than a few, and the K zooming up and then coming in their place are too dangerous to see from children. The neon face can also startle many, as they're unintentionably creative with it's animation. The rock tune and zooming out at the end can also shiver some bones. The factor should be rated low for those who used to it.
  • Short version: Medium to high. The face laughing can scare everyone, obviously beacuse it came far before the others. The zooming in can also be sudden, it can shiver your body the first time you see it. But this was nothing with the normal version.
  • Still version: None. It's a great improvement during it's sucessor, when the face is not doing nothing and we stand here for a second. It's just one of the lamest logos ever.

Well, it's harmless compared to it's sucessor.

2nd logo (1986-2003)


Logo: On a red background, we see an egg. And when the egg is broken, many things morph all at once, following a vicious circle in such fast animation, such as a bee, a monkey, a worker, an elephant, some doodles, colorated paint, an pig, a reckon talking, two pipers slapping, an ornament, a vomit, your organs, among more. They all do their actions, all with the background changing colors, patterns and designs. Strobe lights are seen when the things finish doing their actions. However, the background then splatters unto cubes and the morphing now becomes a crazy cardiogram, following to the cubes forming the screen once again and we see an realistic eye with an elephant trunk, a disjointed stomach, a macho arm and some object show-like legs and foot. It then gets painted in it's respective colors, gets animated, shoots four laser beams and strikes the ground of the background while it's still changing colors. The background then stops changing to see a cyan background and we see the text "KiJoN", in any of them being on all the creators' scripts, in order of letters. The eye then gets it's trunk roaring, looks at us and then shatters the screen, following into a white hole which transfers into the screen to become extinct. We then cut to black.


  • On the logo's earliest years of life, it had a byline over it. It says "Una producción subsidiaria de SIGUE TVE", beacuse they made programs from the TVE logo.
  • A short version also exists, starting with the crazy things.
  • In some cartoons, the text "MOV'NG PICT'R COMMUNICAT'NS" also on red appears over the text "KiJóN", starting to move from left-stay-right. That was beacuse they didn't want to mislead the company's name, as childrens would define what is the full name of Kijón, or it would not had any, as the "Team17" logo.
  • Strangely, this appeared on some episode of Being Ian on it's spanish dub, beacuse an error on said television station collided when they have testing over the random vanity cards from every single animation. Said error was, beacuse they would never press the button "VIDA" (which generally means release), a button which the logo with it's other vanity cards, was to finally appear on television. Thankfully, it preceeded the YTV logo from the time, but still stands as one of the oddest editing mistakes ever made.
  • A still version also exists, with the background being either one of the backgrounds that changed over the forming of the background.

FX/SFX: Everything in this logo, guess we don't have to describe all the crazy stuff on this logo again.

Cheesy Factor: This goes far off the charts in terms of effort, advantage and mostly the concept. Just seriously, LOOK AT THAT STUFF GETTING RAPIDLY ADVANTAGED INTO ANOTHER, AND THEN STROBE LIGHTS APPEAR AFTER THE Y HAVE IT'S OWN MANNERS, AND THE SUBJECT MATTER IS VERY RIDICULOUS, YOUR BRAIN WOULD BE OUT OF CONTROL THE FIRST TIME THEY WATCHED THIS! Man, this surely is more cheaper than all the Argentine/Greek logos combined ALL AT ONCE, or all the subject matters every logo has oddly created just for fun! Wow, this logo is too dangerous for children, beacuse all of the shows they've created inducing this logo they're family rated. The text is too bad than enough too. Some of the stuff you didn't hear are some stuff you can hear in the 2020's, that increases the cheesiness of the logo!

Music/Sounds: None, then the egg shattering, and then when it's shattering considering the effort, we hear a lot of random sound effects due to the various activities going on in the logo, culminating with a high-pitched dog barking and a laser beam sounds. The music is a 34-note bassoon tune throughout the whole logo and a catchy drum sound; once the logo gets still, we hear a delayed elephant trumpet, and to end, a shattering sound of a glass wall appears over the music, followed by a loud Whoosh.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • In some cartoons, the ending theme of the show is heard.
  • The logo was on warp speed starting with the 2000's, with the cartoon, Jiguán Sock-On.
  • A low-pitched variant also exists, seen on Juega, Vivo, Juega!
  • A short version of the music exists too.
  • A high-pitched variant also exists, seen on Chilijano el Mamón and Don Devar y sus Mocos.
  • Some shows had an 8-bit sound, mainly beacuse of errors of the company or even the company declared bankruptcy for 2 days, that it decided to change the company's music.

Availability: TBA.

Scare Factor: Depending on the variant.

  • Normal Version: Ultimately depends on how you think of the design of the logo, it can range from high to nightmare. Those strobe lights, egg shattering quietly and the things acting strange can make you wonder how your life and your new one was made. It also makes your sanity questionable, notice that some things aren't suitable for children, considering the fact that the company itself was made for many families in Equatorial Guinea, and some things are discomforting many audiences, seeming it was likely intentional. However, some may find this logo the most overrated scary logo as told by internet, due to the fact that it was shown on many shows.
  • Short Version: Nightmare. The egg is not there, which raises the scare factor. The strobe lights are too more faster than usual, more faster than the Ear Booker logo, and there's more other things you can't find about in the normal version. The eye seems too creepy though, but the scare factor may vary due to the same reason scripted above.
  • Still version: Low, the eye may creep many and the still version may guide some folks to the weirdness, but it's harmless compared to the normal and short versions.

3rd Logo (2004-pres)


Description TBA.