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Background: TBA



Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: It's all in excellent Flash animation around here.

Cheesy Factor: TBA

Music/Sounds: The stomping of the foot, the lifting of the telescope and the short trumpet fanfare.

Availability: Seen on dubs of anime like Junbikou no Aikasetsu, Soo Kin Hyeung And The Southern Instructor and Flint The Time Detective (2017), and other live-action series like What A Gus!, The Two Blonde Girls, Godess and 18 Animals, Super Hispanic Racist Men, Firemen on the Fire Barnyard and Gangu at the Berbice.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, depends on how you think of the stomping foot and the fast pace of the logo, otherwise the logo is funny and this doesn't deserve severe humillation at all. If you are used to it, the scare factor would be lower to absolutely none.