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As Kitty Love Film

1st Logo



(FAKE) Kitty Love Film Logo (1982-1990)

Nickname: "The Kitty Love" "Tabby Cats" "Two Cats" "Cat Product Films (Egypt)'s Older Brother" "The Love Cats"

Logo: On a Black Background We See The Two Cats With Heart Shaped Tail With The Words in Bengali.

FX/SFX: None. Just a Logo Slowly Fading in and Out.

Music/Sound: Same as Aryan Films.

Availability: Seen on "Greeted Me","The Pom Cust","Gang Doves","During Sunset" and "Untouched Dreams".

Scare Factor: Low. Sometimes The Two Cats Has Their Tails.

As Kitty Love Productions

2nd Logo



(FAKE) Kitty Love Productions Logo (1990-2002) (English Version)

Nickname: "Cat Product Films (Egypt)'S Older Brother Got Some New Clothes" "Romantic Kitty Love But There's No Kitty" "Footage in Logo"

Logo: We See a Footage of Time Times Trouble (S05 E010) That Footage Freezes and Company's Name in Bengali Fades in Throughout Few Seconds Until the Logo Ends.

FX/SFX: All Live Action and Text Fading in.

Music/Sound: Angus MacGyver Says "CARLA, YOU GOTTA LET HER GO YOU GOTTA LET HER GO." In English or Bengali and The Trio Video Tara Fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Early Examples "Get Me In","No Time We Gets It","Go Luck Go!","Time Master" and "Ever Met You Like".

Scare Factor: High. Due to An Footage and Music.