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Larson's (formerly called Larson's Lasers) is a Canadian video rental company formed in 1980 by businessman Philip Larson. The company originally offered Laserdiscs exclusively, then later expanded to other formats such as VHS, DVD, etc.

Larson's Lasers[]


(1980 - 2001)

Logo: We see the words "LARSON'S LASERS" In a white futuristic all-caps font, with a lilac parallelogram behind them


  • Although usually a print logo, there was an animated variant used in commercials for films sold by the company
    • The background of the animated variant was usually blue, but would sometimes be black

Music/Sounds: None


  • Normal variant: Very common
  • Animated Variant: Rare


1st logo[]

(2001 - 2008)

Notes: Many locations still use this logo instead of the current one

Logo: Using the same font from the previous logo, the word "LARSON'S" is shown in blue with five teal underlines

Music/Sounds: None

Availability: Common


(2009 - )

Logo: The company's name is shown in a glowing black font similar to a neon sign, with the words "DVD & Blu-ray rental" shown in smaller text beneath it


  • A variant without the additional text underneath exists
  • The logo comes in many different colors (red, pink, green, etc.), but is usually either black or light blue

Availability: Current