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Lightmotive Features Is A Company Founded By Crappington Co-Creator Conrad Venron and Producer Lee Eisenhower.

1st Logo (2015-)

The Camera Pans Through A Subway Tunnel As A Rapid Transit Train Passes By. Then, We Slow Down When We Come Into A Station. The Camera Then Zooms Into A Sign. Multiple Places In The Sign Heat Up, Revealing "LM" and "LiGhTmotiVE". The Sign Turns On, Illuminating The Area As "AN EISENHOWER/VENRON PRODUCTION" Appears Above And "features" Appears Below "LiGhTmotiVE". The Light Then Dimmens.


  • The Short Version Is The Most Common Version Of This Logo. For That, It Begins When We Zoom Into The Sign.


CGI Animation


The Sounds Of The Train, Followed By The Sound Of Twinkling When The Words Heat Up, And A "Ping" When The Sign Lights Up.

Music/Sounds Variant

The Short Version Only Has The Twinkling Sound And The "Ping".


The Short Version Is Very Common, It Appeared In Seasons 1-13 Of Crappington (Co-Production With AWE Films, FamilySing Television and Cartoon Network Studios). The Long Version Is Very Rare And Only Appeared On Crappington: The Game (Co-Production With Ubisoft, FamilySing Interactive, Cartoon Network Interactive And Crappington Digital Studios) And At The End Of Crappington: Bigger, Longer And Uncut (Co-Production With Warner Bros. Pictures (USA), 20th Century Fox (Non-USA), Dune Entertainment And FamilySing Studios).

Scare Factor