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background:when chad lines was 17 he started doing cartoons and live-action (1882) he started giving cheesey ideas to his dad and got married (december 12 1885) nine months later boy and girl twins are broth to the world (1886) he stopped doing good creations (est. 1893) 2 years later (1895) his mom died 4 years later (1899) him dad died he feels so sad 2 day later him,his wife and his kids moved in to london (1900) he found there is stuff that he does back then thus,lines studios was born

1st logo (1900-1907)

nicknames:"the kid" "the lines big"

logo:on a black background we see a line then a photo in black and white zooming in when it's the right size the line turn into the text "line studios"

FX/SFX:the zooming and the text


  • 1900-1903 none
  • 1903-1907 the opening theme of the movie

availability:seen on a tale of two faces,new land of ages,days of the connors and life story mode in 1900 next seen on kupy,1937,black worlds,the wall of doom and the lion sleeps this night in 1901 next seen on kill of horror,slasher,20 b.c.,all star of the timelines and 1,000 b.c. in 1903 next seen on 3300 b.c.,sender,hey world,1929,nobody fired and 1999 in 1904 next seen on fade,hell,crime times,kupy 2:new land of ages and boomtown in 1904 next seen on caped lands,the big times,1932,big kids and back in 1869 in 1905 next seen on the long timeline,age of lce,glass world,2222,2223,2224 and 2225 in 1906 next seen on netfili,all hair king 123,1981 and kipy in 1907

scare factor:none

2nd logo (1907-1912)

nicknames:"all 5 line"

logo:on a white black ground we see 5 black lines then they from into the text lines studios

FX/SFX:the logo is made by banno film studio

music/sounds:a 5-note drum

availability:seen on 2226,2227,2228,2229 and 2230 in 1907 next seen on 2666,2667,2668,2669 and 2670 in 1908 next seen kupy 2:the stings of life,2020,toyko 2056,code boom,forever and ever,1762 and spicy in 1909 next seen on 1956,the end!!!!,comma boy,1492,who's your man in a big time and life in 1910 next seen on tail of hell,2399,2911,1 b.c.,1974,long hole and socky in 1911 last seen wake me up in the year 2912,sword-vision,jon apple and 1943 in 1912

scare factor:none

3rd logo(1912-1919)

nicknames:"the bi-lines" 'the lines of the 1910's"

logo:we see two gray lines then they zoom out next the 3 line side in on the right side "lines" is showed on the top and "studios" is show under "lines"

FX/SFX:all the live-action


  • 1912-1915:none
  • 1915-1919:the opening theme of the moive


  • 1912:june and july,bobby craft and 4718
  • 1913:mio kiail and tuio laos soia
  • 1914:1948,13th konkon and brill jill
  • 1915:1923
  • 1916:humio comi
  • 1917:iloain hiulto
  • 1918:score!,gioao and kiloh dio aisol
  • 1919:TBA

scare factor:none