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Background: A Little Cube Productions is Founded in 1988 Featuring Our New Magma Cube Character from a Logo There Can Be Only A Few Years Ago.



Nickname: "Magma Cube" "Cube" "Lava Cube"

Logo: On a Black Background,We See A Magma Cube Always Cute In A While It Reads "A Little Cube Productions" in Serif Font and Fades Out.

FX/SFX: None,It's Still a Logo.

Music/Sounds: A Synthetic Piano Tune.

Availability: Seen on North Pole All the Way,Jacksonville The Movie,Can't Wait To See Homecoming and more.

Scare Factor: None.



Logo: On a Lime Green Background,We See Kenny Look Thirsty and He Winks His Eye and Stops it and Reads "A Little Cube Productions" in a Arial Font.

FX/SFX: Animation.

Music/Sounds: A Kenny Mumbles Follow by Winking Eye and He Says "I Don't Know" and It Was Played a Significant Part of Piano Tune.

Availability: See on Magma World,True PaFrisk,Papyrus and Sans: The Movie and More.

Scare Factor: Piano at the End May Scare Some People.