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Lizbert TV is a television station found in the early 2000's by Sophia Read, known for producing comedy and drama television shows. It was brought to Japan for said types of TV shows and other types of anime in 2004, 2 years after it was founded.

1st Logo (2002 - 2010)[]

Lizbert TV (England, 2002)
Lizbert TV (Japan, 2004)

Japanese variation


English/Original version[]

"Lizbert", "British Bugnsax", "Boring Lizbert"

Japanese version[]

"Pokemon Lizbert", "The Pokemon Logo", "Lizbert took on Pokemon training!?"


Against a gray background we see Lizbert. The text "This has been a program by" is seen in the top left corner. "Lizbert TV" then flashes in pink, and then "Home of the flicks" is scripted below in dark gray.


In japan, Lizbert is only seen from the torso-head view. Her fedora is replaced by a Pokemon trainer's cap and is in the style of the Pokemon anime series.


The text appearing.


The closing theme of the show. Sometimes it's silent.


Seen on releases by the company such as One World for Us and Foal Riding.

Editor's Note[]

This can either be a cool or boring logo, especially cool if you are a fan of Bugsnax.

2nd Logo (2010 - Present[]

Lizbert TV (England, 2010)


"The Lizbert Statue"


On a black background, we see what looks to be a statue of Lizbert on a wooden podium with a gold plate that has "L.T.V." engraved onto it. The lights shine more onto the statue. Soon, "Lizbert TV" slides in and "Television Manufacturing Company" slides in.


The revelation of the statue and the text appearing.


A piano tune, increasing in volume when the text appears. A horn/violin fanfare can be heard along with it.


Common. Can be seen on newer releases, and can also be seen in Ireland along with Japan other than the UK.

Editor's Note[]

Amazing logo for 2010.