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(June 13 2014 - 2015)


(FAKE) Loganberry Productions Logo (June 13 2014-2015)-3

You Doodle Pro 2017-01-22T17 18 24Z.jpg

Nicknames: "This Wizard Pig is Sure Enough with a Magic", "The Video Collection's Singaporean Brother", "That Singaporean Logo", "Another Blatant Angry Birds logo", "The Personification of All That is truely Blatant" "The Video Collection and Strand Home Video Now Had a Kid" "Hey Piggy!"

Logo: On a Grey Background We See the Wizard Pig with his Magic Hence the deviation and That Company Name is "Loganberry Productions" in White in Strand Home Video Font.

FX/SFX: Just the Logo Fading in and Out.

Music/Sound: The Go Go Film Productions Co, Ltd. Fanfare.

Music/Sound Variant: An Pig Laugh from Angry Birds is heard.

Availability: Seen on "Not it Again" and "Piece of Yarn"

Editor’s Note: None.