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Oswald: Yes! I got re-hired as director! And I got some new crew members too! They are...

Oswald: Spongebob! Oobi! Sandy! Ortensia! I like her still.. Patrick! Luigi! Mr. Krabs! Homer the Cat! And Mr. Suitcase! Lets get started!!!!!


Oswald and Suitcase Films (1972-1992)[]

Take 1: The statues are missing.

Take 2: Ortensia replaces Oswald.

Take 3:The statues turn into the V of Doom.


(Patrick eats the V of Doom)

Patrick: I need more lunch!

Oswald: Thanks Patrick.

Take 4: The statues say "Bow down to us..."

Oswald: AAAHH!

Spongebob: Relax Oswald, It's just your IMAGINATION.

Oswald: Oh.

Take 5: The logo is in underwater.


Oswald: What?

Take 7: The statues are replaced by a Hindu god.

Oswald: This is a Kyrgyz Turkmen company! Not a Hindi Company!

Take 8: The statues are missing.

Take 9: The text is in Klingon.

Oswald: I love Star Trek!

Take 10: The logo is loud.


Take 11: The text says "Pervez Productions"

Oswald: Wrong logo!

Mr. Suitcase: I'll Fix this.

Take 12: The logo plays normally.

Oswald: Thanks Mr. Suitcase.

Suitcase Films (1976-1989)[]

Take 1: Suitcase is replaced by PenFTWtheNecrozmaEst.2007.

Oswald: Sorry, but you're not in this logo.

Pen: Aw man!

Take 2: Suitcase gets hit by an anvil.

Oswald: At least it wasn't me!

(Oswald gets hit by an anvil)

Take 3: The text doesn't appear.

Take 4: The logo plays normally.

Lightning Films (1972-1980)[]

Take 1: The lightning is not here.

Take 2: The lightning hits Oswald.

Oswald: Ouch!

Take 3: The text is in Irish.

Take 4: The logo is silent.

Take 5: The logo explodes.

Take 6: The lightning is replaced by Suitcase.

Take 7: The logo plays normally.

=Segment: Suitcase and the Multilanguage Trouble!=[]

(Today's Episode, Pervez Productions!)

(Suitcase becomes director)

Take 1: The text is in Arabic.

Take 2: The text is in Malay.

Take 3: The text is in Serbian.

Take 4: The text is in Norwegian.

Take 5: The text is in Swedish.

Take 6: The logo is in Finnish.

Suitcase: Oh Come on! Why can't I get this logo right?!

Take 7: The text is in Czech.

Take 8: The text is in Danish.

Take 9: The text is in Dutch.

Take 10: The text is in Dhivehi.

Take 11: The text is in Persian.

Take 12: The logo is in Delaware.

Take 13: The text is in Crow.

Take 14: The logo plays normally.

Suitcase: Finally!

=End of Segment, back to bloopers!=

Rede Globo (1986)[]

Take 1: The voices are missing.

Take 2: The logo is silent.

Take 3: The music is replaced by the Domingo Maior 1972 music.

Oswald: The heck's a Domingo Maior?

Spongebob: It's a movie program.

Oswald: Oh.

Take 4: The logo is an I accidentally video.

Take 5: The logo has monophonic pitch.

Take 6: The voices speak Spanish.

Take 7: The logo plays normally.

Buddha Pictures[]

Take 1: The natural disasters are missing.

Take 2: The Buddha is missing.

Take 3: The camera doesn't zoom down to the flowers and name.

Take 4: The natural disasters are Trishul's natural disasters.

Take 5: There are over 1 hour of natural disasters.

(During that take, everyone was sleeping.)

Oswald: Huh? What happened?

Spongebob: You slept for an hour.

Oswald: Well, at least I got a good rest.

Take 6: The Buddha comes alive and runs to the screen and crashes into it.


Take 7: The logo plays normally.