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Zerin (Director): Time for the bloopers!

Electro, Quwyatt, Jay and Jelly (Crew members): Alright!


Union Films (Union Scope) (Hong Kong)[]

Take 1: The logo Mark is absent

Take 2: The text is absent

Zerin: Cut! Where did the text go?

(Nabbit runs out the studio)

Union Films Logomark: I will get him.

Take 3: ”Scope” is replaced with ”Films”

Zerin: Cut! This is supposed to be in Unionscope!

Take 4: There is no background.

Take 5: The logo is done correctly

Zerin: That was easy.

Ahteen Films (2020?)[]

Take 1: Aht is absent

Take 2: Aht is replaced with Finn

Take 3: The logo is ruined by a lot of meanies

Zerin: Alright, stop those meanies now!

Take 4: The logo is done correctly.

Zerin: Too easy.

AidenTV (2020-)[]

Take 1: The letters are not alive

Zerin: Cut! You are supposed to be alive!

Take 2: ”TV” is absent

Take 3: A, T and V are lowercase

Take 4: A is inflated and pops with ketchup

Take 5: The letters are in Corus entertainment form.

Take 6: The logo is silent

Zerin: Wait, where’s the music?

Take 7: The logo plays very loudly

Zerin: *Passes out from loudness*

Take 8: The logo is done correctly.

Wooftail Missy Studios (2006-2020)[]


Take 1: The sun is absent


Take 2: A ray does not go out

More coming soon!