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The Jumping Penguin And Cobbler Dog (Season 1-5)

When the logo opens, The Cobbler Dog Eating Hamburgers,But Larger And larger,But after,Cobbler Dog Explodes And Closes The logo.

The New Road Runner Show (All seasons)

(This comes after the 2008 Warner Bros. Animation logo). The logo opens to reveal Wile E. Coyote looking everywhere to spot the Roadrunner. Suddenly, The Road Runner comes up behind the coyote unnoticed, and he goes "BEEP BEEP!", which startles the coyote. The logo then closes as Road Runner's tongue-pop sound effect is heard.

Pokémon (Season 1-6) (1998-2003)

Pikachu Looks At The Pokeball,Pikachu Says "Pika! Pika! Pikachu!",Opens The Pokeball And Closes The logo.

Fred (2015)

The logo opens to reveal Fred B. Doggy and Mr. Rex is seen eating hot-dogs. Seconds later, Fred and Mr. Rex says "Cool!"

Lego (2010)

The 2010 Re-brand logo,The Fourth Square Turns into A Lego Piece And DJ Appears On The First Square And He Dances of the logo. On The Another Variants,This One Has A Copyright Below stamp Below.

Fred (Pilot, 2015)

A scene where Fred B. Doggy and Mr. Rex wearing glasses, and dancing on New York City.

Cartoon Network Shorts (2015-2016)

Nt's World (2003-present)

Three variations of the 2001, 2010 and 2013 logos have been used throughout the show's run on Cartoon Network.

2003-2010 variant


When the logo opens, Ntpockets and TjsWorld2011 randomly burst into laughter, and then the logo closes.

2010-2013 variant


When the logo finishes, the fourth square turns into a picture of Ntpockets against a blue sky saying "I'll see you soon!", and then the square fades to white after a few seconds.

2013-present variant

A sketch of Ntpockets is seen jumping inside the logo before it closes.            

Willy Wonka The Series (2005-2008)

Pilot: When the logo opens Willy says "(Show Name) is up next here on Cartoon Network" and close the logo.

Seasons (1-5): The logo opens Willy and Charile was waving and Vauka yelled  I want a........" and Charlie close the logo.

Sticky Adventures

2007-2010 variant

The logo opened up and it had Stick 1 pushing on a button that takes him to the future.

2010-Season 2 finale variant

File:Cartoon Network Studios logo.png

On the block, it had Stick 1 saying "see you tomorrow" to the viewers

Season 2 finale variant

It had Stick 1 with a heart monitor and an IV, but when it turned into flatlines, it had Stick 1 dying.


A Ragdoll Named Rocket (1999-2017)


The animation in the box is a real life flipbook of Rocket waving.

Season 1 (1999)

We see Rocket in the square with a scared look, there are two missiles that are tied to both sides of the screen, which soon close the box.

Season 2 (1999-2002)

The box is held up by Rocket.

Rocket's Happy Holadoom (2001)

We see Rocket holding a bomb disguised as a festive ornament with the words, "Merry Christmas" on it, Rocket soon discovers that it's a bomb, but it explodes and causes the top of the box to collapse onto the bottom, causing it to overall break.

Season 3 (2003-2010)

Shows a stop motion clip of Rocket swimming in a pile of bombs.

Season 4 (2010-Late 2012)

Features a clip from, "Fort Dynamite Heist" where Rocket, Boom Sam and Grenate try to get into Fort Dynamite by pole vaulting, but fail.

Season 5 (2013-2017)

The, "Three Squares" logo plays, but the clip is Rocket jumping.

Series Finale (2017)

We see a mannequin of Rocket tap dancing on the bottom half of the square.

The Dash and Dot Show

Season 1

The logo opens to reveal Dash trying to write “In association with PBS”. Dot comes in and says “It should fade in after I close this.“. She closes the logo. The “viewers like you” Voiceover plays.

Season 2-4

The “3 Squares” logo plays.

Season 5

Same as S2-4 but the logo fades out midway through. A voice-over says “Thank you for staying at home. Your normal TDADS will return after the lockdown.”.