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Mickey's Time Machine (2023)

The 2021 logo is used.

Wreck-it-Ralph-The show!(2022)

The 2021 logo is used in this,too.

Finding Nemo: The Movie (2024)

The Beginning of the movie has Nemo takes place of Mickey Mouse.

On The Christmas Day Promo,The Logo Is made out of snow.

Jacks 2 (2016)

On The First Film Of The logo,Mickey Riding Of Word "Disney" And We See The Red Textured Background As an Homenage Of the old Disney Cartoon movies. It Reads "A" Appeared Of The top And "PRODUCTION" Appeared Below of "ANIMATION STUDIOS". Donald Duck Comes On screen,Angrily Pushes Him Of The logo. Donald Duck Riding It The logo And Is Drawns Back By A hand. For The Second time,The Particle, Mickey Mouse Is Back And Riding It The Word "Disney" Again,The Hand Punches Donald Duck. After,The Logo Morphs Into The In-Movie Snowglobe. And The Title "JACK 2" In 3D And Zooms In Of The Monsters Run Off.

The Crabs And The One Cockroach (2018)

Mickey Mouse Is Replaced with Sebastian Sings The Fanfare And clap sounds are heard.

The Cockroaches (2023)

A Laughing cockroach sounds are heard of the end of the logo.

Jacks 3-D (2021)

The Logo Is Burning Up Of The End Of the logo And We See the Old Animated Movie Countdown.

On The International Trailer,The 2017 logo is used.

Mickey Mouse (2025)

The logo is a cartoon theme of the movie.

Gromit's Helper For A Film (2018)

as Walt Disney pictures as opening when Gromit comes and then he aims his butt at the camera and farts loudly as the music abruptly stops and winds down. We hear a crowd yelling "EWWWWWWWWW!" and groaning in disgust as Gromit behavior and barks and walked away.

At the End:animated castle stops and Gromit lays into a Then and Burps Loudly and we hear crowd yelling "Yuck!" and Moaning in A Juanin as Gromit Runs Away.