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Q DrMcGa Losin e (20)[]

The lellond QuDraw said, "go!" The logo spins li a tornd the g sts. Only on Nintendo GameCube. On e Boy dvan veion, theo is still with Qraw is in helogo.

LarryBoy: The Curse of King Robot Mutt (2002)[]

The logo is dark purple and LarryBoy sees something scary and he screams like Tom from Tom and Jerry. LarryBoy's eyes popped out when he scared. Only on Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Hanna-Barbera Racing 64 (2002)[]

The logo reads "Hanna-Barbera" is in signature font is in gold is spinning around.

Yogi Bear's New Quest (2002)[]

The logo is red and Yogi said, "It's just time to go, man!" He jumped out of the logo and the game starts. Only on Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo 64.

Quick Draw McGraw: Nothin' to Do (2003)[]

The two boxes from Hanna-Barbera Cartoons 1st logo. The "H" box is blue and the "B" box is cyan. The words read "HANNA BARBERA INTERACTIVE" is in Times Roman font.

LarryBoy: Top Hero (2003)[]

The logo is in oval shape is blue and LarryBoy says, "After all, I'm a superhero!" Only on Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Tom and Jerry: When Alley Cats Attack (2003)[]

The logo is in square shape is purple and head shots of Tom and Jerry.

Yogi Bear Strikes Again (2003)[]

The logo is in rectangle shape is cyan and Yogi was grinning.

Quick Draw McGraw: Ghost Bandits (2004)[]

Exactly just like Quick Draw McGraw: Nothin' to Do variant.

LarryBoy: Run, LarryBoy, Run! (2004) and LarryBoy: Toast Time (2004)[]

The logo is in oval shape is orange, the HB script is dark red. LarryBoy shouted, "RUN!" He hopped out of the logo. In LarryBoy: Toast Time variant, the logo is finished from LarryBoy: Run, LarryBoy, Run! variant. LarryBoy was eating toast and he said, "Toast is taste like bread!"

Trivia: LarryBoy was voiced by Louis Chirillo (also played Dukey from Johnny Test) is only on all LarryBoy video games.