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Kriston Konkle (August 1958)

The Titled O 1953 logo is used with the CinemaScope Extension

The Body Guard Sings along With it

Mate (2001-2002)

The 1994 logo is non-white

Ice Age (2002)

The 2010 Logo Animates Like The Avatar Variation, This Time It Is Seen Compressed And Zoomed In Further And Darker Than Usual. Also, The Byline Lacks Out. At the end of the movie, Same As The Marmaduke And Vampires... Variant. Also, I don't own any of this, just for fun! On TV Spots and the trailer, the logo is the same. On a Christmas Day movie, the logo is made out of snow.

On The 2013 Theatrical 3D Re-Release trailer,The 2010 logo is made out of snow.

Ojamajo Doremi: The Ultimate Hunt For The Legendary Golden Tap (2005 / Japan only)

The logo is tinted in purple.


The Adventures Of Mr. Bump: The Adventure Ends (2012)

The Same Variant From My Name Is Khan Is Used, But It Is A Bit Slim.

On The Teaser Trailer, The Same Variant From The Trailers And TV Spots For Avatar, But "A NEWS CORPORATION COMPANY" Is Engraved On The Structure In Light Azure. The Rest Of The Logo Is Tinted In Aqua-Blue.

On The First Trailer, The Variant From Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs 3D Is Used, But Is Darker Than Usual In A Shade Of Azure And The Sky Is Scrached Out, Also, Mr. Bump Enters From The Right And Pulls A String, Doing A Transition Effect To The Next Scene In The Trailer.

On One Trailer And TV Spots, The 1994 Logo Is Superimposed On A TV Screen On A Living Room Background. Totoro Appears And Moves From The Left And We Zoom Into The TV.

On Another Trailer And The Videogame, The 2010 75th Anniversary Logo Is Inverted And Tinted In Light Blue. The Variation Of This Logo Is Quite "Computerish".

On The Christmas TV Spot, The Same Variant From Edward Scissorhands Is Used, But The News Corporation Byline Is Shown Below.

Mr. Men: Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (2017)

The Logo From Avatar Is Used, But It Is Darker Than Usual In A Shade Of Dark Grey And Is Tinted In Cyan. Only On The Trailers And TV Spots.

Phanpy: Fully Loaded (1996-2003)

The 20th Century Fox Section Of The 2000-2006 Fox Interactive Logo Animates Like The 1994 Logo And After It Finishes, The Byline Fades In Below. Only On Theatrical 3D And Blu-Ray 3D Releases Of The Film, While Theatrical 2D, 2D Home Video And TV Airings Had The 1994 Logo.

On The Teaser Trailer, The Logo Is Tinted In Light Blue And The Searchlights Are Tinted In Crimson.

On One Trailer, The 1994 Logo Is A Watercolor Drawing.

On Another Trailer, A Searchlight Changes The Environment And The Searchlights From Light Blue To Dark Orange. Also, The Structure Is Tinted In Aqua-Blue.

On TV Spots, The Logo Is Tinted In Azure And The Environment Is Scratched Out Aswell.

On The "Happy Birthday Phanpy!" TV Spot, The Logo Is Tinted In Cyan And Decorated In Fancy Festoons.


on This Trailer with box right to Google Pictures and Rainmarker Logo.

Henry Danger: The Race Around The World (2019)

The 2009 logo plays, but Henry Hart, as a cartoon (in the same style of the movie), walks out of the 0 and pops a bubblegum in his mouth. The O becomes a Earth as Henry Hart transforms into his alter ego: Kid Danger. He now has Captain Man’s mask. He jumps and flies into the Earth and we zoom into it.

On the trailer, the whole thing is now animated in the style of the movie and 20th Century Fox is changed to “Swellview Toons”

On TV spots, Frankini pushes a button saying “don’t mess with me, Ppls!” and the whole logo turns universal logo styled.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2000)

The 1981 Logo Is Blue. On Hong Kong Prints Of The Movie, This Logo Is Plastered By The Golden Harvest or UM&M Logo.

On The Trailer, The Home Alone Variant Is Used.

On The Teaser Trailer, The High Anxiety Variant Is Used.

On The TV Spot, The Return Of The Jedi Variant Is Used.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (February 2006)

Exactly Like In Sonic The Hedgehog. On Hong Kong Prints Of The Movie, This Logo Is Plastered By The UM&M Logo.

On One Trailer, The 1981 Logo Zooms Out Too Further Than Usual

On TV Spots, The 1953 Logo Is Used.

20th Century Fox 1953 Blue

Felipebross' 2nd Movie (2011)

The 1953 logo is used and is also blue. It mixed the 1953, 1998 and 1994 fanfares together.

On trailers the "0" wears Felipebross's hat.

On TV spots a 20th Century Fox version of the Fox Searchlight Pictures logo is used.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (2009)

The 1994 Logo Is Blue. On Hong Kong Prints Of The Movie, This Logo Is Plastered By The UM&M TV CORP or NTA Logo.

On One Trailer Of Sonic The Hedgehog 3, The Panning Of The Animation Is Seen.

On Another Trailer Of Sonic The Hedgehog 3, The 1935 Logo Is Used. But With The News Corporation Byline.

On The Teaser Trailer Of Sonic The Hedgehog 3, The 1994 Logo Animates In Reverse.

On Other Trailers Of Various Films, The Variant From The Day After Tommorow Is Used.

On TV Spots, The 1981 Logo Is Used.

Sonic And Knuckles (2013)

The 1994 Logo Is Used. On Hong Kong Prints Of The Movie, This Logo Is Plastered By The NTA Logo.

On One Trailer, The 1994 Logo Is Red.

On Another Trailer, The 1953 Logo Is Blue.

On Other Trailers, The Dr. Dollitle 2 Variant Is Used.

On TV Spots, The Robots Variant Is Used.

Family Guy: The Movie (2006)

On The Music Begins,Peter Griffin Singing On The Second Half Of The Fox Fanfare,On The Film.

On The Trailer,Stewie Griffin Jumping On The "0".

On The Second Trailer,The Logo Is Snowing On The "Ice Age" And "Anastasia" variants,And Brian Freezing On The Frozen Ice.

On The Deleted Scene,This 20th Century Fox Logo Goes Of The Simpsons House Background.

VeggieTales: The Movie 3 (2014)

The Dr. Dollitle 2 Logo Is Used.

On One Trailer, The Logo Is Tinted In Green, With The Logo And The Byline In Red.

On Other Trailers And TV Spots, The Logo Is Same As Marmaduke, Vampires Suck And Malcolm In The Middle's Big Movie, Expect The 2002 Big Idea And Davis Enterainment Logos Is Shown Below The Fox/Regency Logos.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 (2021)

The 2010 Logo Is Blue.

On One Trailer, The Dr. Dollitle 2 Variant Is Used, Except Tinted Blue.

On Other Trailers, The 1994 Logo Is Wrathed.

On Another Trailers, The 1953 Logo Is Warped.

top cat return (1994) 

los angeles replaced new york the stage top cat dustbin and top cat pops up the dustbin at the end and says

this is 20th century fox. with the blineline at the bottum.

at the end of the movie the stage top cat dustbin and pops up and says bye. with relested by at the top and the blineline at the bottum.

Once Upon A Forest 2: Revenge Of The Owl (1999)

The 1994 logo is in Dapplewood.

On one trailer, The That Thing You Do! Variant Is Used

On the teaser trailer, the logo reads "20th CENTURY OWL".

On TV Spots, The 1994-2010 logo is used.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie (2000)

The logo plays as normal, but:"FOX" is changed to:"SAILOR SCOUT".

File:20th Century Sailor Scout.jpg

20th Century Sailor Scout

Gosayln's 1st Movie (2008)

The logo is tinted in the shade of green on the slime on Gosayln's entire body. On the German dubbed print by Kabel Eins in Germany and the trailers for the film, the logo reads: "OVER 9000 BUCKETS OF SLIME".

Elias City: A Glitch is a Glitch (2015)

The 2009 logo gets a glitch by Geo Guy. Only on the trailer and the TV Spot.

3090693534 f90a1dd2cc6c.jpeg

Touch Pets Dogs The Movie (2019)

Luck Trailer has Movie on March 2019 Movie is 20th Century Fox TV Spot Film

Hev Guards (2013)

The logo is made on cardboard, but suddenly, it tips over, and it's sung by Len Guy and Hev Guy.

Power (2013)

The 1953 Logo Is made out of cardboard. The logo Is silent along with The 1980s United Artists Logo.


The War (2014)

The 2009 logo plays without camera animation, but Steven demolishes the logo.

Backwards Land (2015)

The 2009 logo plays normal, except after the fanfare finishes, the logo plays backwards and then we pan up into space. The fanfare is played on a piano, when the logo plays backwards it turns into a piano cover of "Backwards Land" by Hal Palmer.

Shawn Brubaker's "DREAMS"(2005)

The 1994 logo is remade in 3D and it is zoomed out farther than before. The 1997 fanfare is also reorchestrated slightly to sound more mellow and dreamy than normal, minus the drum roll at the beginning.. This variation of the fanfare will be track #1 on the soundtrack to the movie. The track will be called "20th Century Fox theme"  At the end of the logo, the camera pans into space, and then we see the opening credits, "Walt Disney Pictures Presents, A 20th Century Fox presentation, In Association with Evil Cartman Productions", written in cartoonish clouds. The text "Walt Disney" and "20th Century Fox" are in their respective Corporate fonts.

The 1995 TCF television logo makes a cameo in a dream scene, in which the main character, Adam Filbert is watching his favorite TV program. Instead of "20th Century Fox" the tower reads "30th MXYZPTLK Pooh."

Captain Cardboard VS The Simpsons VS The Wattersons(2021)

The 1994 logo uses the 1981 fanfare, which is remixed slightly to sound like the 1998 fanfare. The film's main character, Brandon Pitchford (AKA Captain Cardboard) runs around the structure with his arms out acting like he is flying. Banana Joe stands on the stage of the logo making flatuence noises with his armpits to the tune of the fanfare. Halfway through, Ralph Wiggum comes out of the 0 and sings along with the cinemascope extention. While that happens, Brandon does a back flip over the curved staircase and lands on the stage. He then kicks Banana Joe off of it sending him flying towards the right side of the screen. When the byline fades in, Brandon stands on the stage with his hands on his hips and a triumphant grin on his face (a la Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story).

In the TV Spots and Trailers, The logo is flooding. It cuts then to the Warner Bros. 1998 logo with the Warner Media byline, which the shield is tinted Light Blue.

Leave This Town! (1972)


The 1953 logo is seen in black and white.

No, Yoshi Won't Go to The Dentist! (1979)


The 1953 logo is green and made out of neon lights.

Dr. Dolittle (1967, 1992 reissue)

The 1992 reissue itself uses the 1981 logo (extended version). On the trailer, we zoom out of the logo, in which transitions into the rest of the trailer and/or TV Spot.


No, Yoshi Won't Go to The Dentist! 2: The Revenge (1985)

The text in the 1981 logo is tinted in green and has black lines (a-la a cartoonish look). Also, when the fanfare finishes, we hear the sound of glass breaking.


Super Mario Galaxy (2008)

The text in the 1981 logo is blue and the logo is set in space.


Hotel Mario (2014)

On the trailer for this film, the 2009 logo is duo-toned white and red.


The Life of RDM: The Movie (2014)

The logo is in many different colors.

Sonic X The Movie (2000)

The 1994 logo is blue.

On the trailer, Sonic jumps on the 20th Century Fox logo.

Dog (1991)

The logo takes place in New York City instead of Los Angeles.

Cameron Murphy's GoAnimate Adventure (2014)

The logo plays as normal, but the "20th" in the logo is changed into a "21st", then the logo turns red near the end. Also, the fanfare is different and sounds like the one from Anastasia (1997). In the trailers, the logo is normal, but still has the red tint. In the TV spot 1, the "FOX" text is changed to "MURPHY". In TV spot 2, the same logo like in the beginning of the film is used, but there is no red tint this time. TV's Christmas (2013): The 2009 logo is appeared, but the fanfare drops.

The Total Drama Movie (2029)

The 2020 logo plays, but Chris walks out of the 0. The

The Minecraft Movie (2010)

The 1994 logo is used. When the logo finishes its animation, the byline behind the logo disappears, leaving the structure intact. Then the movie's opening titles appear rotating through the structure, and fades into the opening credits. As then pans down, the Fox structure turns into the movie title appearing out of the structure. After that, the camera zooms out of "O" and the movie begins. A re-orchestrated version of the second half of the Fox fanfare plays over the logo.

Another variation of the movie begins of the Blu-Ray 3D release, the 75th Anniversary logo is made with Minecraft bricks. The background are shown of the forest.

On the international trailer, the logo is made with Minecraft bricks.

On commercials for the film's Blu-Ray release during the holiday season,the 75th Anniversary logo Is Covered with snow and ice. The "0" is wearing a Santa hat and a Minecraft Guy appears of the Word "75" and is wearing a Santa hat and he is dressed in a Santa Claus suit.

Birdy (1998)

A musical note comes out of the "0" when the movie begins.

Komby (1998)

The logo fades out into the opening credits.

Leonard (2015)

On the first trailer, The logo takes places in New York City instead of Los Angeles and has ice and snow on and around it.

Komby 2: Control's Out (2002)

The 20th Century Fox logo zooms out of a silver vehicle rim.

On The International trailer,The 1981 logo is used,But The Komby,A Police Car from the movie comes out of the "0",Honks,and laughs.

The Christmas Night (2004)

The 20th Century Fox logo is red over a Christmas ornament on a Christmas tree in the same style of the movie. When The Logo Finishes its animation,The logo fades out and changes to the opening credits as the background of Christmas tree.

On The International trailer,Snow falling of the 1994 logo. But Covered with snow and ice.

On The TV Spots,Similiar To Ice Age and Anastasia variant.

Another TV Spot features,The Animated Santa Claus Comes out of the "0" And says "Good Christmas for All!" and the Animated Adam sandler comes out of the top of the "20",He wearing a santa hat and says "Ho! Ho! Ho!".

The Snowman (2007)

One Variation Of The Fox logo is blue and with covered with Snow and Ice. There only appeared on the Sneak Peek on Disc 1 of The Simpsons Season 11 DVD and on the Blu-Ray disc of Leonard's Christmas Movie.

asdfmovie (August 10th, 2008) through asdfmovie11 (August 10th, 2018)

The 1994 logo was used, but a guy from the movie comes when the logo finishes.

On the teaser trailer, the 1935 logo is used.

On TV Spots, the B&W 1981 logo is used.

The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th movies use the 2009 logo.

Starting with asdfmovie7, the 2009 logo is bylineless (due to the News Corporation split).

Starting with asdfmovie2, the logo is shown in black and white.

marmite is terrible (a.k.a asdfmite) (April 20th, 2010)

The 2009 logo is used, but the background is white and the searchlights are blue.

On the trailers and TV Spots, the B&W 1981 logo is used.

The Super Bowl TV Spot has the B&W 1935 logo.

Zoom (2020)

The 2009 logo is zoomed out.

Best Fiends: The Movie (2015)

The logo's background is in the grass and play as normal. After that, lot of bugs cover the logo and fade into a tree.

The Flipnote Movie (2017)

The 2009 logo has a cartoonish look.

On the teaser trailer, the background is sunny and the searchlights are blue.

On TV Spots, the logo is beside the Nintendo Productions logo.

Kenny: The Movie (2009)

Kenny Made this 20th century fox logo and kicks it from 20th century fox who damaged and he farted.

The Enforcement (1995)

The 1981 logo is used, also, when the fanfare finishes, the gun shoots at the FOX logo and shatters like a window.

The TV's Movie: A Time Travelling War (2009)

The 2009 logo is used, but halfway through the logo, Zachman appears and sings along to the fanfare (inspired by The Simpsons Movie, as confirmed by Zachman Awesomeness II on YouTube). The logo also takes place in ZR Land, and the 1997-present and John Williams fanfares are combined.


20th Century FOX Logo (The TV's Movie 2) Remastered!

The logo shown in the movie.

Doodle Toons (2024)

After the 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo and The FOXTherron7 Enterprises logo is over, The 2013 logo is used, but the background turns Stormy, and It pans into The Warner Bros Logo

ALF: The Animated Comic Movie (1994)

This Logo is a Cartoon, it finishes it. The Searchlights Turned off, ALF (in his comic self) Destroys The Logo.

The sirens, the audiences screaming, destruction sounds, and the same sounds from Cannonball Run were also heard at the following.

ALF: The Animated Comic Movie 2: Jungle Love (August 1997)

Same as The 1994 Film’s Logo. But In Jungle Style.

ALF: The Animated Comic Movie 3: Runaway Trail (1999)

Same as first and second variants, but a Logo is Little Bit Red.

ALF: Hair Today Gone Tomorrow (Live Action Version) (1988)

A Logo Becomes Darker and Hairy.

Mercy's Meeting The Movie (2018)

The Simpsons Movie 2 (2040)

As it begins, Bart skateboards on the 2 as the normal 20th Century Studios fanfare changes into a rock version of it. Homer crashes into the 0 and makes it fall off. Marge is fixing a crack on the X. Lisa is snoozing inside the O. We zoom up into the sky.

The Aria Movie (2007) (VHS version)

The 2007 logo is played, but halfway through, Aria punches the logo and breaks it. It then gets the color palette of the Surtiopouio Movies "Blocks" logo and plays the 1994 logo.

Aria breaks the logo.

ALF: The Animated Comic Movie 4: The Sixteen Stories (2001)

Same as the 1994 variant, but it is brighter than original variant 

ALF: The Animated Comic Movie 5: Snow Day (2004)

The 1994 Logo is covered in snow.

ALF: The Animated Comic Movie 6: The Adventures of ALF (2007)

The Logo was sketched as a comic.

The Family Guy Movie: The Return Of New Brian (2022)

The structure is changed to read “I Like Farts”, the usual tune is changed to farts and New Brian does a Russian dance. WIP

Ryan vs. The Wicked Wrath of the Techno-Terror (2008)

The fanfare is done in an acapella style.

On trailers and TV spots for the movie, the logo is done in the same art style as the movie.

Caillou: The Movie (2016)

The 2009 ogo was drawn in the same style of the TV show. Only on the trailer. A TV spot had the logo along with the DHX Media Films logo.

ALF: The Movie (1987)

Same variant as Cannonball Run. but ALF destroys the logo while they added more police cars and each car to the variant before the live action intro starts.

At the end of the film, text from this logo was gone. then the searchlights were turned off and destroyed due to ALF’s rampage destruction.

Pat & Mat (1988)

the logo was shown on the variant from Cannonball Run. but we didn't see car and police car, they showed Pat and Mat (from Czech cartoon) coming over as they looked until the blue car crashes onto the spotlight. Mat walks away as Pat didn't know what happened to the logo.