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Virus Wars (2008): The BG changes into a computer screen and the Cairo logo moves to the upper-left corner.

Virus Wars 2 (2009): The logo is done in a retro video game style and the music is an 8-bit version of the Cairo theme (this theme is actually Track 1 on the movies' soundtrack and is called "Cairo Theme").

Virus Wars 3: Rise of Netficker (2010): The logo encounters a glitch, just like a computer would do.

Virus Wars 4: Antivirus (2011): At the end of the movie, the logo glitches as errors appear. Then, it turns into a parody of the Pac-Man kill screen. The 1986 logo is briefly seen. The logo ends with a TV off effect.

Virus Wars 5: Into the Net (2012): The logo flickers and lags like a video chat service with a bad connection, and the music becomes distorted.