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Logo variations of the Cartoon Network Movies logo.

Nt's World: The Movie (2012)

The 2011 logo plays, but at the end, instead of cutting to black, the screen fades to green as the opening credits roll.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie 4: Back In Time (2012)

The 2010 variation of the 1992 Cartoon Network logo is seen on a black background as the camera slowly zooms in.

Nt's World 3: Spaced Out! (2013)

On the first trailer, the 2010 logo is seen on a red swirl background (similar to the one seen on the trailer for The Powerpuff Girls Movie) slowly zooming in at first, and then quickly zooms in.

On the second trailer, the old "Cartoon Cartoons" logo is seen before the actual trailer, and at the end, Ntpockets from Nt's World's head pops out of the second "O" in "CARTOONS", and he says, "Cartoon Cartoon!". When the actual trailer starts, the logo is seen floating in space zooming in, and then we zoom past it.

Turbo:Angry Cats Movie (In Theaters July 2002)

This Logo Is Fades Out The New York City Background.

The Amazing World Of Gumball The Movie (In Theaters July 3,2015)

This Logo Is Draws On A White Cartoon Moon,But After The Camera Pans Up And The Daisy's Rocket Shadow Appears On The Moon.

On The Trailer,This Logo Is Used With The Magic Device Background.

The Regular Show Movie (In Theaters April 25,2014)

This Logo Is Fades Out The Old Movie Theater Screen,But Black And White. But After,We See Cuts Of The Old Animated Movie Countdown.

Adventure Time With Finn And Jake The Movie (In Theaters July 4,2014)

On The Trailer,Jake Jumps On The Top Of The WB Shield,But The 3D Glasses,And Says "Adventure Time In 3D".

On The Second Trailer,This Logo Is Used With The Ice Kingdom Background.

On The All TV Spots,This Logo Is Zoomed In The Candy Kingdom Background.

Uncle Grandpa The Movie (2015)

The Logo Is Fades out of the Black Background,Segueing Into The Opening Titles.

A Courage The Cowardly Dog Special:What's Fear (TV Movie 2013)

The logo plays Used,It Reads "PRESENTS" Underneath,After,The logo Is Transforms Of The Moon.

The Sleppish Sheep:Big,Long And Uncut (2014)

The Logo Turns A Wood Resembles A Square Cartoon Network logo That Can Be Seen On Pretty Much Every The Sleppish Sheep Episode.

A Steven Universe Movie (2018)

When The Logo Animates Normally,Underneath It Reads "A" Is Up And "PRODUCTION" Is Below,After The Logo Finishes,The Logo Fades Out And Zooms Up Is The Title Card's Movie logo "A STEVEN UNIVERSE MOVIE".

The Amazing World Of Gumball 2:The Finale (2018)

When The Logo Finishes Animating During The Opening Credits,Richard Watterson Jumps And Vomit The Word "SAUSAGE" Is Pink,Richard Watterson Exhaustively Happily Right.

Adventure Time 3:The Bunch Of Jake Clones (2017)

The 2002 Cartoon Network logo Plays During The Opening Credits,Jake Jumps And Vomiting The Word "COOL" Is Green,Jake Exhaustively Happily Right,When The Logo Finishes,The Logo Is Fades Out The blue background.

Uncle Grandpa 2:Ungle Again (2017)

When The Logo Finishes Animating,Uncle Grandpa Jumps Happily And Vomiting The Word "GOOD MORNING" Is Orange,Uncle Grandpa Happily Look Of The Movie Projector And Uncle Grandpa Called The Movie Projector And The Logo transforms the movie screen Of The Movie projector.

Scooby Doo Not! (1999)

A clapperboard is on a large black block that has a C on it, we zoom into it, revealing the checkerboard logo, as the original CN jingle plays.