Here are a few variations of the Columbia Pictures logo.

Angry Birds (2012 Film)

The 2006 Logo Is Red, Expect For The Torch Lady And The Clouds. The Text And Byline Look Sleeker. Only On The International Prints. Also On The International Trailers.

On The International TV Spot, The Logo Appears Red On The Left, The Miramax Logo On The Middle And The Rovio Logo On The Right.

Wrath in Space

The 2006 Logo Appears, But The SPE Byline Fades In Early. Also On The Trailers And The TV Spots.

Nope! Try Again!

The 2006 Logo Appears, Expect It's Wet.

On The Trailer, The 2006 Logo Animates In Reverse.

On The Teaser Trailer, The 2006 Logo Animates Just Like The 1981 Logo.

The Grudge (Rated G Version)

The logo plays, but the grudge named Bloody Mary Appears and says to the Torch Lady named Jenny Joseph, "Are you finished with the Lin Quai or not?" Bloody Mary pushes the Torch Lady, and fall to the water. The world "Columbia" fades in and Bloody Mary laughs evily.


The text "COLUMBIA" does not appear. seen on the actual feature.

Domo (All current broadcasts since 2008, 1998-2007)

The Logo Plays Normally,The Torch Lady Is Replaced Of Little Bear Girl And Walks Off.

Popeye (2015)

The Torch Lady Is Replaced By Popeye,The Torch Is Replaced With Spinach,Popeye Who Eats Spinach.

Domo's 1st Movie (Fall 2008)

The Logo Plays Normally,The Torch Lady Is Replaced With Bear And Walks Off.

Norat (2013)

The Logo Plays Animated,The Torch Lady Is Replaced With Norat Woman And Animated Style. Who Later Melts Into The Torch Lady. But After The Torch Lady Opens The Mouth,The Camera Zooms Out Of Barack Obama Appeared Of The Torch Lady's Tonque And Eating The Taco,Barack Obama Jumps Of The Magic Car And Drive The Magic Car And Arrived The New York City,Segueing Into The Opening Credits.

Air Jump (1994,US Version)

The 1968 logo is used with The SPE Byline In The Same font As The 1973 "A DIVSION OF COLUMBIA PICTURES INDUSTRIES,INC." Byline.

At The End Of The Movie Of US And Non-US Version,The 1993 Logo is used And Plays In Color.

Little Coo Peep (2004)

The Three Sheeps Jumps Of The Sky,Segueing Into The Opening Credits.

On The International Trailer,The Logo Fades Into The New York City.

The Smurfs (2011)

On The 2012 Blu-Ray 3D prints,The Music Is Also At A High Pitch,At The End Of The Logo,The Logo Turns Blue.

Willie:A Whale's Story (2003)

The Logo Appears In The Water.

Fred Mercuery 3D In Concerto (2010)

The 1968 logo is used with Sony Pictures Entertainment byline In The Same Font As The "A DIVISION OF COLUMBIA PICTURES INDUSTRIES,INC." Byline. Then The Logo Burnings Up Of The Logo Ends. But After,Then Cuts To A New York Broadway Theatre.

Red Ridding Hood (2001)

The 1993 logo Is Fades Out Into The Blue Background Of The Logo Ends.

Space Chickens (2014)

On the Movie, A Egg Suddenly Pushes The Torch Lady Away. The Music Is Also A High Pitch And Re-Orchestrahed.

At The End Of The Movie,The Closing logo Is Used,The Black Background Is Replaced With Space Background With The Closing Of End Credits.

On The International Trailer,The 1993 Logo Is Used (With Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) Until Dr.Chickenhawk Interrupts Opens The "O" And Closes The "O" Of Door Sounds.

On The Trailers And TV Spots,The Logo Animates In Reverse.

The Lego Movie (Japan Version) (2014)

The Logo Animates In Lego And The Clouds Moves Of The Logo Ends. And Everything is Awesome is Heard

On The Trailer,The Logo Is Fades Out Into The Sony Pictures Animation logo.

Numb3r5 (2010)

The background is black with numbers flying down, the logo is sped up, the torch lady wears a hockey mask, and the logo reads: "C0LUMB1A", the byline reading "4 S0NY P1CTUR35 3NT3RT41NM3NT c0mp4ny.

An Animal Adventure (1999)

On the trailers and TV spots, the background turns into a jungle.

An Animal Adventure 2 (2003)

The logo is in front of a piece of cloth behind a light as the logo fully animates, until it fades and the color changes.

Rugrats: The History (2014)

The logo has tommy holding the torch.

Arthur's Nose (1976, 2011 remake)

In the logo, the Torch Lady is replaced with Arthur Read. Arthur's nose is holding the torch. Also, the logo reads: "LAKEWOOD" and the byline reads: "AN ARTHUR TIMOTHY READ COMPANY". The theme music is a bit more high-pitched just like The Pink Panther (2006). At the end of the logo, the torch breaks thus making it completely black with Arthur Read exclaiming, "Hey!".

Grand Theft Auto: The Movie (2020)

I Gose To The Sony/Columbia Pictures Logo Normal Till The Byline Fades Franklin, Micheal An Trevor Shows Up And Torch Lady Knocks Them Out And It Goes Back To Normal And Flashes To The Rockstar Films And Rockstar North Logo

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