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Histeria! (1998): 

The 1994-1999 Hanna-Barbera logo plays, but Loud Kiddington appears at the end.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003):

 The 1993-1995 Hanna-Barbera logo isn't animated.

Dom's Secret Movie (2001): 

The 1994-1999 Hanna-Barbera logo plays, but Dom appears at the end. Also, an AOL Time Warner byline appears

Martin Matter: Monster Mash (1998)

The Action Logo Is Used But A Martin Mation Appeares At The End.

Jazzy's Adventures and Jazzy and Friends (2002)


The "Character Portrait" logo plays, with a headshot of Jazzy and ? in a lime-green colored oval, with a periwinkle script slanted in the middle. The background is sky blue.