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Hop 2

Just The Same As Hop Variant of Illumination Entertainment.

The vampires (2014)

The text is again already formed, and we see the two Minions taking the candies with an basket. Then followed by Charles (the vampire from the movie) comes out of the screen and eating the Minion. However, The other Minion quickly runs back away nervously and exits the screen. Charlie points the audience.

The Legend of Zelda: the wind maker (2016)

a minion walks in as he draws the Text "illuMination Entertainment". the Minion says, illumation! like in The Secret life of Pets.

The Grinch (2018)

the text is already formed, and we see a christmas tree. a minion walks in and opens the present, and inside was a tape called, "The Grinch: a Huge Copycat of Greenie Phantom the movie". the minion was very happy. so the minion opens the 2nd present and it was a TV. the tv turns on as the tape flys and goes in the TV as the opening titles come on. we zoom at the TV and the film plays.

on the end of the movie, after the univeral logo, it changes to the illumation entertainment logo from Despicable Me, but ENTERTAINMENT is removed and the Text Design is from Despicable Me 3.

in trailer 2, the logo animates different.

The Pinkfong Movie (2013) and The Pinkfong Movie 2 (2017)

Exactly the same from The Secret Life of Pets.

Numberblocks and Wildernuts (2023)

The text is once again already formed. A Minion is then seen with a Magic Home Mirror, and tries to go in, but One comes out and kills the Minion, then One goes in the mirror with the Minion dead. We zoom into the mirror and the opening begins.