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Kermit Goes Hollywood (1989)

The 1989 Logo Is Still.

A Muppet Christmas Movie (1997)

The 1989 Logo Is Seen, But Kermit Wears A Santa Hat.

Kermit's House of Room Cafe (1998-2004, TV Series)

The 1997 Jim Henson Television Logo Plays With the 1985 WDTV Theme

Golden Test (1999-2006, TV Series)

Same As Kermit's House Of Room Cafe, But Clearer.

The Great Muppet Caper 2: Worldwide Muppets (1989)

The 1989 logo plays, But the logo is made out of vaurious stuff and looks cheap.

The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made! (2001)

Same as the GMC2: WM version, But it has a Old Timey Film look.

Sid The Science Kid: The Movie (2011)

Same as the Jim Henson Television logo from all Bear in the Big Blue House episodes, but this time it reads "PRODUCTIONS". Also, the copyright byline says "MMXI"

Kermit's Funhouse Club (2009-present TV Series)

The 1989 Jim Henson Productions logo is used

The Dinosaurs Reboot (2016-present TV series)

Same as the dragonfly and spider logo, but the robot spider is now a animated version of Baby Sinclair, who says, "Not the momma!" as he chases the dragonfly.

Fraggle Rock: The Movie(1991)

The long version of the 1990 logo plays, but the laser draws Red Fraggle's head instead of Kermit's, and when the dot of light flies around, the buzzing is replaced by a different buzzing sound provided by Karen Prell, Red's puppeteer and voice actor.

Muppet Babies(1984-1991)

On episodes from 1988-1991, one of the variants of the 1988 logo plays, but "ANIMATION" replaces "PRODUCTIONS". (Jim Henson Animation was a short-lived joint venture between Jim Henson Productions and Marvel Productions, formed in 1987 and shut down in 1992 after the end of Inspector Red.)

Inspector Red(1989-1992)

On seasons 1(1989-1990) and 2(1990-1991), one of the variants of the 1988 logo plays, but Kermit's hand is replaced by that of the titular Inspector Red(Red Fraggle from Fraggle Rock wearing a beige trenchcoat and fedora), and "ANIMATION" replaces "PRODUCTIONS". On season 3(1991-1992, also titled Inspector Red and Detective Mokey), the short version of the 1990 logo plays, but "ANIMATION" replaces "PRODUCTIONS".

Inspector Red: The Movie(1994)

Same as the Fraggle Rock: The Movie version, but Red's head has her trademark fedora on her.

RoboRiley Comes To Fox- Featuring the Muppets!(TV Special, September 12, 1997)

The "TELEVISION" variant of the short 1990 logo pans over from the 1995 Nelvana logo(Nelvana, along with 4Kids Entertainment and Sparklight Animation, produced RoboRiley), and the colors of the dot of light match the comet in the Nelvana logo. A roaring noise(carried over from the Nelvana logo) plays over the credits music as the dot flies on the I, then a gong sound plays. This is the first known appearance of the "TELEVISION" varient.

Current Variant(2018-present)

The logo is remade. The fanfare is reorchestrated, and the buzzing sound is now provided by Jason Sinclair(most famous for creating RoboRiley and Inspector Red, and writing 1999's Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde: The Movie), pitched up. Kermit is replaced with a Muppet-ized caricature of Jim Henson(Kermit is now owned by Disney instead of The Jim Henson Company), but on Disney co-productions with the Muppets, Kermit's head is used, and on Christmas specials, Henson's head is replaced with that of Santa Claus. The Jim Henson signature is now red(although on Disney co-productions with the Muppets or projects by Jason Sinclair, it is still green, and on Christmas specials, it alternates each letter between red and green), and the byline and underline are now grey. The byline now reads "THE JIM HENSON COMPANY". On Jason Sinclair-produced films, a metal remix of the fanfare is used, and his buzzing noises are normal instead of pitched up, except on his science-fiction films, where a half-orchestra and half-synthesizer remix of the fanfare is used, and the buzzing sounds are replaced by R2-D2-esque warbles. On Christmas specials, snow falls in the background, and jingling bells are heard.