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The Fairly OddParents Movie: Timmy's Magical Adventure (2016):

The Rugrats in Paris variant plays, except that it takes place outside Timmy's house, with Timmy reaking leaves and Cosmo and Wanda watching him. When the Nickelodeon ball (with "NICKELODEON" in it's 2009-present font) crushes his house, Timmy says “ I thought we were cancelled!” Cosmo replies with “Looks like we’re back....“. Wanda replies with “Can somebody poof it away? I think my wand was in there!”. Then the rest of the logo plays normally except that Timmy kicks the ball away and creates a bubble saying “Nickelodeon presents..” and the background turns light purple, beginning the opening sequence.

CartoonNetworkTwo Nickelodeon meets The CW4Kids (2008) 

Instead of the normal logo,"NICKELODEON MOVIES" appears.

amberdown43 Rugrats: Royal Ransom (2005)

Each logo is in the same animation as the book.

CheesyBob42 Rugrats Meet SpongeBob SquarePants (2008) 

The logo as seen on Snow Day plays, but it is shown in Squidward's front yard as Squidward is pulling weeds in his garden in the Spring time. When the "Nickelodeon" ball crashes his home, he screams for mercy.

Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops (1986, English version from June 24, 2009):

Same logo as seen on "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie", though it uses the music from the "Snow Day" version and the tuba music later, but Sueno is raking leaves in front of his house and Gian is there too. But when the "Nickelodeon" ball crushes his house, Sueno is startled then, when he sees what the "Nickelodeon" ball did to his house, he collapses onto the ground in front of his leaf pile and cries "Now I've got nothing to show off!" then Nobita, Shizuka, Doraemon and Dorami enter the screen near Gian from the right and laugh at Sueno. But then, the ball rolls off destroying Nobita's, Shizuka's and Gian's homes and the camera follows the ball as Sueno, Gian and the rest of them run off to see what the ball is doing. They all fall over and weep. Then the logo continued like normal, but this time, Doraemon enters with a propeller on his head and says "I’m just going to give you a propeller!" to the Nickelodeon ball.

Babar to the Rescue (2006):

Same logo as seen on Harriet the Spy, except the rhino is replaced with Rataxes.

Super Smash Bros. (2010):

The logo from Good Burger plays, but at the end, Lucario falls into the logo and faints.

Spongebob's Christmas Movie (2011):

The Nickelodeon "Reindeer" bumper plays, but the reindeer's nose has the current "Nickelodeon" font on it instead. SpongeBob appears and blows a bubble reading “Paramount animation and Nickelodeon movies present...” beginning the opening sequence.

The Berenstain Bears' Big Holiday Movie (2012):

Same as the Spongebob's Christmas Movie variant except the song "Somebody to Love" by Jefferson Airplane plays under it (along with the first few logos) but the sound effects can still be heard.

WileE2005The Berenstain Bears and the Atomic Holocaust (2011, Non-US Version)

The logo variant as seen on "Snow Day" plays, but takes place in front of the Bear family's tree house as Papa Bear shovels snow while Spot watches. Brother, Sister and Mama walk into the house. Suddenly, a giant snowball falls and smashes the treehouse. Spot runs off barking, and we hear screams from inside the breaking tree house. Papa screams in terror, then starts bawling when the snow falls off to reveal it is the "Nickelodeon" ball. "My furniture and honey are gone!" he wails. Then when the Nickelodeon Movies balls appear on a black background, we see Mama, Brother and Sister all in bandages and casts and with crutches walk up. "YOU DESTROYED MY BEARBIES!" Sister cries to the Nickelodeon ball, and Brother wails "And you broke my video games!"

domnickjrKnighty Knight Dom (2009)

Same logo as seen on The Rugrats Movie trailer, but a copyright "© 2007, 2008, 2009, DOM STUDIOS" appears. This was seen at the end of the film.

Dom's THX Adventure (2007):

Same logo as seen on Harriet the Spy, except the rhino is replaced with White the Dog.

PaPaLuigiBarry and the Search for the 13 Meatballs (2006):

We see the 1998 logo normally, but Slap T. Pooch is replaced with Yoshi from the SMW cartoon.

Adventure_TimeAdventure Time: The Movie: Finn and Jake's Hall of Cookies to Meet the Jiggler (2010) 

2000 logo plays, but it takes place outside of Jake's house, also Finn is pulling candy plants. When the "Nickelodeon" ball comes down, Finn becomes muscular and pushes the ball away. But when it moves, Finn says "JIGGLER OUCHY ME!"Mario and Luigi: The Movie (2006):Eagles flying in the sky form the Nickelodeon Movies logo. This logo was an early version of the 2004 logo seen onA Series of Unfortunate Events.Ncarw vs. Hohohomer (1982):This is the second movie made by Nickelodeon Movies. A silver ball flies through a black-pink gradient background and ncarw and hohohomer fight. Ncarw is talking about Fred Fredburger. Hohohomer chops him with a sword. The 1991 rerelease has the Top of the Hour theme from 1985 until 1987. In the rerelease, the Nick blob becomes ncarw and hohohomer. This movie is now distributed by Ncarw and Hohohomer, but watch out because they spam logos with other junk.

Yoshidude987Yoshi and the Egg Corps (2003)

The Rugrats in Paris variant plays, but Yoshi is in place of the man, and a Goomba is in place of the dog. Yoshi sucks up the leaves with his tongue. When the Nickelodeon ball crashes into his house, he yells "Hey, don't let this happen to me like that!"

MechaKingghidoraFanKCVPBSVYTP Chaos: Klasky Csupo vs. PBS vs. YouTube Poop (2007) 

1996 logo plays, but Sonic is in place of the rhino. You can hear music and sounds from Sonic 1991 playing in this logo instead of the normal music.

Very Odd Tales (2017) And Very Off Tales (2018) 

The First Films To Use The Normal Variant Of The 2017 Logo, The Globe Is Green.

Astonishing Fanboy and Chum Chum (2010) 

1998 logo plays, but Boog mercilessly bops Slap T. Pooch and Fanboy and Chum Chum kick Boog out of the way. The same J-pop theme from this film's Paramount and Castle Rock variants can be heard with sounds accompanying the variant. ==wolfie14 Goodnight Moon (2009) ==

Each logo is in the same style as in the book.

Allegra the Puppet's Quest: The Search for Rondo (2012) 

The 2010 logo plays, but on the second half, the logo turns dark blue and the background gets cloudy. On one trailer, the logo is a sculpture at a garden. On another trailer, the logo is inverted. The Laptop (2011): The logo resembles a painting made with Windows Paint

I Am the Cheese (1996) 

The 1996 logo plays, but the rhino is replaced with Salami from the Rocko's Modern Life episode, "Wacky Delly".

Flake R. SpongeBob Meets Yoshi (2001) 

2000 logo plays, but the logo takes place outside SpongeBob's house, with SpongeBob pulling tomato plants. When the "Nickelodeon" ball comes out, SpongeBob says: "How this can happen?" and then it cuts to the 1997 "Fast Food Drink" logo. At the end, SpongeBob says "There! Much better!"

==lukesams I Am Cheese 1 (2012) ==

The 2010 logo plays, but the 'l' in Nickelodeon is replaced with a cheese shaped like the numberal 1. Also, the 'o' in 'movies' is filled up. Cheese 1 vs the World (2013): The logo is a slower version of the logo from the teaser trailer for Rango, but a cheese shaped like the numeral 1 jumps into the logo and swings away through the letters in the word "MOVIES". Lost Control (May 26, 2000): Instead of the normal logo, we see a blue-purple gradient background. Suddenly, the top-shaped Nickelodeon logo spins around and stops in the middle. After that, the word "MOVIES" in the Laser font and in a blue color and the byline "A Paramount Company" in the Laser font fade in below. The music is the high-pitched and sped-up version of the 1986 Walt Disney Home Video logo's theme.

The Haw Lantern (August 29, 2003) 

The 2000 logo is used. On the first half of the logo, we see a clay model of a person eating cheeseburgers while a clay model of a dog plays with a bone next to a clay model of a house. Suddenly, the giant version of the top-shaped Nickelodeon logo falls and smashes the house. The clay model of a person screams in terror and runs into a taxi while the clay model of a dog drops the bone and chases the taxi. After that, the background turns black, the top-shaped Nickelodeon logo spins and bounces to the left of the screen, and a small top and a purple bottle with "Movies" in the Brush Script font appear.

Platypus Control (2005) 

The 2000 logo is used, but the live action part is cut off, the background is green, and the small ball is purple.

Ncarw's End (2009) 

The 2008 logo plays, but the "I" in "NICKELODEON" is replaced with a flagpole and the word "movies" is replaced with a golden retriever with the word "movies" engraved on it. Also, the logo is not centered right.

The Shape Bandit's Inside Story (June 15, 2012) 

The current logo plays, but the Shape Bandit comes in, opens a purple bag, and uses a purple tornado to steal all of the text in the logo. 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (October 1997): The 1996 logo plays, but the rhino is replaced with a cartoon dog.

Ickis vs. Timmy Terror (April 1993) 

We see a mountain-shaped Nickelodeon logo on a blue background. Suddenly, Ickis runs from right to left. Timmy Turner walks in and Ickis uses a sword to make Timmy Turner run away. Ickis Travels the World in 80 Days (Summer 1991): The planet Earth is seen below a circle-shaped Nickelodeon logo. Ickis the Cable Monster (May 1999): We see a hammer-shaped Nickelodeon logo on a grainy background, but it is static, just like a TV would do. How to Train Your Dragon (1986, 1997 theatrical re-release): A cartoon dragon flies in on a sky blue background. The dragon then breathes fire and the fire turns into a fire-shaped Nickelodeon logo with clouds surrounding the dragon. A Mosquito's Bathroom (May 1985): We see a cartoon mosquito flying into a restroom. Then, we hear some washing sounds. When the mosquito flies out of the restroom, we zoom in and it appears to be the Nickelodeon logo in form of a mosquito. This was the third film made by Nickelodeon Movies. Fasty's Really Fast Food (2013): The 1997 logo plays, but the soda is white with the 2010 Nickelodeon Movies print logo superimposed on it.

The Green Bottle (September 25, 1981) 

On a sky background many green bottles fly in and form a silver ball. Then, the word "NiCKELODEON" zooms out. This was the first film made by Nickelodeon Movies.

==BrianHanson Real Monsters (Friday January 13, 2012) ==

The Nickelodeon "Doo-Wop-a-Saurus" bumper plays, but the sunglasses are black with the 2009 Nickelodeon logo and the purple word "MOVIES" superimposed on them.

On the 1st trailer, we see the current Nickelodeon logo between two spooky trees. The "i" in "nickelodeon" opens and bats fly out.

Friday October 13th (October 13, 2006) 

The 2000 logo is used. On the first half of the logo, three children (the first one in a bat costume, the second in a ghost costume, and the third one in a skeleton costume) walk to a haunted house. They knock on the door and when it opens, the children say "Trick or treat!" A giant jack-o-lantern with the word "NICKELODEON" carved on it falls on the house. The background turns black and the jack-o-lantern bounces to the middle-left of the screen, and then a small pumpkin and a blue ball with the word "Movies" in a Laser font appear. A cartoon bat that looks similar to the bat from Rio appears on the bottom-left corner of the screen, hangs upside-down on the blue ball, then thunder strikes the jack-o-lantern, seguing to the opening scene of the movie.

Shark & Octopus: The Movie (1992) 

We see a 20th Century Fox-esque structure with the Nickelodeon logo on it.

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters: The Movie (October 1997) and My Favorite Gremlin (1978, theatrical re-relase from 1998) 

The Nickelodeon "Bat" logo (from the SNES/Genesis video game AAAHH!!! Real Monsters) is used, but the background is black and a thunderstorm is happening in the logo.

On the trailer for the 1998 theatrical re-release of My Favorite Gremlin, the logo from Shark & Octopus: The Movie is used, but the background is violet.

CatDog-The Movie (2001) 

The logo from Rugrats In Paris:The Movie is used, but the music is re-orchestrated once again.

Rocko's Modern Life: The Movie (2003) 

A still image of the 2000 logo is used.

The Day the Rugrats Destroyed Bikini Bottom (2013) 

The Snow Day variant is used, but the logo takes place in Bikini Bottom, the house is replaced by Spongebob's pineapple, the man is replaced by Spongebob, and the dog is replaced by Gary. When the Nickelodeon ball crashes the pineapple, Spongebob throws a tantrum and runs away.

Pop Goes the World (May 1993)

Same as the Shark & Octopus: The Movie variant, but the logo takes place in a sunny sky. ==samehbatarseh The Cell of Tootie (1986) ==

This was the fourth film made by Nickelodeon Movies. On a green background, Tootie walks to the center, then a red splat hits the floor, then Tootie gets some yellow finger painting, and draws the Nickelodeon logo on the splat. The word "movies" appears below the Nickelodeon logo. Timmy Turner is a fairy?!?! (2038) In the film, we start off in a cinema. Then, Timmy Turner in his Nickelodeon T-shirt walks into the cinema, sits on a seat and says “Cosmo, Wanda! The film is starting!" and then Cosmo and Wanda poof in and look at the camera. After that, Timmy draws the Nickelodeon splat logo with a wand. The wand becomes the word ”Movies“. Then Timmy says “I wish the opening sequence could start!" and then it fades to the opening sequence. Also seen at the end of the film and the theatrical trailer found on the 1987 CIC Videorelease of The Cell of Tootie. This trailer was found before the theatrical trailer for Fatal Attractionas well.

Sonic the Hedgehog meets Amitie (2002) 

Sonic the Hedgehog in his 1998-present appearence in ball-form rolls up on a Green Hill Zone background. Then, he makes the Nickelodeon Movies logo with orange and white paint. Amitie (from Puyo POP Fever) in her 1985-2003 appearence walks in and Sonic uses a ring to make her run away.

How Dose Famicom Esc Redub Games? (2013)

The Background Is White, The Word Movies Is Grey And Nickelodeon Is Red. Having The Classic Famicom/NES Plus Color Sceme.

Puyo Pop The Movie (1997, Non Japan Version)

The Logo Animates Like The Game Over Screen From Puyo Pop On The GBA. Japan Viewers Just Have A Black Screen Except If Your Whatching The 2nd Dub.

Yu & Rei meet Cosmo & Wanda (November 24, 2005, same day as Puyo Puyo Fever 2)

The logo from SpongeBob plays, but Yu and Rei (from Puyo Puyo Fever 2) in their 1985-2003 appearences fly up to the small ball. Cosmo and Wanda look at the small ball, too.

==RauciousMan Spongebob Sqaurepants: Uhino......Onui? August 3, 2012)==

The logo plays with flashes of Gold in a black BG with the ”My hero“ theme tune playing with Spongebob saying Guys!, then running away with Patrick. Along with the Paramount 100 Years logo, except the Paramount logo is on the normal blackground without Spongebob saying anything or running with Patrick. In the trailers, the logos are tinted in red on top, white in middle, and blue on bottom, accompanied by sirens wailing. On the TV spots, as usual, Paramount is on left and Nickelodeon Movies is on right accompanied by hitting sounds from police batons.

The Lord Of The Rings (2015)

The Logo Is On The Paramount Moutain With Evreything But The Word Paramount, Only Appears On The R Rated Version.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005, non-US release showings in English)

The man was replaced by Willy Wonka Grandpa Joe,Charlie and the others The Nickelodeon ball crashed on the factory and Willy says "You wrecked my Chocolate" and Augustus says "There's go the tour" and animates like usual and a Oopa Loopa says "Your'e in trouble"

UFO Crash! (2007)

The 2004 "Underwater Bubbles" plays, but then a UFO uses it's tracton beam to aduct the logo, a transition to the opening credits.

Bagel's 5th Movie: Summer Fun (2001)

we start with a sky background. we pan down to reveal the logo made of sand.

Bagel's 6th Movie: my edible slime (2019)

The 2019 Logo Plays, but the drop is replaced by a ring pop and the logo is made of edible slime, with the i's dot made of ring pops.

Bagel's 7th movie: Time Travel to the 1st - 6th (2020)

same as the Harriet the Spy variant, but the logo fast forwards before the rhino trips on the cloud to the good burger variant but before it spills, the logo turns to a still of the rugrats movie trailer variant and turns into the nickelodeon foot logo but when slap t pooch gets the blue thing, the blue thing glitches and the snow day variant is shown, but the snowball is replaced by a bagel. the bagel's hole turns to the rugrats in paris variant and zooms in the hole. the nickelodeon ball glitches reading "200?" and "NOEDOLEKCIN". it glitches to the jimmy neutron boy genus variant with the dog replaced by a bagel and glitches to the clockstoppers logo but keep glitching to the cry baby lane variant with the text reading "NOEDOLEKCIN STNESERP". it glitches to the 2002 logo but before the balls are shown, the Dog's Nose and it's ID Variant is shown. it glitches. then, it cuts to the underwater bubbles logo but the silver ball from the old nickelodeon logo flys around to change to the moons logo with still the silver ball and the pinwheel. the pinwheel spins causing the logo to glitch to the nacho libre variant then the unused charlottes web variant is shown but before the birds form the logo, a pinwheel comes and turns the variant to the 2008 Splat logo. it changes to the last few seconds to the 2010 logo but we zoom out to reveal the 2019 logo which changes to the opening.

Bagel's 8th Movie: Sneak Peeks are Here (2022)

a toy story land commercial is shown with bagle characters replacing the people in the commercial (except the toy story charatcers) and the toy story land logo is replaced by the 2018 logo. the walden media logo is a crest commercial for bambi VHS.

The Loud House Movie (2021)

We see a burst of orange energy form on-screen. Lincoln walks over and touches it. It becomes the Nickelodeon Movies logo. Lincoln signals to a unknown person offscreen. The Netflix logo crashes onto the ground. A orange slash forms between the Nickelodeon Movies logo and the Netflix logo.

On the TV spots, the logo is cut to the end bit.

On the Netflix trailer, The logo is Static and the N becomes transparent and we zoom through it.

Bagel's 9th Movie: The Other Sneak Peeks (2024)

The Land Before Time Burger King commercial is used, but everything but the Dinosaurs are animated, the live action people are bagel chraracters, Littlefoot's current voice is used, and at the end, Littlefoot says "Burger King You Guys", and they leave, but since this is now a netflix movie, we see the Netflix logo and the Nickelodeon logo come in and look at bagel, causing then to turn into Dinosaurs. Then, the Nick logo fights the Netflix logo, causing the logos to trancition to the Walden Media logo, which is another Crest commercial.

On the Netflix trailer, the normal logo for nickelodeon was used, but a Bagel is the dot.