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F.U.N. (1993)[]

The Logo Is Pink Like Skye. On VHS And DVD.

Mr. Men: Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (2007)[]

The Logo Is Darker Than Usual In A Shade Of Dark Grey And Is Tinted Red. Only On The Trailers And TV Spots.

Mr. Men: Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (2007)[]

The Same Dark Style Is Used, But This Time, It Is Tinted Cyan. Only On The Trailers And TV Spots.

Mr. Men: Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of The Sky (2008)[]

Still The Same Dark Style Is Used, But This Time It Is Dark Gray And Has Some Clouds And Lightning. Only On The Trailers And TV Spots.

Baxter's B.I.G Movie (October 19, 2001)[]

The 1999 of version of the 1986 logo plays with the 1990-2005 Viacom byline, but the mountain is replaced with Baxter shaped like the mountain

A Patman Post Halloween (2004)

the text reads paramount entertainment from. the YouTube Poop logo would appear next

Bark (March 12, 1993)[]

The 1990 variant of the 1986 logo plays, but the stars are replaced with pawprints.

Grounded Kids Get Arrested (2013): The 2013 version of the 2011 logo is cut short and plays from 00:09 to 19:00

Cartoon Friends: The Movie (April 13, 2012)[]

The 100 Years logo plays with Chevelle's song Face to the Floor. Then, we zoom to the skies to realize that we are now seeing the Warner Bros./New Line Transformation logo from 2011. Except that the Cartoon Network Films logo is formed with the golden 2010 Cartoon Network logo with FILMS from the MTV Films logo in golden. The TimeWarner byline is below. After that, we zoom further through the skies to see the Nickelodeon Movies, Animation Domination, and FX Productions logos, one each after 4 seconds. Then, the credits roll while the viewers see Beavis and Butthead's house. We see a look inside to turn out that the song is played in a music video watched by those 2 numbskulls.

Cartoon Friends: The Movie (French print) (Amis de bande dessinée: Le film)[]

Beavis says "Ce film sera cool! (This movie will be cool!)" when he and Butthead are shown. Only on the French dubbed print.

Cartoon Friends: The Movie (Canadian print)[]

The logos play with the Screen Gems S From Doom jingle instead of Chevelle's song "Face to the Floor" while Meap (from Phineas and Ferb) walks worried. Then some true blue colored fire burns the Animation Domination logo. Also, Beavis and Butthead's TV explodes after we look inside. This was used on the Canadian prints and the French dubbed print.

Cartoon Friends: The Movie (German print, TV version) (Die KarikaturFührers - Die Band von Menschen Gezogen)[]

The red car from the Brave Little Toaster is describing the logos. Only on the TV dub.

Cartoon Friends: The Movie (German print, DVD and Xfinity's Streamplix auf Deutsch version) (Beavis und Butthead und der KarikaturBand)[]

The same as the TV version.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Fast in Time (1997 Original Release, 2001 VHS & DVD Release)[]

The 1995 logo plays, we see Sonic runs so fast around the mountain, 22 stars, the text and the byline. When he crashed the screen, his face was stuck on the screen is little bit sticky. Sonic said, "YEOUCH! MY EYES, MY EYES! Hey, I'm just kidding!" He laughed and runs away. The camera pans for beginning of the movie.

Angry Birds 2 (2013)[]

The Pigs are on the mountain. At the end, Red Bird tries to hit them, but Helmet pig was the only pig to be killed. All the other pigs smile.

Cityville(1953, 2009 theatrical release)[]

The"A paramount picture" seen on the city.                                                                                                      

File:Paramount Kids Logo 2009.png

Kids Time(1989)[]

File:Paramount Kids Logo 1996.png

The 1986 logo is toony and KIDS is used.

The Sunday Show(1976)[]


The 1953 logo is really uses ending music.

A Great adventure(1999)[]

The "A paramount Picture" is used. but animated.

And the end of movie,a Brightness version of the 1976 logo is used and RELEASED BY.

Dora's 2 (2014)[]

the 1950 logo is used but the byline reads a viacom company.

Rayman and the Magic Dream (2012)[]

We see Rayman is eating the cheeseburger and sit next to the logo. Only on teaser trailer and before the promotional VHS and DVD copy of the film.

The Craig and Butters Movie (2001)[]


On the trailer for this film, we immediately cut to TV static and then cut to the 1999 logo, and then cut to the TV static again segueing into the 1999 Warner Bros. Pictures logo.

On one TV spot, the 1999 logo is put on the left side of the screen with the 2001 Warner Bros. Pictures logo on the right.

Alphablocks: The Movie (2015)[]

Paramount (Alphablocks- The Movie Variant)

The Terminator Genisys Logo Plays, But There's Letters On The Mountain.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2014)[]

The logo plays normally but with sounds from Sonic 1.

Mero the Cat: The Great Adventure (April 12, 1996)[]

The 1995 version of the 1986 logo plays, but when the music ends, the logo doesn't fade out, instead it zooms out to reveal that it's on a TV.

Mero the Cat: Desert Cat of Mystery (August 4, 2004)[]

The current version of the 2002 logo plays, but when the music ends, it doesn't fade out, instead it turns orange and zooms out to reveal that it's in a desert.

Mero the Cat and the Mermaid (June 26, 2011)[]

The 2010 version of the 2002 logo plays, but when the music ends, it doesn't fade out, instead it turns blue and zooms out to reveal that it's in the water.

Mero the Cat: The Search for Mera (December 24, 2013)[]

The 2013 version of the 2011 logo plays, but when the music ends, it doesn't fade out, instead it turns grayscale and zooms out to reveal that it's on a airplane.

Game Glitches (2007)[]

The 2002 logo plays, but at the part where the stars fly through the clouds, the logo glitches and turns pixelated. At the end of the film, the logo is seen already pixelated. Soon, the pixies fly away to reveal the normal logo.

One Place (2013)[]

The 1968 version of the 1953 logo is seen, but is dark and purple. Also, "A Gulf+Western Company" is replaced with "A Viacom Company", has film scratches and pops and thunder is striking the logo.

PTV Park Poop: Invasion of the P-Pets (2013)[]

The 2011 logo plays as normal, but after the logo is formed, the logo suddenly blurs into the WSOD. Perry walks in and says "Wait! Hold everything! That white screen is burning my eyes! Reverse!". Then, Parry grabs a remote and presses a blue button, causing the logo to reverse and complete it's sequence. Perry then leaves and says "There! Much, MUCH better!". The film is rated PG-13 in the UK due to strong language, flashing images and porn.

The TPOT Movie (2025)[]

Two walks onto the Paramountain and turns the stars into 2s. Winner walks onto the mountain and says “Loco? What the heck does that mean?!“.

South Park : One Hell of a Sequel (2038)[]

Paramount - Cartman + Nightmare

The 1996 Paramount logo plays, with the normal byline from 1997, but then Cartman comes and hums the fanfare. Nightmare comes and says, "Why is there a 1990s Paramount Pictures CGI Mountain?!?"

Little Bear 2: Escape to New York (2016)[]

The logo was in the forest. Only on the teaser trailer.

Zoom Out views (1978, 1988, 1998, 2012)[]

At the end, the logo zooms out to transition to the Universal logo.