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Robo Cobo (1981)

The Voice Says I Am Wow Wee Robotics Model Spiffy

Welcome Freshman (1987)

The Logo Has A Blue Background

A Few RoboInfo377 Films

Robosapien V2 Voices The Logo

BeatEat (2013)

Spiffy Sings Turn Down For What

BeatNeat (2014)

Spiffy Says Move Your Feat To The Spiffy Beat

BeatSo (2015)

RS Media Voices The Logo

BeatBo (2016)

BeatBo Voices The Logo

Sniper Man (2016)

Sha8g Voices The Logo

EatBo (2017)

Spiffy says EatBo Boogie!.

EatFo (2018)

Spiffy Drinks Sprite and the logo becomes still and blue.