Logo Variations: Summit Entertainment

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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (1998) (Non-USA)

The 1996 Logo Plays Tinted With Blue

Alvin Goes Hollywood (2002) (UK only)

The 1996 Logo Plays Takes Place In Hollywood

On The TV Spots, The 1996 Logo Expect Shown Below 1987 Paramount Logo and 1997 Universal Logo

Puss in Boots (2008)

The 2007 Logo Is Used, But The End With 2D Cartoon Puss In Boots Holding With Sword Segues Into The Opening Scene

Chipmunk Twilight (December 17, 2010)

The 2007 Logo Is Used, Takes Place In The Forest And Thunder Sound Effects, Also The Lightning

The Chipmunk Games (2012)

The 2007 Logo Is Used, Takes Place In The Clouds From 2005 Lionsgate Logo

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