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We See The Universal Logo Variants.

South Boys 1990 Non-US



The universal Logo is Darker than Usual It Also Appears Scratched Out

The Teaser Trailer has It Going in a Ripple Motion With Warner Bros

Trailer 1 & 2 Has It In Blue In a Twister Like Variant with Warner Bros

3 &4 Has It Tinted in Darker Blue and zoomed Out Way Farther than Usual with Warner Bros

Sonic The Hedgehog

Blue electricity comes from the Universal text, forming a grid.

Vanessa’s Adventure in Hollywood (2020; UK)

The text is changed to say “Vooniversal” and the byline says “A MIACOM/ACB MOVIE”.

Orlando Adventure(1976,2001 international release)

The 1963 logo is tinted in mustard.

On Trailers,the 1997 is used,but ORLANDO  text is used. and the globe is 3D.

Elias City:A Glitch is a Glitch

The logo gets glitched by Geo Guy Again. Seen on the trailer, TV spot and the beggining of the film



Shawn Brubaker's DREAMS (unknown release date)

A cartoon version of the 1997 logo (minus the URL) appears on a black T shirt worn by Brandon Pitchford(the film's deuteragonist) throughout the entire film.

Space wars trilogy (1997,1999,2003)

These logos where replicas of the original 1990 logo is used,But with A Byline "" byline added at the bottom. The Earth fades from the logo,And becomes:

A earth with the space background (OVNI hunters),

A Mars (A new legend),

A Moon (The last mission).

An American Tail (1986)

the 1997 logo has the globe shaped like a mouse.

the 1997 logo has the globe shaped like a mouse.

Stanley: The Little Dragon 2 (1994)

The 1990 logo plays normally. When the logo finishes, the logo fades into the water.

Fievel's American Tail (2017)

same as the american tale variant, but with the byline saying "A COMCAST COMPANY" instead of

same as the american tale variant, but with the byline "A COMCAST COMPANY" instead of

Robot (2001)

The logo Goes backwards and the UFO flying of the earth during the end of the logo.

Power Birds (2011)

The 2011 100th Anniversary logo is shown,But the music is re-orchestrated.

On The International trailer, The logo goes fast.

On the Trailers and TV Spots, the logo morphs into the Power Birds logo.

LEGO: Sword of Light (1996)

The logo, including the background, is made of LEGO bricks. Seen only on the trailers.

Jack time (1996)

The logo is a cartoon theme of the movie. When the logo finishes,The globe turns into a animated moon.

Dino Rex (1998)

The Universal logo morphs into a egg and the words "UNIVERSAL" "is made by bones. When the logo finishes, The camera zooms the globe into New Rock City.

Eric2 (2010)

The logo is in high pitch.

The LEGO Movie (International Version) (2014)

LEGO Universal globe logo then LEGO Illumination Entertainment logo with End Credits and Trailers.

A Bit Thick (2013)

Same as Allegra the Puppet's Quest: The Search for Ronardo but the NBC Universal byline is replaced by the Comcast byline and the URL is under it, the background is sunny, and the part with the text is removed. The logo then pans down to start the movie.

Logo Variations- Universal Pictures.png

On the trailers, the 2009 version of the 1997 logo plays, but two of the films main characters, (Danny and Ron) are running forwards on the globe with Divinatior (the film"s antagonist) behind then. The other main characters (Julip and Ronny) come out behind the globe and Ronny says "danny plz"

On one trailer, the 2013 print logo in orange is on a blue/red gradient background and the logo glitches.

Still A Bit Thick (2016)

Same as before, but the background is cloudy with lasers all over it and a thunderstorm is happening. The camera then zooms into New Derp City.

The Tenor Movie (2018)


On the trailers, the 1997 logo is shown. Also, The Universal Globe is replaced into a red sphere and the byline "A COMCAST COMPANY" appeared at the bottom.

The 1997 logo is tinted in red. Also, the URL is removed and the 2012 fanfare is used.

The Grinch (2018)

in the opening of the movie, the 2012 logo has the globe snowed and the text is blue. the byline is aslo already formed. aslo, the 1997 logo is used. when it's formed, the universal text flys out and the globe turns into the O in ILLUMATION as it zooms out to reveal the ILLUMATION logo.

in the end, the credits trancition to the MCA Universaal home video, but the 1930s globe changes into the 2012 one instead of the 1990 one, MCA is gone, Universal is in the 2012 style and in the size of the 2012 logo. no line is seen and HOME VIDEO (now reading A COMCAST COMPANY) is under the globe. it trancitions to the illumation logo.

My F***ing Way (2001)

The logo's background turns to light blue, the logo turns to black, and the logo morphs into the Vlokozu Union flag.

Elias and The Vivid Outbreak (2019)

Like Minions, Elias Is Singing The Fanfare.

Padlocked Within a Dream (1981)

PicsArt 06-26-01.57.07.jpg

Splash and Bubbles (2016)

The logo was drawn on a paper. Only on the trailer.

The United (2010)

The Logo was Made in Ivipid.

Preview uid 4015106 globe 507933 0440.jpg

minecraft story mode 2? (2024)

The logo made in minecraft, framed by a rocket.