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Pledged Cats (1988) 

The Tank Goes Right to Red Rectangle.

The Lego Movie 2 - Unikitty has Kragle (2017)

The Logo Plays in LEGO. 

A Very Happy Christmas (2000) 

The Logo is now red colour background and the word "video" is green.

Go Diego Die (2012) 

When the music is finished the boy shooting diego on the logo!


dreck likes Getronics 

The logos broken himself 


Flock of Sheep (2001) 


dear Gromit 

Old VCI Gets Blue-ized and did boom.

rime I don't 

Li Pi Smashed Logo.

Shuan the Sheep:Chase Bitzer (2011) 

VCI Replaced by Colors tint.

Photo Shoot (1988) 

The Logo is Graffiti.


All Would Happen (1987) 

As Music Finished when red is on screen