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Sicko Mode (1996)[]

The 1972 logo is used with the Warner Communications byline removed.


Dazzled And Confuced (2004)[]

The 1984 Logo Is Used, But The Clouds Look Diferent And The NBC Universal And Time Warner Byline Are Bleow

Warner Bros (Dazzled And Confuced)

The Meltdown of The Time Machine (2015)[]

The 2011 logo plays, but when it fully forms.

The logo melts down again as usual also the sky is icy and the shield, letters, ring in the words and inside are light blue, pink, green and blue.

in the trailers/tv spots the logo is black and red and the sky is yellow and the byline is blue and orange

On Another Trailer, Same as the Inception 2 Trailer variant.

Inception 2 warner bros trailer 2 logo variation

On TV Spots, Same as the Inception 2 Tv spot variant

Inception 2 warner bros and legendary pictures and syncopy tv spot logo variation

Inception 2 (2015)[]

The Logo Is Metal And The Lighting Sparks of the background.

On The Teaser Trailer And TV Spots, The Entire Logo Is Put On The Space Background.

On The Theatrical Trailer, The WB Shield Is Metallica Styled And Light Ra On Ainbow LOL with the Navy Blue Aurora Background As The Camera Zooms Through It.

Monty Maclaine, Monty Maclaine: The Island Of Lost Dreams And Monty Maclaine's Final Chapter: Game Over (2014)[]

The WB Shield, As Seen Above, (The Metallica Variant Is In Black and White) Is Still, On A Night Sky Background. It Zooms Out Out Of Nowhere, After That, The TimeWarner Byline Fades Out, Then The Shield Turns Into the City, The lightings Quit, And moves backwards (like in the reversed scene).

See Also: The New Troublemaker Studios Reverse Variant!

On The Teaser Trailer For Monty Maclaine, The 2001 Logo For Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Is Used, But "WARNER BROS. PICTURES" Replaces "INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT" And The TimeWarner Byline Splits into Peices, and the fanfare interrupts by winding down instead and the film is in Reverse (like in the normal version).

On Trailers And TV Spots For Monty Maclaine, The Logo Is Light Gray And Put Upon A Black Background And Moves Differently. Also, The Byline Isn't Centered Right And Splits into Peices.

On The Teaser Trailer For Monty Maclaine: The Island Of Lost Dreams, The Logo Plays Normally In A Tint Of Dark Blue While It Drowns While The Byline Swims Above and is in Reverse.

On Trailers And TV Spots For Monty Maclaine: The Island Of Lost Dreams, There Is A Darker Version Of The V For Vendetta Variant but Is NES.

On The Teaser Trailer For Monty Maclaine's Final Chapter: Game Over, The Logo Is Replaced by the Game Over in reverse And Put On A Black Background As We Close the game.

On Trailers And TV Spots For Monty Maclaine's Final Chapter: Game Over, It is Same as the Teaser Trailer.

On The Blu-Ray Trailer For The Monty Maclaine Trilogy, The Same Variant From Beowulf, IMAX And Miss Helpful's Scene Detector 2000 On Theing Ceil

Home On The Range (2003)[]

A Prehistoric Version Of The Print Logo Is Metallic And A Black Print Copy Is Thrown Onto A Light Brown Stone Background While The Metallic Copy Gets Swooped By A Hand. Also, Sparks Reveal "WARNER BROS. PICTURES". Then The Camera Zooms Up Into The Movie.

On The Teaser Trailer And Trailer 1, Same Variant As Used In V For Vendetta, But The Old Film Is Removed And Is Tinted Caramel.

On Trailer 2 And TV Spots, The Same Variant From Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azakaban Now Has A Rusty Look And Is Tinted Dark Gold. Also It Is Put On A Black Background As The Camera Zooms Through It.

On Other Trailers, The Logo Is Same As Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Now Has A Rusty Look And Is Tinted Dark Gold, Along With A Red Shadow.

The Computer (2015)[]

The Logo Resembles A Project Made On Blender.

Mr. Men: Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (2001)[]

The Logo Is Darker Than Usual In A Shade Of Dark Grey And Is Tinted Red. Only On The Trailers And TV Spots.

Histeria!: The Movie (February 6, 2004)[]

The 2003-2004 logo plays, but Loud Kiddington steps to the left from under the shield, does a Vanna White pose, he eats a hot dog, and he wears a top hat and tuxedo (like Bugs from Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo).

On the first teaser trailer, but is Pepper Mills, who was hugging to the shield.

On the second teaser trailer, when the shield opens, but Big Fat Baby was crashing into the screen.

On the theatrical trailer, but the sky is night with lightning bolts and rain pouring.

On the international trailer, the logo takes place in Charity Bazaar's neighborhood.

On TV spots, exactly like in Pokémon 3: The Movie trailer, but is Toast, who is holding a surfboard.

The Rainbow+colored Version Of The New Version Is Used.[]

On The Teaser Trailer, Same Variant Was Used For Thermal, Expect Shows Only A Temperature Instead.[]

On The Trailer, The Thermal Version Of The 2012 Logo Is Used, Reads The Byline "A Reverse Company" Is Used and in Reverse.[]

On The Second Trailer, The reversed Version Of The 1998 Logo Is Used.

On The Another Trailer, Same Variant As Used In V For Vendetta, But The Old Film Is Removed, And Tinted Rainbow.

On The Reverse Another Trailer, The New Logo is used But The Background Is Black And Now Reversed (As We Change Into City) And The Shield Is Light Gray.

On Other Trailers, The Logo Crash Starts To Form And Changes To The Miramax And Renaissance Pictures Logo.


Mirage is crashed and is Large


Theres No Lighting And The Logo IS Blood Red

When it is Finished The Logo Is Reversed but has changes

Does Not Fade out

City turns into normal Color

It Becomes A Cartoon

We Zoom Into Kaczogród

Then Kaczor Donald 3D.

Sonic's First Movie (1986)[]

The 1984 WB Shield is used, then Bugs Bunny(recycled animation from the WBFE logo)steps out from behind the shield, does a Vanna White pose, leans on the shield, and eats His carrot. Then, Sonic The Hedgehog steps out from behind the shield and does a Vanna White pose, leans on the shield, and eats a chili dog. Bugs looks at Sonic and walks off screen. At the end of the Movie(After the End Credits) Sonic and Bugs can be seen sitting on the 1972 logo and are waving happily at the camerThe Big Cartoonie Movie (February 7, 2003)

The logo is a combination of the Scooby-Doo and Wakko's Wish (this time without the shield chomping, Scooby's laugh, and the shield changes).

On the trailer, exactly like in Osmosis Jones, but Wakko and Babs are swimming.

On TV spots, the logo takes place in Elmyra Duff's neighborhood.

Adventure Time (in Cinemas July 11st, 2014)[]

Variation Of The 2011 Warner Bros. Pictures logo seen At The Finn And Jake Movie Club Go To In A Cartoon Rendition Of The Opening For The Original adventure time Theme Song,About Two Minutes into the movie (Cartoon Network logo Is Seen At the start);The Logo Is 3D And Made Out Of Stone And Covered With Snow And ice. But Surrounded By snow. The Byline "A TimeWarner Company",Appears In Its own logo font. After,The shield zooms in And the camera zooms down of the ice kingdom. This variant is only seen on the 3D version;the 2D version uses the regular 2011 logo instead. Homever,It is on the 2015 Blu-ray 3D Release As Well As The 2014 TrioScopics 3D DVD release.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (2014,Adventure Time variant).png

At The End Of The Movie,Jake Painting The WB Shield And Finn Not Amused,This Logo Is Cartoon Version.

On The International And The Teaser Trailer from the movie,The Shield Is Blue And The Sky Background Is Replaced With Blue Darker Sky background. The Banner Reads "ADVENTURE BROS. PICTURES" And Covered Of Snow And Ice.

On The 1st and 3rd Trailer,Similiar to Happy Feet 2 trailer variant. But snowing of the logo.

On The Second Trailer,Lady Rainicorn Flying of the sky background.

On The All TV Spots,This Logo Is Used with Candy Kingdom backdrop.

On Commercials for the Film's Blu-Ray release during the holiday season,the "Home Video" logo has The Shield wearing the Santa hat And Covered With Snow And Ice.

A Looney Tunes Movie (2000)[]

The 1996 Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo is used,But the shield is replaced with Warner Bros. Pictures' shield.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (A Looney Tunes Movie variant).jpg

On The Trailer And TV spots,The Classic shield Zooms in like in Lumber Jack Rabbit.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie 2 (2007)[]


The logo is darker than usual and no fanfare is heard.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie 4: Back In Time (2012)[]


The 1993 print shield and byline are both seen in white as the camera slowly zooms in on it. Also, the TimeWarner byline is written out in the Telex Regular font.

On the teaser trailer, the letters "WB", "WARNER BROS. PICTURES" and the TimeWarner byline are colored white while the sheild and the ring around it are colored pink-red.

On the first trailer, the 2003 logo is shown, but the TimeWarner byline is cut out.

Nt's World: The Movie (2012)[]


On one TV spot, the 1993 print shield with the TimeWarner byline below are both seen in white on the left side of the screen with the New Line Cinema logo in white on the right side of the screen.

Nt's World 3: Spaced Out! (2013)[]

On the first trailer, the current shield is seen zooming in on a red swirl background (similar to the one seen on the Cartoon Network logo on the trailer for The Powerpuff Girls Movie).

On the second trailer, the shield is seen in space as we zoom in, and then the camera goes under the shield and then through it in a similar fashion to the logo seen on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Air Darwin (July 2015,Before "The Amazing World Of Gumball The Movie")[]

At The End Of Short Film,The Logo Is Black And White,Mr. Robinson Jumps On The Shield By Trail By Pixie Dust.

ThScooby-Doo/Shaggy Movie (1998)[]

'A Replica Of The 1936-1964 Merrie Melodies Cartoon,Scooby-Doo Eats A Sandwich Of The Top of the shield And Says "Sco-co-cobby Dooooooo",At The Beginning Of The Movie.

Pinocchio (2014)[]

This Logo Is Surrounded with Carved The Brown Wood background,Is Isn't Animated. On The Opening Credits Of The movie And The All trailers.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (Pinocchio variant).png

On The TV Spots,The Clouds Are Blue Instead Of White And The camera pans Down of the Thunderstorm background.

The GoAnimate Movie (2014 version)[]

The entire logo,Including The Sky background,Is Style Animation from the movie. The Sky Opens in from black,Then the clouds zooms in hung of Strings,Then the Shield is pulled up,Also On A String. And Whole Variant Is Entriely made with GoAnimate. The Shield then flips To Reveal The brand Warner Animation Group logo.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (The GoAnimate Movie variant).png

Made With GoAnimate

Another version of the Movie ends with They Also Have Another Looney Tunes-Style Ending,With Porky Pig Doing Says The Usual "That's all folks!" Ending Before Gus Appeared And Laughs,Like Before,Complains Of Porky Hogging The Spotlight,Saying Of The Classic. Gus Magic Tries To Say The End Line,But Like Before,Is Stopped When The Shield with Chuck Jones' Credit Comes Out,Hitting Him In The Face. Young Guy Appeared Gets Back Up And Weakly laughs.

On The First trailer,This Logo Is Zoomed,WIth Timewarner Byline Is White And zoomed in of the Black background.

On The Third trailer,But The Film Itself. 

On The TV Spots,The Shield Is Clean With Brush and Turns The "GoAnimate" logo.

The Amazing World Of Gumball The Movie (In Cinemas July 4th, 2015)[]

On The Opening of the movie,The 2011 logo Is Celebrating The 100th anniversary of the world of Cartoon Network. procedds like normal until the music ends,When A Chunk of the WB shield is disappears With chomping Sounds as If it Were bit out,And we hear Richard Waterson do his Famous Laugh,and then zooms out has the WB shield turns into A shield with the intials "EP" In "Elmore Pictures" on it.Underneath is a "A Mic Graves Company" byline. The logo turns Black-And-White and the Camera Pans up into the space.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (The Amazing World Of Gumball-The Movie variant).png
File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (The Amazing World Of Gumball-The Movie variant) (2).png


On The Teaser and First Trailer,This Logo Is Used With Space Background.

On The Second Trailer,Gumball Jumping On The Shield And Says Happily "The Cat movie".

On The Third Trailer,The Shield Is Used With The Waterson's House backdrop.

On The All TV Spots,Banana Joe Jumps On The shield.

The Regular Show Movie (In Cinemas April 18th, 2014)[]

On The Opening of the movie,The logo fades out to white. This comes directly after the Regular Show short The Power,which opens the film.

On The International Trailer,the logo turns cartoon And Transforms into the Title card Of Much every Regular Show episode.

On The Trailers And TV Spots,The WB Shield and is on a starry background.

The Road Runner And Wile E.Coyote Movie (1995)[]

The 1990 logo Is replaced The Special "Warner Bros. Presents" logo,The Text Being In The Same Style As It Appeared On The Old Cartoon Shorts.The WB Shield Is Seen Above The Text And Copyright Information Appears Below Of The Red Rings,Later,Bugs Bunny Appears On The Top On The Shield And Eats The carrot.

I Hate Gree city (2010):[]

Gree guy attempts to change the W to an S, but is then chased by Luigi.

I Hate Weegee (2011):[]

Same as the I Hate Gree city variant, but tommy parky appears from behind the shield and scares Luigi away.

I Hate utubetrollpolice (2012):[]

Same as the I Hate Weegee variant, but then tommy parky gets eaten by Yoshi (in his Mama Luigi form) and burps. Then Yoshi says "CATAPILLAS MAMAH LUWEEGEE!" and crashes into the title caption saying "Warner Bros. and some other n00bs present you...".

VideoGameCartoonPolice the movie (2013):[]

Same as the I Hate Utubetrollpolice variant, but Daffy Duck comes in and shouts "RABBIT SEASON!!!" and chokes Yoshi until tommy parky comes out of his butt and dies. Also, the byline reads "VGCP RULES!!!"

Jake's Great Adventure (In Cinemas July 11st,2014,After "Adventure Time")[]

At The End Of Jake's Great Adventure Short film after "Adventure Time",We See The Shield logo with Orange Rings An the blue center As an homengae of the Old Warner bros. Cartoons. It Reads "That's All folks" underneath appeared below. After,The WB shield Turns cartoon. Jake Opens the shield Ans Saying Of the end line "That's All,Friends".

Tarzan (1990,US Version)[]

The WB Shield Appears From The Animated Jungle background.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (Tarzan variant).png

UK version

same but still and the tat Jingel plays

Sebastian (2006)[]

The WB Shield fades out And We See The Shield Zooming Out On The Red Rings That Immediately Make you think Of A Replica Of 1936-1964 Merrie Melodies Intro (Including Red Rings And A Blue Center) But With Sebastian Bunny's Scribblings Covering The logo,And The Copyright Information Appeared Below Of The Beginning Of The Movie.

Lectrons (2003)[]

The 1984 Shield Is Used With The 2004 Byline "A TimeWarner Company". The Shield Fades Out To A Regular WB Shield Made Out Of Television Screen.

Gunther's Travels (1994)[]

On The International Trailer,The 1990 WB Shield Is Used With The New York City Backdrop,And Fades Out Into The Reflect Of Amblin Entertainment logo.

On The 2001 Holiday Season promo,The logo Is made of snow.

Teen Titans:The Movie (In Theaters December 4,2015)[]

The Logo Is Used With Blue Darker Than Asual.

On The International Trailer,Same To Green Lantern variant.

The Amazing World Of Gumball 2:The World (2017)[]

Same To The Amazing World Of Gumball:the movie variant,Only The Variation is the 2011 logo with original music. When the logo is done,The logo Is Black-And White And The Camera Pans down of the Moon are Excluded,A Shield comes to life and turns into A Shieldolphin,Balto (Popsicle from the movie) Appears and uses Carrot and rides with the Shieldolphin,Proceeding to the Cartoon Network Original logo,The Music is normal instead of "High pitch". Also Seen On The International trailer.

On The Trailers,Same As The Amazing World of Gumball:The Movie Teaser trailer variant. But The logo goes fast.

The Amazing World Of Gumball 3:The Final (2018)[]

Instead Of The 2011 Normal Shield logo,A Replica Of The Classic 1936-1964 "Circles" Cartoon logo Comes Up,With Its Text And Minus The Shield ("PICTURES,INC" Is Removed In A Favor Of "A TIMEWARNER COMPANY). It Reads "A CARTOON NETWORK PRODUCTION" Underneath With 2010 logo Appeared Below Of "Presents". The Shield Then Zooms Up With Bugs Bunny Riding Of The Shield it of The Looney Tunes Show 2011s bumper,And The Text Fades Out. Daffy Duck Then Comes On Screen,angrily pushes him off the shield ("90 Years Of You Hogging The Spotlight Is ENOUGH!"),And Tries To Ride It... Well,It Doesn't Work As Good For Him),The logo Is Pushes Of Gumball and darwin and The Title "THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL 3:The Finale" Zooms In Of the Opening credits. A Re-Orchestrated version of the fanfare while the logo begins.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (The Amazing World Of Gumball 3-The Finale variant).png

At The End Of The Movie,They Also have another The Looney Tunes Show-Style Ending With Porky Pig Doing The Usual "That's All Folks!" Ending Before daffy,Like Before,Complains Of Porky hogging (No Pun Intended) The Spotlight,Saying "100th Years Of hogging the end title is enough". Daffy tries to say The end line,But Like before,Is Stopped When The Shield with Chuck Jones' Credit Comes out,Hitting Him In The face. Richard Watterson Back Up,Laughing And Says Happily "Fade Out!". The Blue center is replaced with Earth background.

On The International and First trailer,Same As The Amazing World Of Gumball:the movie teaser trailer variant. But it's Surrounded by confeti.

On The Third trailer,Richard Watterson falls from the 2011 WB logo. After,We cut to Richard watterson falling into the Rio De Janeiro background Of style animation from the movie.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (The Amazing World Of Gumball 3-The Finale Third Trailer variant).png

On The TV Spots,The 2011 logo is used with Magic globe backdrop.

Superman (1991)[]

The Logo plays normally and turns cartoon version of the shield. But The WB shield Transforms into The Superman logo.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (Superman variant).png

Superman 2 (2002)[]

The WB Shield Turns Into The Superman logo And AOL Time Warner byline fades out.

Meet Marlin (2003)[]

The WB Logo Is Blue Darker Than Asual.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (Meet Marlin variant).png

At The End Of The Movie,the exxocist variant is used but without the byline.

Lego Batman 2:DC Super-Heroes (2012)[]

The WB Shield Is Metalic Blue And Put Upon A Night Sky Background As Batman Flies through it,After,The Camera Pans Down To Reveal The DC Comics logo.

The GoAnimate Movie 2 (In Cinemas October 31,2014)[]

The 1999 WB Shield logo is used,The Sky Background Is Replaced with black background And TimeWarner byline is A HeartLandRegular font. The Whole Variant made with GoAnimate.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (The GoAnimate Movie 2 variant).png

On The International Trailer,The 2013 WB Shield logo Is animated style. The 2011 WBP Skyline Is Made with GoAnimate skyline,And TimeWarner Byline Are Made with GoAnimate. But it gets zoom on the Theater screen at the Movie theater.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (The GoAnimate Movie 2 Theatrical trailer variant).png

On The 1st Trailer,The logo Pans down into The Clouds.

On The TV Spots During The halloween,The Animated Bats of The WB Shield logo. The TimeWarner Byline Is Green And Whole Variant Made with GoAnimate.

On the AMC policy promo,The 1999 logo is used With TimeWarner byline. But The Phone sounds are heard of GoAnimate gangs. The Stickguy turns angry and kicks Gumby and Pokey With Phone Out (Which Crashes Offscreen). which can be found on the Theaters release of Adventure Time and the 3D Release of The GoAnimate Movie.

The Goonies (1985,2008 3D Theatrical Re-Release)[]

The 1998 Logo With The Byline "A TimeWarner Company" Is Used,Then It Fades To A Skull Of Crossbones.

A Looney Tunes 2 Movie (2005)[]

Similiar To A Looney Tunes Movie variant,After The Logo Ends,The WB Shield Fades Out And We See The Shield Zooming Out On The Red Rings That Immediatelly Make You Think "Looney Tunes." The Title Appears On The Rings. Over The Variation Is The Classic Instrumental Composition Of The 1936-1964 "Merrie Melodies" Cartoon Intro.

Bugs Bunny Presents:What's Up Doc? (1988)[]

A Recreation Of "The Bullseye logo With Orange Circles,Blue Center And "Bugs Bunny Riding The Shield". Animation And Music Is Similiar To The 1940's Looney Tunes bumper,It Reads "WARNER BROS. PICTURES INC." Is Replaced With "ANIMATION INC.",The Text Below The Shield Reads "Presents" Instead Of "Present",And The "LOONEY TUNES" Title card Reads below "A WARNER BROS. CARTOON" Appeared Below.

There Is Also A Cameo Appearence By The Warner Bros. logo Of Looney Tunes-Style Opening During The Film On An Theater In-Filght Movie,Consisting Of The Bugs Bunny's Babies Sitting On A Chairs On The Movie Theater,And On A Screen,We See A Movie Countdown leader parody,Followed By A Shot Of The Finished WB Shield logo (Albeit With The Warner Communications byline in White instead Is Used With Red Rings And The Blue Center),With The Text And Minus The Shield ("PICTURES INC." Is Removed On A Favor Of "A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY") The Red And White WB Shield Zooms Up,After,Fades Out Of The Bugs Bunny's Head. After The Variation Overs Too Fast,This Appeared Before Fades Out A Film-Within-A-Film Entitled Lumberjack Bunny,And The Title Zooms In,With Bugs Bunny's Babies Says Happily Out Loud During The Film "What's Up Doc?". Over The Variation Is The Classic Instrumental Composition Of The 1936-1964 "Merrie Melodies" Cartoon Intro.

At The End Of The Movie,We See A Recreation Of A Looney Tunes-Style Ending logo,Bugs Bunny Appeared The Carrot And Says Happily "That's All Folks",After,Bugs Bunny Walking Happy And Porky Pig Appeared Says Happily The Classic "That's All Folks",After,The Script Draws "That's All Folks",But After "A WARNER BROS. CARTOON" Appears.

everybody hates teletubbies (2012)[]

The Logo Is Tinted in Pink.

Frost (2000)[]

The Sky Background is replaced With The Ice Background.

The Return Of Casper:The Return Of Burger (1999,Non-US Version)[]

The Logo Is Darker Than Asual,On The International Trailer.

The Big Shaddy Dog (2001)[]

The Logo Plays Normally With AOL Time Warner Byline are present,The WB Shield Turns Into A Doghouse.

On The Trailer,A Dog Barks Of The Logo.

Storm:4389 (1998)[]

The "75th Years Celebrating The World" logo Is Blood Red. After The Logo Complete,The WB Shield Explodes Of The logo And Fades Out Of The Stormy Sky background.

Superman 3 (2010)[]

The WB Shield Transforms Into A Red And Yellow Superman logo.

On The International Trailer,Superman Flies On The Logo.

Batman And Superman (2000)[]

The Logo Is Used With Blood Red.

Super Mario 64:Do Super To Mario (2005)[]

The Sky Background Is Replaced With Super Mario World 1-2 Backdrop.

Lectrons:Dark Of The Eclipse (2007)[]

The Lgo Is Darker Blue Than Asual,The Camera Pans Up Into The Space,Segueing Into The Opening Titles.

Looney Tunes:Bunny Jones And The Raiders Of Lost Carrot (1990) Opening:[]

We See A Recreation Of Instrumental Composition Of 1936-1964 "Looney Tunes" Intro.A Recreation Of "The Bullseye" logo With Orange Circles,Black Center And "Bugs Riding The Shield". Animation Comes Up And Music Is Similiar To The 1940s Looney Tunes Bumper,But The Title Of The logo reads "WARNER BROS. PICTURES INC." Is Replaced With "ANIMATION INC.",The Text below the shield reads "Presents" Instead Or "Present",And The "LOONEY TUNES",But The Title Of The Logo Reads "A WARNER BROS. CARTOON".


We See A Recreation Of 1943 Merrie Melodies Closing logo,Porky Pig Says The Famous Line "That's All Folks",After,"That's All Folks" Script Draws On The Red Rings,But After "A WARNER BROS. CARTOON",At The Logo Complete,Bugs Bunny Exhaustively Happily Right And Says "Eat The Carrot,Chuck Jones!",At The End Of The Movie.

Rabbit's Great Adventure Movie (2004)[]

The Logo Is Surrounded By Forest,Easter Eggs Falls Down Of The Logo,After,Is Fades Out Into The Blue Background,On The Opening Titles.

The Ballon (1985)[]

The Logo Plays Normally,The Logo Is Fades Out The Blue Sky Background.

On The 2002 DVD Theatrical Re-Release,The 1998 Logo Plays Used,The Ballon Is Flying Of The logo. Same As Movie Itself,The 1998 Shield Is Replaced With The 1997 Warner Home Video Shield And Fades Out Of The Blue Background Of DVD Menu.

On The 2010 3D Theatrical Release,The logo Is Fades Out Of The Blue Sky Background.

Pokémon (2003)[]

The Sky Background Is Replaced With Dark Blue Sky background.

Lightbulbs In The House (1988)[]

The WB Shield Is Glowing.

Pin Vs Pin (1995)[]

The WB Shield Is White And Red.

Ice's Up 3: The Frozen Age (2006)[]

The Sky Is Snowy And Icy.

Dark Side To Side (1999)[]

The WB Shield Is Black And Green.

Bluey: The Movie (2019)[]

The WB Shield Is Blue And Black.

Ice's Up (1998)[]

The WB Shield Is Covered With Snow And Ice.

Help! My Baby (1990)[]

The WB Shield Is Cleaned With Brush,On The Trailer.

The Ballon II (2004)[]

The WB Shield With A Byline "A TimeWarner Company" Is Yellow In The Snap ITC Font Is Zoomed In And Fades Out Of The Blue Background.

Giant Steel (2014)[]

The WB logo Is Metalic And Gradually formed by Graphics like Those Found in the Grid. The Banner and the Byline Is Slighty Off-center. The logo Causes To Glitch.

On The International Trailer,The Robot Destroyes The WB Shield.

The Mouse's Hero Movie (2011)[]

The WB Shield Is Disspears With The Chomping Sounds As If it Were Bit Out,We Hear The Mouse Laugh Sounds,Segueing Into The Opening Titles.

On The Trailer,Mouse Invanding And The Movie Projector Appears Riding The Shield.

Susan Sideshow (2009)[]

The 1972 "\\" logo Is Used Shown,But "A TIMEWARNER COMPANY" Byline fades in below the logo instead Of "A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY",After The Logo Finishes,The Logo Is Fades Out Into The Las Vegas City backdrop.

Travel Island (2006)[]

The 1972 "\\" logo Is Used Shown,But "A TIMEWARNER COMPANY" Is Fades in below the logo Instead Of "A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY",After The Logo Finishes,The Sky Background,The logo and The Byline Fades Out Into The Water.

Dr. Suess' Fox In Socks (2013)[]

The Sky Is Red/Blue.

The Crocodillo's Adventure Movie (1986)[]

The Logo begins as asual (With Merrie Melodies Opening Fanfare Playing). But Interrupts By The Animated Marvin The Martian The Character Of Looney Tunes Open The Shield Likes The Door Sounds,Steps Out And Looks around. he leaves,Revealing The Animated Alligator behind,Who closes the "Door". The Shield Is Animated Style,But After,The Clouds Moves To Reveal Of Paramount 75th Anniversary logo. The Movie Begins Asual.

At The End Of The Movie,We See The 1984 Closing logo,The Shield Opens Of The Animated Alligator And Says Of The End Line "That's All Folks!" And After,The Alligator Closes The Shield Likes A "Door".

Air Jump (1994)[]

The 1935 Shield is used With Black-And-White and Is The Cartoon version of The shield (With Max Steiner's Fanfare playing) No Banner Are Shown And The Word "Presents" Is Replaced With The Byline "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" Appeared Below Of The Bottom Of The Shield. The Sky Background Is Replaced With Warner Bros. Studios Backdrop And The Animated planes flying of the logo. The Movie Begins now.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (Air Jump variant).png

Sonic The Hedgedog (1999)[]

They Also A Cameo Appearence By The 1999 Warner Bros. logo During The Film On An Airplane In-Flight Movie,Consisting On A Tails,Knuckles,Sonic And Blaze Sitting On Chairs On The Plane,And On A Screen,We See A Old Animated Movie Countdown Parody,Followed by a shot finished WB Shield logo (Albeit With The Time Warner Entertainment byline In Blue Instead of the usual white). This appeared before a film-within-a-film Entitled Tronic The Hedgehog,Which Sonic And Knucles Were Laughing Out Loud During The Film.

Dragon ball (1997)[]

The Intial warner bros. logo with the clouds behind is shown. The Camera Then Pulls back to show the logo as A Billboard on The Side of a bus. The 1984 Fanfare Is Replaced With DragonBall Opening theme song.

The Bugs Bunny/Porky Pig's 1st Movie (1990)[]

A Replica Of 1936-1964 Looney Tunes Cartoon intro (Including With Red/Orange Rings And Blue Center) Is Used with red and white WB Shield And Then has The Sky Fades into the Blue background and 1984 shield Turns into the Red and White WB shield and zooms out with A Circle of the 40's Cartoon logo which comes out of the 1984 logo,And the title card reads "BUGS BUNNY" With Bugs bunny Riding The Shield And Eating His Carrot as asual.

Capehart (2001)[]

The Logo Is Tinted Red And Orange.

Segmentation Station (2017)[]

The Logo Is Tinted Gray And Black.

Warner Bros. 90th Anniversary Promo (2013)[]

The Logo begins as asual,But Interrupts By Big Bird From Sesame Street,He Pops Of The Shield And Tells The Audience Of The Movie Can't Begin Until You Wish A Happy Birthday. It Then The Sesame Street Gangs Sings "Happy Birthday To You". But after,Big Bird Looking Rather Satisfied This Appeared On An 2013 Blu-Ray 3D Relase Of The Man Of Steel And The US DVD Of The Wiggles Musical Movie.

Ice's Up 2 (2004)[]

A Huge Pile of Snow falls on the shield,Causing It To Break In Half. Segueing Into The Opening Credits.

Crab Wreck-It (2003)[]

On The First Half Of The Logo,Hawaiian Sounds Accompany Of The Fanfare Of The logo.

Batman:Bathunder Part 1 (2010)[]

The logo Is Blue Darker Than Asual.

On The DS Game,The Banner Reads "GAMES".

Life Of Ni (2014,US Version)[]

The logo Pans Up into the clouds.

Ben 10 Omniverse The Movie (In Theaters December 4,2015)[]

The Current logo Is Green and the Omnitrix Symbol is shown in the background Of That Much Every Ben 10 Episode.

Lectrons 3:Travel To Robotronic (2011)[]

The Logo Is blue darker than asual. The Camera Pans Of The Space Of The End Of The logo. Segueing Into The Opening credits.

The Sesame Street Movie (2011)[]

When The Logo Finishes Animating And Drawns Of The logo,The Animated Cookie Monster Pops Of The Shield,Who Eats The Cookie And Sings The Song "C Is For Cookie".

Batman:Bathunder Part 2 (2011)[]

Similiar To Batman:Bathunder Part 1 variant,After The Logo Finishes Animating,The Camera Pans Down Of The Gotham City. Segueing Into The Opening Credits.

The Comedy Eating Meatballs (1990)[]

The 1984 WB logo Is A Cartoon Style Version of the shield. When The logo finishes,The logo Fades Out Of the Orange Rings Is used With 80's Cartoon style. The Opening Credits And The Movie's logo appear over the 60's Orange Ring Of Cartoon style background. 

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (The Comedy Eating Meatballs variant).png

On The International trailer for the film,The Animated Johnny Depp's Shadow Appear over the logo And he laughing of the sky background.

Regular Show 2:Cookie Fortune (2015)[]

When The Logo Finishes Animating,The 2011 logo Is Zooms Out Of The Chocolate Cookie.

On The Trailer,Rigby Dancing Of The logo.

Rocky The Movie (2003)[]

There Also A Cameo Appearence By 2001 Warner Bros. logo With WB Cinema Room Of Eric Appeared Stand Rocky Runs Of Watch "The Lego Movie".No AOL Time Warner Byline are shown.

At The End Of The Movie,The Logo Plays Color.

Scooby-Doo 3 (In Theaters December 7,2012)[]

The 2011 logo Plays Normally,When The Logo Finishes Animating,The logo Is Fades Out Into The Shield Made Out Of The Clock And Zooms Of The Haunted Mansion.

Adventure time 3:The Final of Adventure time (2017)[]

Similiar To Adventure time variant,Only The Variation is the 2011 logo with original music,then it the camera pans downward of the ice kingdom After it finishes.

On The First Trailer,The Shield Is Blue And Snowed In With Snow And Ice.

On The TV Spots,Similiar To Adventure Time Teaser trailer variant.

Adulthood (2015)[]

The 1984 logo appears with TimeWarner byline.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (Adulthood variant).png

On The Trailer,The 2011 logo Goes backwards And The Clouds Move Of the logo.

Level Over! Scott Pilgrim's Adventure (Live-Action,2006)[]

The Logo is done in A Retro video game style and the music is an 8-Bit version of the Warner Bros. Pictures theme (this theme is actually Track 1 on the movies' soundtrack and is called "Warner Bros. Pictures theme"). Also,The logo is Change of Entire Spectrum Of Colors.

On The International trailer,The 1984 logo with TimeWarner byline is zooms out of the Space background.

The Legend Of Porky Hollow (1993) Opening:[]

A recreation of "The Bullseye" logo with orange circles,black center and "Bugs Riding the Shield". Animation and music is similiar to the 1930s Looney Tunes bumper,but the title of the logo reads "WARNER BROS. ANIMATION INC.", The text below the shield reads "Presents" instead of "Present",And The Black Center Fades Out Of The Moon With Sky background Is Dark blue. The "LOONEY TUNES" title card reads below "A WARNER BROS. CARTOON". A Organ version of the Looney Tunes Cartoon intro fanfare.


We See A Recreation of 1943 Porky in the Drum logo,in which porky pig Is Suprised For A Moment (Oh,Who Horror!) And Says The End line "That's All Folks!". Porky Pig's Head Falls From The logo (Which crashes offscreen). Porky Pig Dies from the logo and Bugs Appeared Of the drum,Eating His Carrot And Says "That's All Folks!".

Oliver! (1989) and Oliver 2! (1998)[]

The logo Is placed with Sunset background with New York city backdrop. On Oliver 2!,The WB shield morphs into the sun and the byline and the underneath dissapears. Followed by the opening titles of the movie.

On the trailer,The logo goes backwards.

Friday 13th Terror (2006)[]

When The logo Finishes animating,The Logo turns Black-And-White And goes backwards.

Steven universe:the movie (2016,US version)[]

When the logo finishes,The Warner Bros. Pictures logo morphs into the sun and the camera pans down during the opening credits of the movie.

MAD:the movie (2014)[]

The Entire logo On A Selective blue sky background,including the sky background,But 3D Is made with MAD version,With Wiggling clouds. The clouds and TimeWarner byline dissipate as an Alfred E. Neuman,who wears a red-White helicopter cap (Like the one seen in the movie) And Has the picture of Batman sign on his body,Opens the WB shield from inside. He happily laughs,and then we zoom into his mouth,seeing zooms To reveal the Village Roadshow Pictures logo.

Another version of the movie begins with an animated sequence with the characters Black Spy and White Spy. After the intro,The characters are still on screen where the 2011 Warner Bros. Pictures logo zooms in and we see comes of style animation for the movie. The TimeWarner byline and the clouds dissipate as an fake animated Batman,Opens the WB shield from inside. Much To their suprise. He happily laughs and the characters run off.

File:Warner Bros. Pictures logo (MAD The Movie variant).png

On The International trailer,The logo Is A MAD Magazine And the shield Turns style animation from the movie.

On The 1st Theatrical trailer,The logo is in the style of a scene on a Comc book.

On The TV Spots,Alfred E. Neuman Runs off of the logo. Causing The shield falls down.

Ntpockets' animated world: pay the Bill (1994)[]


On the trailer for this film, the 1992 logo is superimposed over the opening scene of the trailer.

The Craig and Butters Movie (2001)[]


On the trailer for this film, we cut to the TV static that comes after the 1999 Paramount Pictures logo, and then cut to the 1999 logo with part of the end of the fanfare heard, and then cut to the TV static and cut to the next scene of the trailer.

On one TV spot, the 2001 logo is put on the right of the screen with the 1999 Paramount Pictures logo on the left.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2014)[]

The logo plays normally but with sounds from Sonic 1.

Wallace & Gromit:The of 2The Were-Rabbit (2008)[]

The Logo is Warner in text besides its Bros in a right side to be when Gromit Comes and then he aims his butt at the camera and farts loudly as the music abruptly stops and winds down. We hear a crowd yelling "EWWWWWWWWW!" and groaning in disgust as Gromit Gives Behaved like the Running Skills.

Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue The Movie (2013) Closing:[]

On a closing variant, but with the words "And" above But Not " Distributed By" and the URL below.

Warner Bros Logo Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue The Movie

Wendolene's Out of Business (2007)[]

The Logo Is Hitten By demolished.

Image 3

On The Trailer:A logo covers in cheddar cheese


Kenny's Life of Course (2008)[]

Warner Played Normal and Then Kenny Comes and Stops a Logo and He Says to Mumble "It's Funny" "I'm Your MaIdent...”

The Big Warner Bros Crossover! (2017)[]


We see a red background, some lines appear on it, and then a silhouette of the WB shield slides from the left as we hear Daffy singing to the common WB fanfare.

On a Thai release, once Daffy finishes singing to the common WB fanfare, the silhouette of the WB shield and the lines drawn on it fade out and "GHOST HOTEL" in Thai from the Ghost Hotel Productions logo, in black, zooms in, as the 1-note dramatic note and the creepy fanfare are heard.

Doodle Toons (2024)[]

Along with the Walt Disney Pictures, FOXTherron7 Enterprises, and the 20th Century Fox Logos, the Stormy Background pans to a 1999 Warner Bros Pictures Logo with the TimeWarner Byline, but the logo is darker than usual, and it flips to the Warner Animation group logo, then it pans down to a graveyard like a horror film

Warner Bros Pictures Doodle Toons Variant

The ALF Movie (1991)[]

The logo has a dark tint and the logo swings to the side slowly

ALF: Hair We Grow Again (Live Action Version) (1989)[]

The Logo Pans Down To Opening Titles.

ALF: Home Vide-Uh Oh! (Live Action Version) (1992)[]

The Logo Becoms Bigger.

ALF: The Technology Test Journey (1989)[]

The Logo Becomes Green and Being in the Computer.

McGruff's Adventure (2012)[]

The logo starts as normal (with the reflection of the studio inside the shield) but when the shield zooms out, it is revealed to be made entirely in the color of McGruff's fur and it also has his ears. It is also put upon a cartoon blue sky background in the style of the McGruff the Crime Dog cartoons. Also, the TimeWarner byline fades in early and zooms out with the shield.

Animaniacs: Back in Action (2029)[]

The logo plays as normal, except that the shield is blue and the ring doesn’t appear. “Warner Bros pictures“ fades in. Dot walks from behind the shield as the sky background turns white. Dot says “What you are looking at is the new WB logo! No ring. No 3-D. No stupid stuff.” The whole logo becomes 2-D. Yakko pops up and says “it’s just pure awesomeness.” Wakko burps to form the byline.

Chochen TwinBee (2015)[]

The logo starts with a retro-looking Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo but with a normal "Warner Bros. Pictures" text on the banner of the shield. Bugs Bunny comes out from the WB shield and eats a carrot with the backing track playing the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment jingle, and then when TwinBee bumps up in the WB shield, beating the last note of that jingle, and falls, the music plays the falling piece of Detana TwinBee title screen music, just like he did last time in the title sequence of Detana TwinBee.

DLC - Warner Bros

The Adventures of Winter: a Cat’s Tale (2000)[]

The logo is in dark blue tint and snowy.

Luna the Moon (film) (2022)[]

The camera pans across a beautiful, photorealistic 2D animated rendering of the Warner Bros. Studios backlot (which has the numbers on the sound stages, a red carpet outside the Steven J. Ross Theater, and the smoking roofs on top of various buildings) with no people in sight at sunset (á la the Searchlight Pictures logo), with the iconic water tower (with no shield and no "WARNER BROS. STUDIOS" in three rows on it, in the new corporate font, Warner Bros. Sans) taking center stage. After a few seconds, it turns upright the reveal the blue WB shield in 2D animation as it zooms out, revealing a new, much more realistic 2D animated cloud background. Both the words "WARNER BROS. PICTURES" on the top of the blue shield and the WarnerMedia byline fades in quickly below as the shield shines. Then a few seconds, the words "WARNER BROS. PICTURES" disappear as it flips into the red WAG shield and the words "WARNER ANIMATION GROUP" fades quickly on the top of the red shield while the WarnerMedia byline still remains there. The logo was made in animation by Rough Draft Korea. Then the camera pans down into the forest into the opening animated sequence.

Circles (2016)[]

The shield is red and the banner is white. Only on the teaser trailer. Another trailer and a TV spot used the logo alongside the Warner Animation Group, Legendary and AMC Pictures logo.