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Here you write your logo variations, either movies, television, home video, or video games, to be real.

NOTE from AMBERDOWN43: The format has been changed so each variation will have its own page, but not all logos.

f Films: FJK2344 Yappo, Sandi, and Dallas Go to Tokyo (2008): The logo is tinted brown.

WarZone (2006): The logo is B&W and looks like an old movie.

____________________ Big Idea: Viacom Casper and the Spooky TV (2012): The current logo plays, but when the logo forms, Casper flies in and says "It's a strike!" before flying out. Adventure_Time Back in Time (2009): The logo is in reverse. Snowflakes Omega Another VeggieTales Movie (2016): The end of the logo plays. Polarjack77: Roblox the Movie (2007) Larry and bob were replaced by builderman and thegamer101 The Spongebob SqurePants Movie Germny Version Spongebob walks across the screen and Larry says Who are you in germen and Spongebob says his name in Germen ____________________ KoMut: ViacomLandsphere (2005): The 1998-2003 KoMut Logo plays, but instead of the star, Mr. Bounce appears and dots the "I".____________________ "Polarjack77" Matilda United Kingdom Version The 1998-2003 KoMut Logo Plays Star zoom and Crashesand Matilda says "I'll fix it" she fixes the star Flea Market: heart1994: Snooper and Blabber: The Movie (1997, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Blabber is in place of the bug.

Kai-lan's Secret Treasure (2009, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Kai-lan is in place of the bug.

CheesyBob42 Arthur's Missing Pal (2006, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Pal is in place of the bug and barks. Doctor Who: The Movie (2009, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but K-9 is in place of the bug.

domnickjr Dom's 1st Movie (2000, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Dom is in place of the bug. Super Smash Bros. (2010, Hong Kong version): The logo plays, but Ness is in place of the bug. Polarjack77 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005, Russia Version) After the Credits The bug was licking a lollipop and a burp sound ______________________ Rankin-Bass: Mariofan88 Sonic and Tails: The Movie (2009): We see the plain old 1985 Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment logo, but Sonic is drawing the word "Animated" in cursive, and Tails is writing the word "Entertainment" in cursive. Both words appear in a flash, and the "RB" bops them out of the logo when it separates.

amberdown43: Geronimo Stilton: The Movie (2012): Cameo appearance by the 1975 Rankin-Bass "Blues" logo on a car journey after Geronimo Stilton, Miss Angel Paws and Benjamin Stilton take Thea Stilton in the car with them; they drive off, and the scene cuts to the Rankin-Bass Self Storage, with the Videocraft theme over it. This occurs during the scene when Thea Stilton tries to buy something.

Adventure_Time Hatena MAYHEM! (1975-1981, TV): Hatena Went EXPLODING to this logo. Polarjack77 It's a Spongebob Christmas (2012 Canada Airings) the dots on the R-B was replaced by Spongebob eyes and the R-B was in Spongebob ezed lukesams

Christmas Pigs (1977): The 1975 logo plays, but the background is green and the R-B logo and the text are both dark red and dark green. Also, the music is a nice and peaceful version of the theme (this theme actually appears on the final track of the special's soundtrack and is named "Rankin-Bass Theme").

File:Rankin Bass (Christmas Pigs, 1977).jpg


Revolution Studios:


Gathiko (2003): The logo's background is black.

File:Revolution Studios (Gathiko, 2003).png


Lady Gaga's The Fame Movie (2010): After the logo animates, the background turns black "Revolution" is replaced with "Lady Gaga's" and "Studios" is replaced with "The Fame Movie".

File:Revolution Studios (Lady Gaga's The Fame Movie, 2010).jpg

Divas (2010): The logo is on a black background and has a fashionable look with the shining.

File:Revolution Studios (Divas, 2010).jpg

On the trailer, the logo appears in a fashion show.

&ampnbsp Flake R. Twelve Dreams (2007): An star flies over the gyroscope at the end. &ampnbsp lukesams The Blues (2006): The logo turns into a raindrop at the end. Spymice: The Black Paw (September 2012) and Spymice: For Your Paws Only (Summer 2014): The Revolution Studios logo is in black and white and a silhhouetted Washington skyline and a teal light are seen behind the logo. On the trailers for the films, the logo turns blood red and a laser comes out of the gyroscope nd zooms straight at us, then the camera pulls back into a blood red smokey background with lasers shooting around, and then it moves through the lasers into an opening scene. _______________________ Grupo C Entretenimientos: Luke2 Leo the Lion Meets The Flintstones (2007, Argentina version): The 1980's logo plays, but Barney Rubble comes up and laughs. CheesyBob42 Pac-Man: The Movie (1984, Argentina version): The 1980's logo plays, but the C morphs into Pac-Man and eats all the text in the logo. Then Pac-Man (as he appears on the ABC cartoon) fades in and says "Good night, audience!" in Spanish. Adventure_Time: Fred: The Movie (2010, Argentina Version): The 1980's logo plays, but the background fades into the beginning scene. ___________________ Worldvision: CheesyBob42 Sonic Riders (2009): The late 80s logo plays, and Jet the Hawk rides across the radar globe and "W". &ampnbsp Tails2112 The Best Of Tails (1994): The current logo plays and Tails wrote "A Miles Prower Company" in his handwriting. &ampnbsp Viacom Halloween (1978): The 1974 Worldvision logo plays, but the text and byline are bloody and the radar globe cuts the byline. &ampnbsp Tails1999: Revenge on Miley (2009): The 1994 home video logo plays but it was on Dexter's VHS Copy of "STEPHEN KING'S THE STAND" &ampnbsp Polarjack77: "Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth" (2017) Greg's head was in the W and does the same thing Also, in TV spots & Trailers ___________________ Carolco Pictures: Viacom Daring Calls (1994): The 1988 logo plays, but when "CAROLCO" appears, Amy Rose comes up, draws "P" behind "C" and draws "PICTURES" on the bottom of "CAROLCO". Then Amy Rose leaves. Tails2112 Tails' Terminator (1993): The original logo plays but instead of an automatic laser, Tails traces the laser with his pen and the light flashes and he draws the company byline under the word "Carolco". CheesyBob42 Sonic CD: The Movie (June 1994): The 1988 logo plays, but Metal Sonic flies by at the end. International releases of the movie have the 1982 logo music playing over it. ____________________ Australian Broadcasting Corporation: JHprod: Windows 7 is Windows Vista (2009): At the end, the 2007 ABC (Australia) ident has the voice-over saying "Is Windows 7 released?". Adventure_Time: Gizmo: The Movie (2010): Gizmo walks to the 2007 ABC (Australia) ident. &ampnbsp Flake R.

Raw Dough (1993): Normal 1990-1995 ident but then all fades to black at the end, leaving the ABC logo intact.

File:ABC (Australia) (Raw Dough, 1993).jpg

Raw Dough: The Movie (1995): Same as the Raw Dough variant but this time with the "ABC" text below the ABC logo.

File:ABC (Australia) (Raw Dough - The Movie, 1995).jpg

Raw Dough: Another Movie (2001): The 2001 ABC logo is made with dough and instead of "The National Broadcaster", it just says "ABC"

File:ABC (Australia) (Raw Dough - Another Movie, 2001).jpg

Raw Dough Meets Sandwiches (2003): The 2002 logo plays, but it's superimposed in a video of Dotty (one of the movie's characters) making a cheese sandwich. Instead of the normal music, we hear Dotty humming to the ABC's 3-note jingle.

Raw Dough's Adventure (Early 2004):' The last movie from the Raw Dough series. This features the leaf version of the 2002 ABC logo, but when the logo fades out, the ABC logo is intact. Plus, the ABC logo is made with dough (just like the Raw Dough: Another Movie va'riant)

__________________________________________ Australian Broadcasting Corporation Kids: Adventure_Time: Finn's Adventure (2011): Normal logo, but then Finn and Jake flip over the screen to the ABC (Australia) logo. CNVHVFHVHHVABCK Chaos! Cartoon Network Vs Hatena Vs Flipnote Hatena Vs Hatena Haiku Vs Australian Broadcasting Corporation Kids Chaos! (2010): Chaos Emeralds appear around and later they make a vs match. ____________________ Vestron Pictures: CheesyBob42 SpongeBob, Sonic and Brother Bear Go Camping (2010): The Vestron Pictures logo plays with its usual music, and then Squidward walks in and states "That's not relaxing; this is relaxing," then Squidward plays the 1965 Screen Gems jingle on his clarinet. Next, we zoom out to SpongeBob and Patrick scared. SpongeBob says "OH NO!", we zoom back to the Vestron Pictures logo still, and SpongeBob reaches for the Vestron ball with "V". Then we see SpongeBob with a slingshot, shouting in fear "I'll save you, Squidward!", so he launches the Vestron ball right at the back of Squidward's head, and the logo splatters all over the back of his head. When this occurs, the 1965 Screen Gems jingle is almost done, but when the ball splats, we hear a record scratch. Squidward is knocked out and SpongeBob asks "Are you alright, Squidward?", then Brother Bear of the Berenstain Bears crumples up the scene and states "This is supposed to be a camping movie, not a jungle-like movie, let's get this movie started-", then Sonic the Hedgehog speeds by, pulling the black title card to the left and causing Brother to be pushed away, screaming "Wait! I'm not done yet! I already told you, this is supposed to be a camping movie, not a.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the title card Sonic pulled by reads "WARNER BROS. PICTURES PRESENTS IN ASSOCIATION WITH VESTRON PICTURES", cue the opening credits. On some foreign countries, the logo plays 3x speed with a farting version of the 1965 Screen Gems jingle. Tails2112 2112: A Galaxy of the Constellation (1996): Geddy Lee (from Rush) plays a synthesizer tune to this jingle and when it ends, the credits start to roll. Polarjack77 Brother Bear,Sonic and Sister Bear goes camping (2022) sister bear put a bow on the abc ____________________ Buena Vista Television: Mariofan88Super Mario Galaxy: The Series (2008-): Mario is the middle comet in the logo. domnickjr Dom Show: The Abridged Series (2009-present, Non-US version): Normal logo, but Dom appears riding on the comet. ___________________ Sun Classic Pictures: heart1994 Uh... (1970): At the beginning of the logo, the eclipse has drool instead of flames. CheesyBob42 Sonic and the Secret Rings: The Movie (2008): "Shick Sunn" version plays, but at the end of the logo, the sun rotates and speeds to offscreen right. ____________________ DiC Entertainment: CheesyBob42 Pinga Wanted: A Feature Length Pingu Special (2009): 1987 DiC logo plays, but after the choir says "DiC", the dot in the "i" morphs into Pingu's head and he goes "NUG NUG!" Garfield's Bad Dream (1994): 1987 DiC logo plays, but the kid is replaced with Jon Arbuckle and the dog is replaced with Odie. WileE2005 The Berenstain Bears and the Atomic Holocaust (2011): We see the 1990 DiC logo, but instead of "Deek!" we hear Sister Bear saying "*beep*!" _________________ Klasky Csupo:

amberdown43 Rugrats: The Baby Vanishes (1998): The blob of ink is replaced with a blob of blood. Also, the complete logo is in B&W

File:Klasky Csupo (Rugrats - The Baby Vanishes, 1998).jpg

Rugrats: Royal Ransom (2005): The "Rooster" logo plays, but the background is blue, and we see the Reptar wagon passing by, and the words are the colors from the circus airplane in a custom-font for the film, which is the same for its Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures logos. Then we pan down to the credits.

File:Klasky Csupo (Rugrats - Royal Ransom, 2005).jpg

Rugrats: Babies in Toyland (2006): The Klasky-Csupo logo from 1991 plays, but before "INC." appears, snowflakes start to fall, although at the end the background changes from white to a night sky. wolfie14

Monsters vs. Aliens (1987-1989, TV): On the episodes of this series, the logo is an in-credit text in a white Agency FB font, on a purple background. The text is: "A MARVIN WRIGHT/KLASKY-CSUPO, INC. PRODUCTION" Below the text, there is a white Arial Narrow font "In Association With". The logo used from 1991-present is absent in this variation.

CheesyBob42 Rugrats Meet SpongeBob SquarePants (2008): The 1998 Klasky Csupo logo plays, but the robot face is replaced with Squidward's face. Instead of saying "Klasky Csupo", he screams and then it cuts to the Klasky Csupo logo from 1991. At the end, we hear Squidward say "Much better!" Polarjack77 Varuka Salt vs Polarjack77 (Roblox Player) vs Peashooter (2009) Spppppaaaalllttt!!!! Was peplaced by Polarjack77 he said what Splat says and Varuka says "I want a logo and Oopaloompa and a Pink candy boat" Peashooter says "isn't suppots to be a war movie?" And Polar says spits out the logo and splat scares Varuka away there was a cameo part in the movie where Polar was watching a RugRats episode called "War Room" Varuka was replaced by splat and he turns off the tv and goes to sleep

MechaKingghidoraFan KCVPBSVYTP Chaos: Klasky Csupo vs. PBS vs. YouTube Poop (2007): The 1998 logo is used, but the blob of ink is replaced by a blob of blood, the music is replaced by the Adult Swim "The Dawn is your Enemy" ending bumper's music, and the SSF says, "Playtime has ended!" Also, it's even creepier-looking and the entire logo has seizure-inducing flashes of every known color of the rainbow. It is rumored most DVD copies of the film were burned because seizures were reported from the logo, and this logo (and the other logos at the start) were plastered by a recreated (in Adobe Flash) version of the 1991 logo.

ATROCITYSODA333 Rugrats: Diaper Disaster (2006): The blob of ink is replaced with green paint, and we go through the pipes of the toilet, then the robot says "A subsidiary of Klasky Csupo." And then there is static. After that, there is an arrow that says "Klasky Csupo" while the goose honks.

Adventure_Time The TBA Project (2010): Screaming is heard in the 1998 logo.

lukesams Cowboy Ickis (1999): The 1991 logo is used, the background is brown, the graffiti is yellow, and the music is reorchestrated.

Cat in the Hat Productions WileE2005 'Pingu's Lavatory Story and Other Banned Pingu Classics (2005'): Similar to the 1971-1975 "Magician Cat" opening logo, but the Cat in the Hat is replaced with Pingu, where he goes "NUG, NUG!" and then winks at us. The text now reads "A PINGU PRESENTATION." Polarjack77: Plants vs Zombies the movie(2009) the Cat in the Hat was replaced by a peashooter wear the Cat's Hat and Tie He says "that's me" and the cat says I suppots to be in the logo. ____________________ Imagine Entertainment CheesyBob42 Babar to the Rescue (2006): The logo plays, but when the ripple reveals "IMAGINE", the background turns into a cloudy sky. wolfie14 Angry German Video Game Nerd: The Movie (2011): The logo is 8-bit style and there is an Oondlaurt above the "A" in IMAGINE.

File:Imagine Entertainment (AGVGN - The Movie, 2011).jpg

_____________________________ Gracie Films:

MechaKingghidoraFan MARVEL VS. CAPCOM trilogy (2007-present): 1987 logo plays normally, but the person saying "Shh!" is replaced by Roll (from the Mega Man series).

Invansion Of Rejected Simpsons (2010):(This variant is seen after the end Credits). The Gracie Lady Is Appeared Sitting In The Audience And The "Sshh!" Is Replaced With Says "Stereotype" (Whou,Home Is Wearing Bacons. Resembles A Don Simpson draws) Of Say His Famous Line In A Pale Imitation As Outer Spacey Sound Effects Of The Background,A Frowing Homer Simpson Enters Of The logo From The Left And Lick The Fake Gracie lady (Which Crashes Off screen),Is Grabs The Real Gracie Lady And Puts Of Sitting O The Chair In The Audience. The Gracie Lady Is Suprised For A Moment Female Voice ("Oops!"),Then Proceeds With His Famous "Ssshh!" And Pose As Homer Exhaustively Exits right.

wolfie14 Kang & Kodos (2008): (This variant is seen after the end credits) The logo is tinted green and Kang and Kodos are sitting in the audience.

File:Gracie Films (Kang & Kodos, 2008).jpg

______________________________ DoomRaeMoon Television: This section has no content. _______________________________________________ Filmax International/Animation: CheesyBob42Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree (1979, theatrical release Nov. 20 2009-Jan. 5 2010, Spanish version): The current Filmax logo plays, but when the announcer says "Filmax presenta", the musical bear from the special appears and mouths the spiel. ______________________________ Nintendo: CheesyBob42 Hamtaro's Bold Rescue (2004, Gamecube version): The 1991 logo plays, but "NINTENDO" is replaced with "NINTARO". domnickjr Dom's 1st Game (1999, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color versions): The 1991 logo plays, but "NINTENDO" fades into "PRESENTS". ________________________________ Hanna-Barbera: CartoonNetworkTwo Histeria! (1998): The 1994-1999 Hanna-Barbera logo plays, but Loud Kiddington appears at the end. CheesyBob42 Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003): The 1993-1995 Hanna-Barbera logo isn't animated. domnickjr Dom's Secret Movie (2001): The 1994-1999 Hanna-Barbera logo plays, but Dom appears at the end. Also, an AOL Time Warner byline appears

Gabkat2007 The Smurfs: The Animated Movie (1993): The logo from Jetsons: The Movie plays, but without the Great American Broadcasting byline. Also, after "Hanna-Barbera" appears, Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Grandpa Smurf, Nat Smurfling, Sassette, Smoogle, Hefty Smurf and Smurfette come from the left and look at the logo for a few seconds, then they walk away. The 1992 closing "Distributed by Warner Bros." variant of the 1984 Warner Bros. logo plays afterwards.

Now Sail 2 (2011): fislh di skiooooooo fislh di iakiqiowowo

Okf di skioooooo  wouam di kaiwol a logo 2011 Comedy Central Films 2005 SILVER Pictures VIACOM byline


wolfie14 Top Cat Meets the Flintstones (1992): The logo from Jetsons: The Movie plays, but without the Great American Broadcasting byline. Also, after "Hanna-Barbera" appears, Top Cat and his gang come from the right and talk about the logo for a few seconds, then they walk away. Diamond Shore (1989): The 1988 version of the 1986 logo plays, but it is tinted in gold.

LogoofDoom Rock n' Roll' (1990)': The H-B Flintstones 30th Anniversary logo is on a black background.

offcampusstudent1993: Total Drama Island (June 5, 2008-): Same as the Powerpuff Girls variant, except that the "Warner Bros Entertainment" byline and the URL replace the "Time Warner byline". This was used on all TDI and TDA episodes.

File:Hanna Barbera (Action Reunion Special).png

________________________________ Pixar Animation Studios: CheesyBob42 Digimon Tamers: The Secret of Expand Activate (2002): The logo plays, but at the end, we see Terriermon walk on the "PIXAR" and stops by the lamp. Then he expands, causing Luxo to experience a double take and leap away. Terriermon returns to normal size and goes between the "P" and "X", replacing the "I", and we fade out. . dominickjr Son's Summer Day Off in 3-D (January 2, 2009): White the Dog chases Luxo. PaPaLuigi The Great Chase (2009): The logo plays, but at the end, a joinga walks from the right and stops by the lamp. Then the joinga grows arms and legs turning to a creature and says "You're a bad lamp!", causing Luxo to experience a double take and leap away. After that, the joinga goes between the "P" and the "X", replacing the "I". wolfie14 Remy's Delicious Restaurant Goes Out of Business (2011): After Luxo Jr bounces on the "I" three times, he jumps too high. When he lands, he breaks apart and his light bulb is broken, too. Remy also falls down from the sky and bleeds. Then, he yells "HEEELP MEEEEE, I'M DYYYIIIIING!!!!" and dies after one second. Adventure_Time Luxo Jr.'s Cooking Movie (2014): The 3D logo plays, but Luxo Jr. is wearing a chef's hat and food can be seen in the logo. In the theaterical trailer and the TV spots, the logo is recreated, but Luxo is still wearing the chef's hat. On the teaser trailer, the logo is on the frying pan. Also adopted for the Disney/Pixar split-screen variant as well. &ampnbsp Bold Matters (2001): The logo plays, but at the end, we see the Hatena Frog walk on the stage. He dances, causing Luxo to experience a double take and leap away. The frog danced for the rest at "P" and "X", replacing the "I". SnowflakesOmega Luxo Jr. New Short (1999): The logo is playing fast!

lukesams A Rainbow of Six Colors (2010): The logo plays as usual, but the company's name is multicolored. Medival Kings (2013): The logo plays as usual, but Luxo Jr. wears a crown and when the "ANIMATION STUDIOS" text fades in, an R-shaped trebuchet comes in and throws a boulder to knock down the "R" in "PIXAR". Then, the trebuchet moves to the right of "PIXA" to take the place of the "R". Luxo Jr. is not amused. Monsters,Inc The Animated Series (Ice Cream) (2013):Ice Cream Falling Of The logo. Including The Lamp's Head. It's A Magic Lamp (2015):The Logo Plays Normally,After The Lamp Smash The "I",The "I" Is Killing Of Blood.The Letters "P" And "XAR" Is Scared By Lamp Killing The "I". The "P" Is Vomiting And Kill,After The Logo Finishes Animating,The Lamp's Head Is Reflect By The White Background And Fades Out The Blue Sky Background. Monsters,Inc The Animated Series (Last Tap Dancing Monster) (2012):After The Lamp Looks At Camera,Then The Logo's Main Animation Slides Up To Take up the top half of the Screen,While The Bottom half has an animated Black-And-White Movie Scene Of A Dog Rubbling The Eyes And Says "Cookie!" (This Was In A Old Ballon Dog Movie Mike Watching). Monsters,Inc The Animated Series (Laughing Puppy Years) (2013):After The Lamp Smash The Letter "I",A Laughing Man Sound Is Heard. Toy Story 4 (2015):When The Logo Finishes Animating,The Lamp's "Head" Fades Out Into The Moon.

JoshuaBates Luxo Jr. vs The World (2013):The logo plays as usual but this time Luxo Jr. is a human. and he uses a mallet to destroy the "I" and it turns into 5 light bulbs. And Luxo Jr. stands and says "Hope this guy is blown to bits." _______________________________ The Video Collection/Strand VCI Entertainment/Strand Home Video: CheesyBob42 Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree (1979, VHS release from 1990): The logo plays, but two living Christmas trees appear dancing from left to right, then Papa Bear chases the trees with a net. ________________________________________________________________ Island Video: This section has no content. _______________ Pathe: CheesyBob42 Babar to the Rescue (2006): The rooster shadow is replaced with a shadow of Babar. Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree (1979, theatrical release December 4, 2009): The logo plays, but when the rooster shadow is seen, the shadow of Papa Bear appears running from the left, causing the rooster shadow to spin really fast. Then, the shadows of the animals that lived in the trees Papa attempted to chop down are seen chasing Papa Bear, as they are very angry at him. domnickjr Dom's Secret Movie (2001): The rooster shadow is replaced with a shadow of White the Dog. _______________________ NBC (National Broadcasting Company): CheesyBob42 The Zula Patrol vs. 3-2-1 Penguins! (2008): The 2002 NBC logo plays, but the word "PRESENTS" is under the logo, and NBC is replaced with 321. &ampnbsp ____________________________ Kids' WB! Movies: CartoonNetworkTwo Kids' WB! The Movie (May 17, 2008): We see the 1999-2001 Kids' WB! Movies logo, but the words "THE MOVIE" fade in below after the byline fades out. &ampnbsp CheesyBob42 Dragon Tales: The Movie (2001): The 1999-2001 logo plays, but we hear a "BOING!" sound when Kids' WB! bounces onto the screen. &ampnbsp Adventure_Time Calvin and Hobbes' Studio Tour (1999): The 1999-2001 logo plays, but we hear an explosion. &ampnbsp lukesams Cookies! (September 1, 2000): The 1999-2001 logo plays, buth the Kids' WB! logo swings in from the left instead of bouncing onto the screen and it is rotated a bit. Also, the byline is in the Calibri font.

File:Kids WB (Cookies!, 2000).jpg

Kirby's Secret Movie (2000): The logo is still and is on the 1984 Warner Bros. Pictures logo's background.

File:Kids WB (Kirby's Secret Movie, 2000).jpg

&ampnbsp ____ THX: PaPaLuigi My Pet Bowser Crapped on My Wii (2009): The 2007 logo plays, but Pingu swallows up the THX logo, then spits out "Wii Rules!". The background transitions to a Wii console system, a Wii game DVD and a Wii remote on a white background, with Bowser's poop on it. Tails1999 Idle Punks (2009): Logo plays normally but the record needle scratches and Dexter Holland goes "Now Hold on a minute, What the hell is with this logo, dude?" Noodles comes in there and says "I Don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's scary" Then Maynard comes in there and pulls the plug on the logo and Dexter goes "Could you cue the titles, please?" and the credits start to roll. logomaneuver Tux Takes Over (2013): The THX Deep Note plays, but Tux cuts the THX logo in half with a machete.


'EDSOMBIES (2006): The Ed Studios logo from Verantooooo sound, but before "S" turns, green start to go up, although at the end the background changes from blue to a rainbow. Jojomaco' (1987-1989, TV): On the episodes of this series, the logo is an in-credit text in a white New line Cinema font, on a Blue background. The text is: "A 9 STORY PRODUCTIONS, INC. PRODUCTION" Below the text. HBCVED Chaos: HBC vs. PBS vs. Pacman vs. Ed (2007): The blob of Blood is replaced by a blob of blood, the music is replaced by a creepy 15-note moog synthesizer theme, and the Ed says, "Playtime has ended!" Also, it's even creepier-looking and the entire logo has seizure-inducing flashes of every known color of the rainbow,KAIIDE FILM Mario cilais move:2014

Rat Shower studios (2019-present)

ultra king Arthur the aardvark (2020):

DW heards the words I NEED YOU! in clark's voice, DW opens the shower curtains to see lewis and clark making out in the shower lewis says crap! while clark says um, i can explain...

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