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Rio: The Animated Series (2012-present)

The current logo takes place in the opening credits from Rio

Ice Age: Sid's Wild Ride (2012)

The current logo plays in the short version

Robots: The Rise of the Robotcity (2011)

The current logo plays takes place in the Robotcity

Wolfin Jack 2 (In Theaters September 6,2013)

The Wolfin Jack's Hat Fails On The "B" In The Blue Sky Studios,On The Movie.

On The 2014 Blu-Ray 3D Release,Wolfin Jack Appears Looks Of Scrat Is Fears Of Wolfin Jack,After The Logo Finishes,Wolfin Jack Is Happily Laugh.

Robots:Pirates Vs. Robots (2014)

The Logo Is Fades Out Into The Robotcity Sky Background.

Pedro And Nico (2012,Short Film After The Movie "Wolfin Jack")

The Logo Plays Normally,Appeared The Underneath Reads "A" And "CARTOON".

Sid's Squids: The Short (2016,Short Film Before Ice Age: Collision Course)

The Logo Transitions to The Water,then a beaver dives to reveal the credit "Twentieth Century Fox Animation Presents."