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Rio: The Animated Series (2012-present)[]

The current logo takes place in the opening credits from Rio

Ice Age: Sid's Wild Ride (2012)[]

The current logo plays in the short version

Robots: The Rise of the Robotcity (2011)[]

The current logo plays takes place in the Robotcity

Wolfin Jack 2 (In Theaters September 6,2013)[]

The Wolfin Jack's Hat Fails On The "B" In The Blue Sky Studios,On The Movie.

On The 2014 Blu-Ray 3D Release,Wolfin Jack Appears Looks Of Scrat Is Fears Of Wolfin Jack,After The Logo Finishes,Wolfin Jack Is Happily Laugh.

Robots:Pirates Vs. Robots (2014)[]

The Logo Is Fades Out Into The Robotcity Sky Background.

Pedro And Nico (2012,Short Film After The Movie "Wolfin Jack")[]

The Logo Plays Normally,Appeared The Underneath Reads "A" And "CARTOON".

Sid's Squids: The Short (2016,Short Film Before Ice Age: Collision Course)[]

The Logo Transitions to The Water,then a beaver dives to reveal the credit "Twentieth Century Fox Animation Presents."