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Fievel's Tales

The 2004-2009 Logo Is Used. But Fievel The Mouse In Place Of The Boy.

Kung Fu Panda: The Animated Short Film

Same As Kung Fu Panda Variant As Above.

Toddy Claus (In Theaters December 18,2014)

The 2010 Logo Is Used. But, Santa Clause Is In Place Of The Boy, And The Camera Pans Down To The Santa's Workshop.

Cat Tale (2013)

The Logo Plays Normally,The Boy Is Replaced With Cat,The Logo Is Re-Orchestrated.

Shrek (2012)

The Two "S" Is Replaced The Shrek Fonts Is Green,The Logo Is Green,On The Trailer.

Donkey (In Theaters July 4,2014)

When the logo gets done its animation,The Moon,As Normal,but with Donkey's Scribblings Covering The logo. Also Is animated.

On The International Trailer,Thunderbolt Sparks On The Moon,The 2010 Logo Are Blue.

On A TV Spots And Trailers,Donkey Walking With The Pen Onto The Logo,After,Donkey Draws The Dragon On The Top Of The Moon.

Jon Of The Jungle 2 (2005)

After The Logo Completed,Jon Swings Of The Scene,Also,Jon Around The Screen And Hits The Blue Skyline,Causing To Fall Over Of Jungle Screen Of Movie Theater.

Jon Of The Jungle 3 (2008)

Similiar To The Variant Of Jon Of The Jungle 2,The Logo Plays Normally And Re-Orchestrahed,Also,Jon Appeared Swings And Hits The Fishing Boy,The Jon And The Boy Is Push Of The Fishing Rod,The Word "DREAMWORKS" Appeared Is Up Of Boy And Jon,Also,Jon Falls To The Sky Of The Jungle,Later,It Reads "DREAMWORKS ANIMATION SKG Presents" underneath.

The Adventures Of Don Burro And Mr.Pig (2005,2014 Short Film).

At The End Of The Adventures Of Don Burro And Mr.Pig The Short Film Shown Before The Movie Donkey,The Logo Is Black And White And Animated Style,Also,The Sel Sheep Jumps On The Top Of The Moon.

Chaplin (2010)

The 2010 Logo Is Animated Style And Black And White Style,On The Trailers,Same As Movie Itself,The Logo Zooms Of Theater Of The Movie Theater.

Steven Spielberg's The Lonx (2012)

The 2010 Logo Is Used,Are Blue And darker.

Puss In Boots (2003)

On The First Film,The DreamWorks logo and the Paramount Pictures logo Is Used With Brown,On The Actual Feature.

At The End Of The Movie,The Fieworks Exploding The Sky,The Skyline Is Dark blue.

On The International Trailer,The Logo Is Formed And "P" Is Scratched Onto The Logo zorro-style.

Fly To The Moon Of Kangoonauts (In Theaters November 1,2013)

The Dreamworks logo Turns Style Of Animation and Is Surrounded By space.

On The International trailer,The 2004-2009 logo is used.

Stick Figures (2008) And Stick Figures 2 (2015)


The logo is remade to look like the film itself. Also, the boy is a stick figure and the DreamWorks Animation text is drawn. Same On Stick Figures 2, But It Looks Diffrent On The Internatonal Version.


Logo On Stick Figures 2 (2015) Europe Version.

Geronimo Stilton: The Phantom of The Subway (March 22, 2016)

The logo fades into the subway.


Jacob: The Movie 2 (2006) (Joint between DWA and original DreamWorks)

The logo takes place at night, and all the text is white. The 1997 DreamWorks music is heard, too.

Jacob: The Movie 3D (2012) (Joint between DWA and original DreamWorks)

The 1997 music is heard, and the color scheme is more blue-ish than purple-ish.

Jacob: The Movie 4: It Only Took Four Years This Time! (2016) (Joint between DWA and Amblin)

The Megamind music is heard, and the moonboy is replaced with Jacob, who eats a slice of pizza. After the music ends, Jacob looks at his watch and hops off the moon, beginning the film.

The Press Your Luck Movie (2019)

The boy is replaced by Whammy sitting on the moon, and says four whammies means you're out beginning the film.

Gabe the Dog VS The End Of The World (2019)

The boy is replaced by Gabe and "Animation SKG" reads "Animation GTD".

Rise of the Guardians: Adventure Bound (for Hulu) (July 2020)

The logo plays as usual, but when it finishes, it turns into a moon on a sunrise, which is shown on the opening scene of the film.

Donkey 2 (2021)

the 2019 logo is used, but when more clouds paint in, donkey comes in and paints scriblings on the clouds. when the logo turns sunset, shrek comes in and eats the clouds thinking it's cotton candy, but he spits it. when the moon boy is revealed, donkey takes over the moon boy by taking the spot. shrek walks away. when it's finished, the moon boy falls to the "REA" and then the "REA" falls to "OMC" and the "REAOMC" falls. we pan down to start the opening.

The Press Your Luck Movie 2: Jungle Whammy (2021)

The boy is replaced by Jungle Whammy sitting on the moon, Whammy wearing a brown loincloth whammy does a Tarzan yell and pounding his chest to illuminate the logo.

Jacob the Movie 5: the big Adventure (2021) (Jount adventure between DWA and WDP)

The logo segued from the disney logo by the blue thing at the start covering the logo, going to the dreamworks logo. aslo, the clouds are gone.

Jacob the Movie 6: Water Experience (2023) (Jount adventure between DWA and WDP)

The logo segued from the disney logo by the blue thing at the start covering the logo, going to the dreamworks logo. aslo, the clouds are gone.

The Mini-Wolf Movie (2022)

The boy is replaced by Mini-Wolf sitting on the moon, to illuminate the logo.

The Mini-Wolf Movie 2: Tarzan Mini-Wolf

  • The logo starts with Tarzan Mini-Wolf swinging on a vines through the jungle does a Tarzan yell he says "I'm the king of the jungle", and "I'm the king of the world", but then flops onto the moon next to the jungle's vine, gets comfortable and pulls out a fishing rod to bring up the rest of the logo (like the variants for the first two films above). This is all done in the same animation style as the variants from the previous films.

The Gumazing Gum Girl: The Movie (2025)

Gum Girl drops by and tells the viewers "I have to remind you that there'll have the Moonboy the end." She leaves as the logo ends.

In the international releases: Gum Girl and Rico are seen intruding a logo. However, in the last seconds, the Dr. Gomez urges Gum Girl and Rico to get out because their film was starting.