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JHprod: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Summer 2009): The 90's logo plays, but Sonic rides over the sphinx at the end. CheesyBob42: Raggedy Ann & Andy's BIGGEST Adventure Yet (1994): Hollywood Pictures logo plays as usual, except the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees is in place of the Sphinx. Tails2112: The Greatest Moments of Sonic and Tails (1997): The logo plays but Tails is in the sphinx's place and he was tired. Adventure_Time: Hatena Games (2007): The logo zooms out into a poster of the field (NOTE: The poster appears randomly throughout the film, keeping the logo stapled.).

BrianHanson Drakey the Dragon: The Movie (1995): The standard logo plays but the supermiposed shot of Drakey's food in the background. It also has the shadow on the background of the sphinx, the lines and the text on the logo. Only seen on the opening credits as well as the opening theme playing over it.

On the trailer, the background is green.

At the end of the movie, the background is black and we hear normal music.