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Kermit's Greatest Adventures[]

The 1997 Logo Plays. But The Words "Jim Henson" into "Kermit's" And "Pictures" into "Greatest Adventures"

Elmo meets The Muppets[]

The 1997 Logo Is Used, But Kermit Has Replaced By Elmo From Sesame Street

Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde: The Movie(1999)[]

The 1997 logo plays, but Harriet Hyde(voiced by Olivia Hallinan, who also plays Julia Jekyll; confirmed as Harriet by executive producer Jeremy Swan and producer and writer Jason Sinclair) says "Sorry, Mr. Frog!" instead of Animal saying "SORRY!"

On the very first teaser(which was just the logo variation), the 1997 logo plays in full, but with many changes: Harriet Hyde(played in the movie's costume by John Henson instead of the show's costume that was generally warn by John Asquith; voiced by an unknown British actress instead of her regular actress of Olivia Hallinan) takes the place of Kermit, and instead of laughing, she yodels, proving to have a beautiful singing voice. When the crane-drop gag is done, she doesn't say "Sheesh!", and Edward Knickers(voiced by an unknown British actor instead of his then-current actor, Steven Webb, or his former actor, Guy Edwards) says "Sorry, Harriet!" instead of Animal saying "SORRY!" According to director Tim Burton, the reason their normal actors/actresses weren't voicing the characters was that casting was in progress, and nobody knew if Hallinan, Webb, or Edwards would be reprising their roles.

On the other trailers and TV spots, the logo from the first teaser is displayed, but is shortened to the crane dropping, and the unknown actress is dubbed over by Olivia Hallinan; at this point, Olivia had been cast to reprise her role as Julia Jekyll and the voice of Harriet Hyde.