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Rango Meets Spongebob[]

The 2011 Logo Plays, But The White Background Has Replaced With Yellow Background

On The Teaser Trailer, The 2010 Logo Is Used.

On The Trailer, The 2011 Logo Is Used, But The Animates Just Likes The 2010 Logo.


The 2000 Logo Plays. But The Old Nickelodeon Font is Replaced By The New Nickelodeon Logo Since 2009.

On The Teaser Trailer, The 2010 Logo Is Used.

On The Trailer. The 2011 Logo Is Used, But The Background Is Black And Animates Just Like The 2010 Logo.

Charlie and Lola 2[]

The logo is illustrated on book like the other logos.

Robit (2002)[]

The Orange Nickelodeon Ball Is Mechanized By Robots And The Blue Movies Ball Is Transforms The Robot.

Dino Quest (2003)[]

The Nickelodeon Movies Ball Is Shaped Like The Egg.

Robit 2:Balthazar's Revenge (2004)[]

The 2003 Nickelodeon Movies Ball Is Eletrized By Balthazar's Thunder Powers,On The Opening Titles Of The Movie.

On The Trailer,Robit Dancing Of The logo.

Spongebob Squarepants (Movie 1995)[]

The 1991 Nickelodeon Orange closing logo Plays Used,The logo Is Surrounded Of Floating By Bubbles And Fades Out Into The Sea,But After,The Underneath It Reads "A NICKELODEON PRODUCTION" Is Fades In Of The Underwater.

Super Mario Bros. (2006)[]

The 2005 logo Is Used,The Camera Pans Down And Fades Out The Super Mario Bros. Sky Background.

Snoopy:The Movie (2002)[]

The 2001 logo is used,But Snoopy Appeared Walks Out Of The "NICKELODEON" Ball,And Woodstock Flying And But The "Movies" ball. Snoopy And Woodstock Laughing Out During At The End Of The logo.

Kiddyzuzaa 2 (2020)[]

The 2020 Logo Is Used, Olivia, Esme, Isabella, Lilliana, Mr. Zuzaa, Malice