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Diddy Kong Country (1999)

The Nintendo Logo Is Used. But The Words "PRESENTS" With Rare Logo This 4-Notes Is Similar To Fox Fanfare

Diddy Kong vs. Mario (2000)

The Still Nintendo Logo Is Used, But It's Freeze At The End.

WWF SmackDown: Garm Army (2000)

The Logo Is In Blood Red.

Animal Crossing (2002)

The still logo is used, but a villager says "Nintendo". Then a train whitsle can be heard.

Mario Kart 7 (2011)

The logo from Diddy Kong vs. Mario appears, but then it zooms away like a racecar.

Tamagotchi: Nyorotchi's Adventure! (2013)

The 1960's Logo Is Painted Nyorotchi's Skin. But Nyorotchi Is Wiggling Around The 1960 Logo.

SuperGoomba554: Luigi's Biggest Game Ever (as of this period of time) (2013)

The still logo plays normally, then the logo turns dark and zooms out, leaving its green shadow for a second.