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WarioWare Gold (2018)[]

The 1986 logo plays. After the music, Fronk says “That’s life, kid. Go punch a clock.”

Animaniacs 3: Anime, Eh? (2006)[]

The logo is already formed. Wakko says “Welcome to Animaniacs 3: Electric Beegalee!”

Mario is Missing! (1995)[]

The byline says “YOU WON’T FIND ADOBE HERE IN NAIROBI”. The mountain is a pyramid.

The Roach Forch (1930-1932)[]

the logo plays, a colorized logo, joey appears, he running the logo.



The Roach Mob Movie (2013)[]

Charles looks a logo.

File:Roach mob.png

Death Yeti (January 3, 2014)[]

The 1986 logo is used, just like on Paranormal Activity 3. NOTE: The regular 2013 Paramount logo appears at the end

Super Mario Bros. (In Theaters December 8th,2006)[]

At The End Of The Movie,The Logo Turns Into A Parody Of The Super Mario World Kill screen. The 1986 logo is Briefly seen.

On The International Trailer,The Mountain Is Blue And 8-Bit On A Black Background.

On The Trailers And TV Spots,Mario And Luigi Jumping Into The Mountain,And Is Feeds On Bowser.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (3D Theatrical Release,In Theaters December 25th,2010)[]

On The Trailer,The 2002 Logo With 2010 Viacom Byline Is Surrounded Of Floating By Bubbles.

Rabbids! Movie (2011)[]

On The First Half Of The Logo,The Star Turns The Rabbids,At The End Of The Logo,The Rabbids Yelling With The Eyes Are Red.

The Fairy Oddparents (In Theaters December 28th,2007)[]

The 1968 Logo Is Animated Style With Viacom Byline,At The Logo Ends,Cosmo And Wanda Appeared Flying And Changes Of "WISH" and Turns The Fairy World,On The Opening Credits Of The Movie.

Tarzan (1990,Non-US Version)[]

The Paramount 1986 mountain,text,stars and the byline Appear From The Jungle background.

Spongebob Squarepants (1995,Movie)[]

The 1986 Logo With Viacom Byline Is Surrounded Of Floating By Bubbles.

At The End Of Very Credits Of The Movie,The Closing Features Of Patrick Blowing Bubbles. Making The Paramount logo,And Edited Of Cartoon version of the Mountain.

Rugrats:Saving Dil (Movie Video,2005)[]

The Mountain Is Much Larger Than Asual,The Logo Is Animated Style And Draws Of Red And White,After The Logo Ends,The Camera Pans Down The Pickles' House Background.

The island volcano red (1985)[]

The Paramount logo turns into a volcano resembles a mountain from the movie.

The Big Shaddy Dog (2001)[]

On The First Half Of The Logo,The Stars Is Replaced With Bones.

Robit (2002)[]

The Logo Plays Normally,On The Last Half Of The logo,The Mountain Is Mechanized,The Stars Is Replaced By Gear.

Robit 2:Balthazar's Revenge (2004)[]

The Logo Plays Normally And Same The Variant Of Paramount 100th Anniversary logo,On The First Half Of The Logo,The Stars Are Eletrized By Thunders,After,The Mountain Is Replaced With The Balthazar's Castle.

Casper's Ghost House:Quest For Pappy (1999,US Version)[]

The Paramount logo Fades Out To A Regular Haunted Mansion That Can Be Seen On Pretty Much Every Casper:The Unfriendly Ghost Episode.

Puss In Boots (2003)[]

The 2002 Logo Is Used With Brown.

Marvel Universe (2014)[]

The 2012 logo Is Still And Tinted Of Gold Frosty Yellow,And Zooms In With The Space background.

At The End Of The Movie,Same As Movie Itself,The Space Background Is dissapears.

On The International Trailer,The 2012 Logo Is Used With The New York City backdrop.

On The Avengers's Control,The 1968 logo Is Used With The Viacom Byline (In Its 2010-Present Font) below.

Casper (1998)[]

When The Logo Finishes animating,The Stars,Text,And Byline Fades Out And The Mountain Zooms In To The Movie's logo.

At The End Of The Movie,The 1968 logo is Used And Tinted Of Blue Darker,The Gulf Western byline Is Replaced With Viacom byline In Helvetica font.

Heroics (In Theaters December 1,1995)[]

The 1954 logo Is Used Of Instead of "A Paramount Picture Release" It Reads "Paramount" (As in the 1968 variant),But With A Byline "A Viacom Company" In The Helvetica Font. But After,The Bat Flying Of The Mountain And Changes Of The Screen To A Opening Scene Of The Movie.

Wolfin Jack (1981)[]

The 1954 "A Paramount Picture" logo is Used,It Reads "Paramount",But With A Gulf Western Byline Added The Bottom,The logo Then Fades Into A Mountain Made Out Of Anthill,But After The Ants Pops Out.

At The End Of The Movie,The 1975 logo Is Tinted With Yellow.

GoAnimate:BIG "Blooper" Movie (2001)[]

When The logo finishes its animation,The Paramount logo fades to a regular green Snow-capped mountain that can be seen on pretty much every The GoAnimate Show episode.

On The International trailer,The Paramount logo zooms out of Animated movie theater.

Frozen Alone (2004)[]

The 1975 logo Is Used,But With The Byline "A Viacom Company" In The 1990-2005 Viacom Font. But After The Logo Is Complete,The Paramount logo Is Snowed On And Covered With Snow And Ice Of Christmas Version.

Steven Spielberg's The Lonx (2012)[]

The 2010 Logo Is Used,The Logo Is Blue Darker Than Asual.

Miami Dynamite (2012)[]

The 2012 "100th Anniversary" logo is used,The Logo Is Animated Style.

At The End Of Very Credits Of The Movie,With Miami dynamite Squid walks out of the New Park City It Eatings The Pizza And Burps Of Making the Paramount 100th aniversary logo,But After It Reads "Distrubied By" Appeared Top Of Stars,On Used Of The Very End Credits Of The movie.

Rabbids Easter Adventure (2012) and Rabbid's Easter Spetacular (2013)[]

The Paramount "100th Anniversary" logo is used With The Byline "A Viacom Company" In The 2010-Font,The Mountain Is Shaped Like The Egg. On Rabbid's Easter Spetacular,The 1986-2011 Fanfare Is ssed.

The Island Volcano Red II:The Great Adventure (1990)[]

The logo fades out early.

The Island Volcano Red III:Crabs Revolt (1992)[]

The Paramount logo fades to a regular blue snow-capped mountain from the movie.

The Crocodillo's Adventure Movie (1986)[]

The 75th Anniversary logo is Used Of First Movie With The 1986-2002 logo And Appears From The White Clouds Of The Blue Skyline Background,But After,Crocodillo Appeared Eats Out of the logo.

Festa Del Mexico (1997)[]

The 1986 Paramount logo is used (With Viacom Byline),After The Logo ends,The Camera Pans Down From The Water To A Opening Scenes Of The Movie And Leaps The Title Card Of The Film "FESTA DEL MEXICO" Done Of The Red Brand Kissing,Segueing Into The Opening credits.

D.A. (2004)[]

The 2002 logo is used (With Viacom Byline),But Blue Darker Than asual.

On The Trailer,The UFO Flying Of The logo.

Snoopy:The Movie (2002)[]

The 2002 90th Anniversary logo Is Used (With Fanfare).

Maniac Animated Theatre:The Movie (2014)[]

The 1986 Paramount logo is used with the Viacom byline (in its 2005-present font below) When the logo gets done,The Paramount logo fades to a regular snow capped-mountain. The logo makes appearence of the Movie Theater consisting of the Movie character's Toys sitting on chairs on the Movie theater. The short The Penguin Dying In Cold,which opens the film.

Robot (2001)[]

We see a flying UFO flying of the sky background. When the logo finishes,the logo goes backwards and fades out into the opening credits of the movie.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Cutie Pox (2014)[]

The logo fades to pink.

PvZ The Movie[]

We see on a Modern Day background from PvZ 2. The Paramount text is PvZ font. The byline says: A PopCap Company.

GoAnimate Another Movie: Back in Time[]

The logo plays, but the logo was exploded by a mountain.

Geromino Stilton: Welcome to the Mondy Mayor (Released March 7, 2017)[]

We see on a mountain. But, the mountain turns into red. Then, the logo pans into 3D style.

Geronimo Stilton Spacemice: Rescue Rebeillion (2018)[]

The logo was in a space background, and a mountain fades into blue.

Undertale (2020)[]

The logo plays normal so stopped when sans comes up and then he aims his butt at the camera and farts loudly as the music abruptly stops and winds down. We hear a crowd yelling "EWWWWWWWWW!" and groaning in disgust as sans gives scamper and truly amazing and walked away.

ALF’s Nightmare (2006)[]

A 1986 Logo Turns into Ghost.

On This US Trailer, 2004 Logo Got Eaten Up by The Slugs.

On UK Trailer, 1999 Logo Has a Nightmarish Red Sky.

On Some TV Spot, 2003 Logo Got Melted by Lava Creature.

On The Australia Trailer Variant, ALF Screams and Ran by Tearing a Logo Up.