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Angry Birds (2012 Film)

The Logo Is Tinted In Red.

Eddie Murphy's Big Movie (2011)

The Logo Fades Out. Also, The Text Isn't Animated.

Toontastic The Movie (2014)

Red Puckett Appears And Eats The Cupcake And The Logo Is Slient and the warner bros family entertainment jingle plays

Kenny‘s Great Movie 2 (2005)

The logo plays but no music, just Stuart McCormick saying “carol, I think this movie is starting at the middle of the night“, then carol then saying throughout the logo “it was just a new logo that we looked at”, then, she and Stuart gasps as the logo turns black.

at the end of the film, just Kenny saying (as muffled) “could we just turn off the TV?” then the logo just fades out by turning it off.

The Glowing Lights Movie 2 (2012)

The Logo Flashes In Yellow.

My Great Mystery (2009)

The Logo Is Tinted Gray.

This Is Australia (2012)

The Logo Is Tinted Blue With Red Stars On It.

Kenny's Great Movie 3: Adventure With Journey (2009)

After the MGM logo, the logo is red.

at the end of the film, the logo is still red.

Kenny's Great Movie: The Final Chapter (2011) 

The logo reappeared after the MGM logo, Kenny walks by and saying “What are you doing at the middle of the night?”, then he walks away as the logo turns orange.

at the end of the film, just the dragon roaring.

Withal White (2011)

The Logo Is Darker.