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The 101 Dalmatian Movie (2020)

The 2011 variant of the 2006 logo plays, but the logo is set in London and at the end, the castle was destroyed by the dalmatians from 101 Dalmatian Street. The logo than fades out and before the MGM logo, Dolly says, “Oh, I will show you how mad we are!”.

The Tigger Movie 2 (2005)

The 1990-2006 logo plays, but the castle is patterned with orange and black, just like Tigger.

Rob the Robot: The Movie (2017)

The 2006-present logo is used on most trailers.

On the film itself, a modified version of the 1990-2006 logo is used, but when the flash that forms "Disney" (without "Walt" and "PICTURES") engulfs the castle, the castle and background fade into the gang's rocket on a Moon-like planet. The curved line forms as usual, and then it and "Disney" fade out to allow the opening scene to begin.

On one trailer, the 1990-2006 logo gets wiped away by Orbit using a small towel.

On another trailer, TK speeds by the logo, which doesn't have the curved line. She stops to look at the logo, and then grabs a marker from her tummy trunk to draw the curved line. She then wheels away.

Frozen (2023)

The Stitch Has A Glitch Vereaion Is Seen On A Snowy Background  With A Thunder Clap When The Big Flash Hapens. Only On Uk Tapes

At The End Of The Movie  The 2008 Logo Is Cut Short To The Big Flash

100 Years Of Magic, (2023)

Nicknames, The Classic Castle Comes Back, The Classic Castle Returns,

The Current 2011 Logo Reverses And The 1995 Castle Comes On The Blue Background And Finally, The 1985 Castle Forms Itself After 20 Years, When The Flash Forms The Disney Text While Pictures And Walt Is Absent, While The Arc Draws Over The Castle, A Big 100 Then Reads, Celebrating 100 Years Of Movies, Magic, And More,

Petz (2017)

The 2016 logo plays, but the cats and dogs note to the song "When You Wish Upon A Star".

Recess: School's Out! 2 (2021)

The 2016 logo is a combination of the G-Force and Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides (without the mermaids on us prints with the mermaids on over prints). On one trailer, the logo is aqua-tinted. On other trailers of the movie, an exploding effect will include.

Cory in the House: The Movie (2014)

The 2000 logo is seen black & white. On the trailer, the 1995 logo has house blocks in the castle. On the TV spots, the 2010 logo is lava-tinted.

Cory in the House 2 (2018)

The 2016 logo is seen black & white. On the teaser trailer, the "Walt" and "Pictures" are removed. On the TV spots, the Fantasia 2010 closing variant is shown.

Cory in the House 3 (2020)

Same as the Cory in the House 2 variant. On the trailer, a purple-tinted variant is shown. On the TV spots, the 2016 logo is shown brighter.

The Magic Place (2023)

The castle has an orange light in the top window.

On the trailer, no fireworks are shown. Also, it has an Fall Daytime background.

At the end, a bird flys at the end, swiping the logo away.

The Lord of The Rings (Rated G Version) (2025)

The Disney logo is in the Paramount background, but the Paramount logo has no stars, mountain, byline, and the "Paramount" text. Just the castle with the "Disney" text without "Walt" and "Pictures".

The Lord Of The Rings (Rated R Version) (2015)

Same As Above But The Stars Mountain And The Byline Is There, Also It Has The Castle With The Walt And Pictures Text, But No Disney Text. The Disney Logo Then Fades To A Sky And The Paramount Logo Follows This

Teamo Supremo: The Movie (April 2, 2014)

Same as the Lilo and Stitch variant, but the castle gets pulled away by Brenda's jumprope. On the trailer, but the castle is dark blue and the background is red. On the TV spots, Captain Crandall punches away the logo.

Shawn Lightyear: Good Hero, Bad Hero (2017)

The 2016 logo with the "Walt Disney Pictures" text already there is animated to look like a 2000's cartoon. when the curved line is drawn over the castle, we zoom out and see that it is a panel in a comic book. At the end of the film, the 2008 variant of the 1985 logo is tinted red, after the flash, it reverts back to its normal color, blue.

Shawn Brubaker's "Dreams" (2017)

The 2016 logo is seen in a more atmospheric setting to make it look like a child's dream. When the music is finished the logo fades to white as opposed to normally fading to black.

Sorry! the Disney edition (TV game show, 2010-2019)

Opening Variant: The 2000 logo plays as normal until the flash. The text reads "Walt Disney Television" rather than "Walt Disney Pictures".  Snow White, Buzz Lightyear, and Winnie the Pooh run into the logo from the left side of the screen. Buzz draws the curved line over the castle with his wrist laser. They then get chased off of the screen by Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, Hades and Maleficent. Pooh accidentally drops his tub of honey onto the floor which causes the villains to trip and fall, and then they slide into the opening credits. Closing Variant: The 2000 logo is shortened to the big flash. The music is replaced by a character's voice saying, "Sorry! the Disney edition was taped in front of a live audience at Disney MGM studios at Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.", or on later seasons and unaired test episodes "Sorry! the Disney edition was Recored/Produced/taped (In Front Of A Live (Studio) Aduence) at Nickelodeon Studios(In Orlando), at Universal Studios, (Orlando), Florida". Characters that would say this phrase:

  • Ariel (episodes 2 (Original Airing Only), 8, 12 , 22, 38, 45, 67,and 89)
  • Gosalyn Mallard (episode 41, unaired test episodes, the VHS release of episode 8 and the DVD of the season 2 premere only)
  • Buzz Lightyear (episodes 1, 9, 18, 27, 36, 54, 63, 72, 81,95 and the series finale)
  • Peter Pan (episodes 2 (Reprints) 24,6,7,13,21, the season 1 finale,35,64,96)
  • Mickey Mouse (Series premiere,episodes 3,5,10,11, 24, season 2 premiere)
  • Jessie (episodes 12,13,17,32,74,88)
  • Woody (episodes 16,29,season 2 finale,season 3 premiere, episodes 62, 75, 93)
  • Walt Disney impersonator (Final season episodes only)

Reprints Would Use The Walt Disney Television Blue Castle (With Or Without A Buena Vista (Internationa) Television/Disney ChannelOriginals/Disney XD Originals Logo) But The Audio Is The Same.

Annoying orange (1990)

On The 2007 Masterpiece Collection VHS,When The 2000 Logo Finishes,Tinker Bell Flies Out Of The Behind Castle And Changes The Screen To A Scene Of The Movie.Only Appeared On the Featurette ANNOYING ORANGE:The laughing live-action masterpiece.

A Rainbow appears behind the castle. Appears on the 2021 IMAX 3D re-release Trailer. 

Walt And Roy (2007)

The 1995 logo Is used,The Text Being In The Same style as it appeared On Old Disney cartoon shorts And The "Presents" Underneath Appeared below of The word "PICTURES",the 1995 castle Is seen above the Text and copyright information appears below. After,The camera zooms in through the castle gate to reveal the opening credits of the movie.

On The Introduction With Roy E. Disney Before The Movie,We See The Castle on a Red Textured Background As an homenage Of The Old Disney Cartoons. It Reads "Walt Disney" Below The Castle And "PICTURES" Below Of "Walt Disney". After,The Logo Pans Up And The red Curtains Is open Of The Introduction With Roy E. Disney.

On The Trailers,The 1995 logo is used,but entire logo is white and the "Walt Disney" script is in a older script font. Also,The word "PICTURES" is replaced with "PRESENTS" in a script font,The entire logo is a little slow. And the camera zooms from the logo.

Mickey’s BIG Movie! (2019)

The beginning is normal. Around the time the arc forms, Mickey runs on screen and paints the arc. He then runs away but he crashes into the camera, making the background warp into a sunny sky.

On the teaser trailer, Mickey’s shadow can be seen walking around.

On the UK trailer, the top flag on the castle becomes the British flag

On the USA trailer, the spark that draws the arc is shaped like a star.

Mickey is BACK! (2027)

The castle is tinted red. The sun comes up as the word “Disney” fades in.

Mickey‘s Xmas Party! (2030)

Firstly, we see the usual beginning. But, as we zoom down, it’s revealed that it’s snowing. The normal flag is replaced with a flag showing a bauble. The castle is tinted red again. The lake is now ice. The whole thing zooms out to reveal that it it was a picture on a bauble.

Alfredfield (2014)

After the flash, the logo turns into the same animated style of the movie. After the curve line draws, The sun rises on the left of top of the castle. It then fades into the sunset background.

On the teaser trailer, same as the movie variant.

On the Trailers And TV Spots,this 2000 logo is animated style, and Alfredfield pops out of the castle, saying "Hey! Hey! Hey!”.

Go! Animated (2012)

After the flash, the logo has the same animated style of the movie.

On The Trailers And TV Spots, same as the movie itself, but it gets zoom on to the theater screen at the movie theater.

Beat Club (2010)

Nearly just like the Recess:School's Out variant,but this time,after the flash,The logo is normal. Also,The Kazoo sounds are excluded,Mordekai and Rigby play the tune on yells while it plays. The Curved line is pure white. This comes directly before the short Little lamb,which opens the film.

At the end of the movie,The Fantasia 2010 Closing variant.

On The International trailer for the film,The logo is Surrounded by Confeti from the movie.

On The Theatrical trailer,The Curved line is pure Rainbow drawing.

Mickey And The Giant:The Giantest Stories (2010)

At The End Of The Logo,Tinker Bell Flies On The Castle And Changes The Screen To A Scene Of The Movie,The Book Appeared Flies And Open The Book,On The Opening Of The Logo.

Monsters,Inc:The Animated Series (2011-2018,TV Series)

On The EpisodeS "Ye Olden Eye Days" (2011) & "STUPID LOVE" (2013),The 2000 Logo (1998 Version, Later Changed In 2013 To 2012 Castle. Is Animated Style And Makes As The Cameo,Mike Opens The Door Of The Cinderella Castle And Closed,Later,The Word "Disney" Is Fall Of Earthquake.

On The Episode "What's Mike?",The 2016 Logo Makes A Cameo Of The Airplane In-Flight movie Was Mike And Monsters watching.

Monsters,Inc:Mike's Big Adventure Movie (2022)

Instead of the regular Disney logo,the movie opens We get A brief 2-D animated segment Where A Cartoon Mike Wasowski Finds An Air Pump And A ballon. He Inflates The ballon And it turns out to be A Disney Castle Which pops off And Flies Into The Sky and Mike making the magic fireworks,Where It Morphs Into The Disney Castle In The Word "Disney" logo As The Rest Of The Castle Forms Around It of The Curve line drawns asual. While This Happens of making his Disney logo,Mike Announcer that "Monsters Inc. The Scary,The Yell,The letters D I S N E and Y",The Movie Begins now.

A Monsters Inc. Christmas Movie (Video 2023)

The Logo Is Cut Of First Few Seconds,Later,Snowflakes Falls Of The Logo.

Gumball! The Movie (Video 2015)

The logo fades into the Space background.

Gumball! The Movie-Part II (Video 2016)

Similiar To Gumball! The Movie,The logo fades into the Elmore skyline,On The Opening Of The Movie.

Angry Birds In London:The Movie (2016)

The 2000 Logo Is Fades Out Into The London City Backdrop,On The Opening Credits Of The Movie.

Angry Birds! The Movie (2009)

After The Flash,The Castle Turns Into The King Pig's House And Bad Piggies Laughs Of The Melody Of The Logo,On The Opening Of The Movie.

Frankenweenie (2008)

After The Flash,The Logo Is Fades On Black And White,On The Opening Credits Of The Scene On The Movie.

The Island Volcano Red (2023)

The Castle morphs into a volcano.

Dumbo 2 (Video 2012)

The Logo Plays Normally,After The Curve Line,The Blue Castle Turns Into The Circus.

101 Dalmatians (2022)

The Logo Is blue darker than asual.

A Gronko Movie (1999)

Similiar To 1998 VHS Release Of Cinderella,But The logo's 1995 Fanfare Is Re-Orchestrated while the logo plays.

The Sesame Street/Muppet Movie (2001)

Exactly like on Annoying Orange,The Logo's Background Is Midnight blue,The Castle And The word "PICTURES" Are Blue And Slim,The flash draws the curved line is white is a little transparent and Doesn't glow a big.

DVDs Deleate This Logo But It Keeps The Jim Henson And CTW Logos.

Annoying Orange 2 (2013)

The line drawing over the castle is orange instead of white And Flowers appear all over the curved line as soon as it gets after drawns the curve line.

Spot! The Movie (2005)

The 2000 Logo Is Animates The 3D Version,After,The Curve Line Draws And Destroyed The Top Of The Castle,On The Screen Of Opening Credits Scene Of The Movie.

HeadHogs (2006) and The Wizard Of Oz (1949,International Release)

The logo plays asual, But the background is darker. On The Wizard of Oz,The 2007 video and the 2010 DVD has used the 1995 variant with a silent version. But the background is darker again.

Hotel Twilight (Live-Action,2015)

The 2000 Logo Is Animates Normally,The Castle Turns Into The Cartoon Twilight Castle Of Hotel Twilight Films,On The Actual Feature.

On The Trailer,The 1995 Logo Is On A Gravestone And The White Curved Line Is Nowhere To Be Seen.

Finding Nemo:the movie (2024)

At The End of the movie,Nemo jumps into the water.

On the international Trailer and Blu-Ray 3D release,The fish jumps into water and the camera pans down the water.

On The 1st,2nd and 3rd Trailer,The logo is surrounded by floating bubbles and morphs into the Title card.

On The Christmas Day promo,The 2021 logo with the Sydney city backdrop and made out of snow.

Lady And The Tramp (Live-Action,2015)

The 2000 Logo Is Surrounded By Snow,On The Opening Of The Movie.

Donald Duck (2010)

On The Opening Credits Of The Movie,The Logo Turns into A Cloud Which Resembles a castle.

Tooth Fairy (2011)

The Orange 2010 Logo Plays Normally,The "Flashlight" Logo Is Blue With Star Coming Out Of The Curve Line.

30th Movie (2013)

After The Curved Line Draws,The Giant Word "30" Appeared And Is Red.

Ugly Duckling (1949,1997 Bonious On "The Muppet Show, Host Battle VHS).

All References To Walt Disney Are Gone.

Ugly Duckling (1949,2024 Short Film Before "Finding Nemo:The movie").

At The end of Ugly Duckling,The short film shown before Finding Nemo:The movie,The Castle Is Stylized Like The Short And We See On A Red Textured Background As An Homenage To The old Disney cartoons. The ugly duckling rides the Curved line with the trail of pixie dust.

Snow Day (2013)

The Logo Animates Normally,After The Curve Line Draws,The Castle Is Covered With Snow And Ice.

Pooh's First Movie (2011)

When the logo finishes animating,The logo fades out,But the blue background. The opening credits and the movie's logo appears over the background.

Catnapped (2003)

The 1993 "WALT DISNEY PICTURES" logo Are Orange. But Turns Drawns With Blue Cartoon Sky background Is Drawns of the logo,On The movie.

Spot 2 (2023)

The 2021 Logo Is Animated The 3D Version,On The Opening Credits Of The Movie.

At The End Of The Movie,The 2000 Logo Is Used,The Word "Walt" And "PICTURES" Is Deleted,And The Curve Line Is Draws The Smooter Rate.

Invansion Of mouse snappeds (2008) Opening:

We See The Blue Castle On A Red Textured Background As An Homenage To The Old Disney Cartoons. It Reads "WALT DISNEY ANIMATION Presents" Underneath,Also,Mickey Mouse's Head Appeared On The Top Of The Castle.

Tornado (2010)

The 2010 Orange Logo Is Appears From The Clouds.

On The International Trailer,The 1993 "WALT DISNEY PICTURES" Are Dark Blue.

Walt Disney Home Video Movie Intro (2007)

The 2000 Walt Disney Pictures Logo Plays Asual And Finishes (With Original 1995 Fanfare),Until Mickey Mouse Interrupts. He Pops Into The Castle And Tells The Audience That The Movie Can't Begin Until You Wish Him A Happy Birthday. It Then Cuts To Various Mickey Mouse Cartoon Clips As A Chorus Sings "Happy Birthday to You". It Then Cuts Back To Mickey Looking Rather Satisfied. This Appeared On A 2007 59th Anniversary Edition VHS Of The Wizard Of Aniamio And The 2007 Print Re-Release Of The Liaan Elephant.

The Little Mermaid (Live-Action,2014)

The 2000 Logo Is Surrounded By Water.

Chip N Dale, Pownding Plummers (1999)

A Still Version Of The 1995 Logo (With Presents Added) Fades In On The Opening Titles And Morphes Into The Logo Of The Film.

The Adventures Of Chip 'N' Dale (2011)

The 1990 logo plays asual,homever,But turns into a Comic book. The curve line is drawn by a bird.

Robin Hood (Live-Action,2022)

The Logo Is Darker Than Asual.

That "Blopper" Lights,Camera,Mickey Mouse (2007) Opening:

A Recreation Of 1946 Mickey Mouse's Head logo,After,Cuts Of Fades Out Of The Instead Of The Normal Blue Castle logo,A Recreation Of "Brave Little Trailor" logo With A Red Textured Background As An Homenage Of The Old Disney Cartoons Animation Comes Up And It Is Similiar To The 1950's Mickey Mouse Cartoons Bumper,But The Music Now Has An Abriged And High Pitched Theme Of The Opening Of Donald Duck Cartoons Music With The Castle "Twanging" Noise Intact At The Beginning,The Title Of The Logo Reads "WALT DISNEY ANIMATION",And The Text "MICKEY MOUSE" Below Underneath And Below The Castle Now Reads "Presents".

During The Cartoon, At The End Of Mickey Mouse's 73rd Anniversary Spetacular Scene:

We See A Recreation Of 1960's Disney Cartoons "The End" Script Closing logo,But After "A WALT DISNEY PRODUCTION" Appears,After That,The Logo Quicly Too Fast,Eventually Burning Up. Then,It Cuts To A Slide Reads "MICKEY MOUSE:73rd and 1/2 Anniversary Special Spetacular" With A Mickey Mouse's Head Appeared And But With A Copyright Stamp And Motion Picture Association Of America logo And RCA logo Appeared Below Of The Slide, After That Comes The Old Animated Countdown Screen.


A Rather Different Ending Plays Instead Of "The End" Script logo,In Which A Different Font Is Ink And Blue,Scrolls Up ward,Followed By A Outlined Red Textured Background With A Ballons In It Appeared Flying For A Split-Second.

Chip 'N' Dale Begins The Mission Again (Video 1999)

When the logo finishes animating,The 1995 Walt Disney Pictures logo Is seen at the bottom of the Film's intermission title card,But with a copyright Stamp and the Motion Picture Association Of America logo and the RCA logo below the castle.

Attack Of The Beavers (2013,US Version)

After the flash,The logo is the Wood background. The curve line is drawn by a fire spark.

At The End Of The Movie, The 1995 logo plays during the Closing Credits, But with the castle and the text are tinted a light blue. The standard closing logo appears at the end.

From All of Us to All of You (2026)

The 1996 "Disney" on ITV logo is used and 1988 Walt Disney Home Entertainment theme is heard.

After the credits, short version of 2021 Disney logo is used at the end.

Bruce and the Sharks! (2020)

When the logo finishes its animation,The logo plays animating and the camera pans down into the water. After,is floating by bubbles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2016)

The 1990 Logo Animates Normally,But Green And Pizza,After The Logo Ends,The 2000 Logo Is Fades Out The Black Backgrounf And Pizza Is Color,On The Movie.

Snoobis (2021)

The Logo Is Fades Out Into Snoobis,The Wild Dog Resembles A Castle.

Club Penguin The Movie (2020)

At The End Of The Movie,The 2016 Logo Is Painting On A Computer Screen.

The Wilds Before Movie (2010)

The 2000 Logo Is Animated Style,After,The Benson Rabbit's Hand Touching The logo from the middle. The Text "Walt Disney" And "PICTURES" Waves a little and the Blue Background Changes Into The Blue Cartoon Water.

The Wilds Before Christmas (2015)

After The Flash Draws The Curve Line,Snowflakes Start to fall. After The Logo Fades Out,The Snowflakes remain,But The Blue Background Turns Into A Dark Blue Sky To The Opening Credits.

The Island Volcano Red (1985)

On Some Japan VHS Prints,The 1995 logo Is used.

On Some Korea VHS And DVD Prints, The 2008 Logo Is Used.

Pluto! The Movie (2014)

The 2000 Logo Is Used,But Fading Out Of The Blue Background.

On The Trailer,The 1993 "WALT DISNEY PICTURES" Are Yellow And Fades Into The Green Cartoon Grass.

Despicable Me (2021)

On Some DVD And Blu-Ray 3D Release Prints,The 2016 Logo Is Used.

During The Making Of "Despicable Me" Of Bonus Features,At The Beginning Of Minions Easter Spetacular Scene:

We See A Castle On A Red Textured Background As An Homenage Of The Old Disney Cartoons.It Reads "WALT DISNEY PICTURES Presents" Underneath. But After,The Variation Is Over On Fades Out Of The Blue Background,The Title "DESPICABLE ME:Minions Easter Spetacular" Zooms In.

Aladdin (2020)

When The Logo Finishes Animating,The Logo Goes Backwards And The Clouds Zooms In The Arabian Nights,On The Actual Feature.

Pinocchio (2000)

The logo fades out To The Black Background With Stars Is Used. The 1995 Fanfare Is Re-Orchestrahed.

The Fox And The Hound (Live-Action,2006)

The 1993 "WALT DISNEY PICTURES" Are Painting In Blue.

On The Trailer,The 2000 Logo Is Used.

The Horror Of Mickey:Mickey's Halloween Horror Movie (2016)

The logo Is Fades Out Into The Old Animated Movie Countdown Of The End Of The logo.

The Jacks Movie (2008) And The Mickey Mouse Club Movie (2009)

The 2000 Logo is used,But The Background Is Black Is instead of blue.

Jacks 2 (2016)

We See A Castle On A Red Textured Background As An Homenage to the old Disney cartoons. It Reads "Walt Disney Pictures presents" Underneath. Segueing Into The New Walt Disney Animation Studios logo.

On The Christmas Day promo,The 2000 logo Is Made out of Snow And Similiar To The 2016 Christmas Day Release In December 29, 2016.

Jacks 3-D (2021)

The 2021 logo Is Made out of Snow.

At The End Of The Movie,The 2016 Logo Is Used During The Closing Credits. Segueing After The Walt Disney Animation Studios Closing logo.

Earth-O-Worm Atomic (2007)

When The Logo Finishes animating,The Logo Turns Green and gets taken By An Inanimate jiggle And Jiggles into the Opening titles Of the movie.

On The International trailer,The 1993 "WALT DISNEY PICTURES" are blue And the OVNI Flying of the logo.

Cobra 2:Cobra's Return (2014)

The Logo is stolen By A UFO Beam. And Fades Out Of The Opening credits.

On The Trailer,Lighting Sparks Is Drawns Of The Curve Line.

On The International trailer,The 2010 logo Is Used,But Black And white.

The Legend Of Sleep Hollow (2011)

The 2000 "Flashlight" logo Is darker Than Asual. Also Seen of the movie and the trailer.

Earth-O-Worm Atomic 2:The Return Of Vermy (2010)

The 2000 logo is used,The Background Is Replaced With Water.

Earth-O-Worm Atomic 3:Wormy's Adventure (2014)

Exactly Like On Earth-O-Worm Atomic variant,But Jiggles by green of takes an inanimate jiggle. But More detailed of Jiggles into The Opening credits. The 1995 fanfare is re-orchestrated.

At The End of the movie,The 1995 logo is used during the closing credits.

Darkwing Duck The Movie (2007)

Same As The Mickey Mouse Club Movie, But After The Flash, The Background Changes To A Night Time Sky. Then Darkwing Duck Comes In And Says "I Am The Terror That Flaps In The Night, I Am The Horror That Ruins Romantic Films, I Am Darkwing Duck, So Let's Start This Mov... Um Better Idea. LETS GET DANGEROUS HA HA HA HA HA" Then He Runs Off And The Intro Of The Movie Is Shown.

Spooky Town (2014)

The logo Turns Drawns,And The castle Is opens With Darwing Duck With A Picture Of No Ghost On his body. He Laughs,And Move Of The Opening titles.

Fat Buggy (2025)

When the logo finishes its animation,The 2021 logo is projected in a underground building and turns into a cartoon of the movie. After that,The logo zooms in back and the two Dodgeballs falls down. "Disney" dodges it,then goes back to normal. Then the logo is crashed of the Opening credits.

At The End Of the movie,The 2008 logo is used during the closing credits,But with The castle and Text Says "PARAMOUNT-ISNEU STUDIOS". The standard closing logo Appears at the end.

On The Theatrical trailer for the movie,A Crimson Basketball ball falls down. "Disney" dodges it,then goes back to normal.

On The International trailer,The 2021 logo is used. The curved line is drawn by a basketball ball from the Movie.

On The TV spots,The 2021 log zooms of the movie poster on the Movie theater.

The Old mill (1947,2025 Short Film Before "Mickey Mouse")

At The End Of The Short film before Mickey Mouse. After The Curve Line draws,The castle morphs the old mill From the short film. "Disney" Is written chalk,and the castle is stylized from the short.

CatRock (2016)

The logo appears as normal. Then Suddenly,It turns into a crudely drawn version of the castle,with wiggling the text "Walt Disney". The Text and The curve line dissipate as an evil-looking animated pink cat,Who wears a red-white striped helicopter cap (Like the one seen in the movie) and the picture of a Fish sign of his body,Opens the castle from the inside. He laughs,and then we zoom into his mouth.

At The End Of the movie,But The Film Itself. The Curved Line Drawns and Fades into the background.

On The trailer,the logo is zooms in of a Movie poster and the curved line draws at the smoother big rate.

On The International trailer,The 2010 logo is used,But Fades To white.

Angry Birds Space (2017)

When the logo is done animating,We see the logo is placed of the sunset sky background. Also seen of the International trailer.

The Little Elephant (1998)

When the 1995 logo plays to cut to last few seconds. After the flash,A Choir Singing the tune can be heard while the logo plays.

Mopi (2005)

After the curve line, the logo turns into the movie's sun.

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot (In Cinemas June 21st, 2008)

Same as Duck Tales the movie: Treasure for the lost lamp, but after the chorus sings the logo, We see Mighty Robot flying with Ricky Ricotta, Punching the logo to pieces.

Maleficent: The end of the MU Campus (Summer 2025)

Same as Lio and Sitch Variant, But After the curve lines at the logo, the classic Maleficent can be sawn, casting the Evil spell to the logo, then we hear a thunder and see a lightning, then the castle and the logo break to pieces.

Mickey,Donald and Goofy in Ghostbusters (1997)

The 1995 logo starts while the movie begins. A re-orchestrated version of the fanfare from the Mickey Mouse short Mickey thru the mirror starting with a pixie dust sound as after the flash plays throught. This comes directly before the Donald Duck short The Vampire Duck,which opens the film.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice: A Night on Bald Mountain (July 8th, 2022)

The 2016 logo is tinted grayish blue and the fireworks are replaced by a thunderstorm. While the camera rotates around the castle, a shadow of Chernabog flies across the screen.

Mickey Mouse (2025)

On The International Trailer for the movie,The logo transforms into a gold paper. The castle is stylized of cartoon from the movie. The paper flipping of the Trailer continues.

On the 1st,2nd and 3rd Trailer,The castle morphs into ToonTown. The "Disney" is stylized of the movie.

On The TV Spots,The logo is black-and-white cartoon. Mickey mouse jumps into the water.

On the One TV Spot,The logo transitions into a cartoon theme.

On the Film itself,The logo is stylized from the black-and-white cartoon theme of Animated 3-D segment from the movie. The stars in the background are cheaply animated and the logo zooms out from the top of the castle to show the entire logo,with the "Disney" text already formed for the animated cartoon. The logo then zooms in through the castle gate to reveal the Walt Disney Animation Studios logo and the movie begins now with the opening credits scene.

Colho (2024)

On the opening of the movie,When the logo finishes,The Disney logo turns into A style animation from the movie and The castle is stylized of the 1995 castle. The camera pans right into Japan with the movie begins with voiceover Colho about tell the story of warrior of animals of China. The music is a rock version of the fanfare.

On the International trailer for the movie,The logo heads to China.

On The trailers and TV Spots,The logo heads to China again and the Birds flying of the sky.

On The Super Bowl spot,The sky is blue and Fireworks exploding of the logo.

Another TV Spot features Rabbity drawn and making his Disney logo. He says "Crazy!".

BeeZ (2004)

The 2000 logo is normal. But the background is darker. The logo's 2000 fanfare is re-orchestrated,and the flash that draws the curved line is in a lighter shade of aquamarine. 

At The End of the movie,The logo plays normally. But the background is brighter blue.

BeeZ 2:The Adventure continues (2006)

After the flash,The castle turns into the New York city. Then,The camera zooms out into the New York city of the opening credits.

Stephen and the Pet dogs 2 (2011)

After the flash,Stephen and the magic dogs plays the tune with many instruments while the logo plays

Dogzilla (2016)

The logo plays normally, but the background is red and the opening theme of the movie plays over it,

At the end, it's the same as the opening, but Dogzilla walks behind the castle.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (2010)

The Castle is Black and White and Oswald jumps and starts dancing

Oswald 2! (2013)

Oswald climbs and the castle tumbles

Gromit's After Star (2015)

Rarely Disney is Slowly Becoming the Fast But end Gromit Yelps Hearing in the Logo.

Gravity Falls: The Movie (2027)

Same as The Jungle Book (2016) variant.

West Wallaby Adventure (2005)


A Castle Cases & Fades into a West Wallaby Street.

M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E (2004)

The logo is made out of code.

Memes:The Movie(2025)

The "Wreck it-Ralph" international trailer variant is seen.  but the complete logo is seen 

At the end of the film, the castle is red, the text is white, the  flag is orange and the line is green. with the song "Trolololo"

Sin título 2.png

The Creme Eggs Movie (2015)

The logo plays normally but instead of the text forming, A Creme egg squirts a Goo Gun on the screen and forms the text, and a Creme Egg forms the arch.

Kenny McCormick's 1st Movie (UK, 1998, 2004/2008 UK DVD Version)

After A Greeny Flims Logo in a Live Action So It Was A Logo for a Same as Princess Diaries,But Logo scrolling up in the ident two. On DVD and VHS,Same as It Does.

Sans and Papyrus: The Movie (2016)

It Was Black and White Logo and Then Sans and Papyrus Landed on a Disney Logo and Starts Dancing.

Sans and Papyrus: The Movie 2 - The Adventures of Stacey (2017)

Logo in a Tinted Snowdin Color That's Sans Walks That in front of a Castle and Starts Speaking.

Jack Paul: The Movie (2016)

The logo plays as normal, but at the end, when "Disney" fades in, Jack Paul walks in and says "Click on the Text to get started!". Then, a mouse appears, and hovers over "Disney" and clicks on it. Then, a yellow, crying face appears over Jack Paul and says :"Uh oh, little Crybaby!" and starts yelling.

Mickey Mouse, Disney's Documentary of the History of Our Favorite Friend (2019)


The logo is still, greyscale, and has eyes, hands, and Mickey ears. Mickey then lifts himself up and paints the logo.

Bagel's 1st Movie (1976)

The Logo is higher pitched than usual, and after its done, it zooms into the castle, starting the movie.

Bagel's 2nd Movie (1980)

The Background is purple.

Bagel's 3rd Movie - Mechanical Madness (1983)

The logo is made of of Metal parts, such as springs, gears, and batteries. It then changes to the Nickelodeon Movies logo, which is in the same font. In the trailer, it starts when the text forms, and it says "Disney" instead of the usual "Walt Disney".

Bagel's 4th Movie - An RPG Adventure (1988)

The logo plays out of normal, but after its done, Candy Cane and Redne destroy the castle, and light the text on fire. While it is happening, the theme "Danger!" From M/L Superstar Saga plays.

Bagel's 5th Movie - Summer Fun (1991)

The logo is made of sand, and looks different. Then, Bagel writes "Disney" in the sand with a stick.

Doodle Toons (2014)

The 1990 logo is seen with the words, "Walt Disney Pictures" seen instead of the 2011 logo, but after the fanfare ends, The Words burns into Pieces. When the castle turned into the 2006 logo with Searchlights appearing, then the burnt pieces turns whites and changes into the words, "FT7" and "FoxTherron7 Enterprises"

Gumball! the movie part 3 (2011)

same as gumball the movie part 2 it fades to the warner bros pictures logo

Go Animated 2 (2007)

same as the incredibles 2 variant, but it's in it's normal colors.

Bagal's 6th movie: my edible slime (2009)

the sky is oramge and the star at the beggining is replaced with a yellow bagel. the castle is replaced with a stature of a ring pop with windows. Disney is in a Begal Font.

Bagel's 7th movie: Time Travel to 1st - 6th (2010)

the 2011 logo zooms to in the castle instead of disney forming then a picture of the Pixar variant is seen in the wall.

Bagel's 8th movie: Sneak Peeks are here (2012)

instead of the normal logo, we see a pizza hut commercial with the bbc2 idents, but the charactrs are replaced with bagel characters. the pizza hut logo at the end is replaced with the picture of the 1985 logo for disney (without walt and pictures). the nickelodeon movies logo in a Toy Story Land commercial with the giant slinky dog plays after.

Bagel's 9th movie: more Sneak Peeks are here (2013)

instead of the normal logo, a trailer for a league of their own plays, but the columbia pictures logo isn't here, and the trailer logo now reads "Disney" instead of a league of their own. after, a Incredibles 2 trailer 1 plays for the Nickelodeon Movies logo.

Bagel's 10th movie: logo land (2016)

the 2011 logo takes place in logo land with the Disney text already formed and the arc is absent.

Bagel's 11th movie: D.I.Y. Marathon (2017)

the logo starts with a time-lapse of Candy Cane making a TV out of Arts and Crafts. then it zooms to the TV to see the 2011 logo but made of crafts.

Bagel's 12th movie: even more Sneak Peeks are here (2018)

the 2011 logo starts normal, but when the flag appears, the animation freezes. then cut to the still of the 2011 logo with the arc. as it cuts to the nickeldoeon movies logo.

Bagel Trilogy (1976, 1980, 1983, 1988, 1991, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018)

the combination of all the bagel variations.

Bagel's 13th movie: Bad Luck, Bagel! (2019)

same as the Incredibles 2 Variant, but the sky is black and the castle is replaced by a haunted house where a big "13" is shown. "Disney" is in it's normal silver color. aslo, after "Disney" Forms, ghosts come out of the door and float to the screen where the ghosts fly away revealing the nickelodeon movies logo on a gray background.

Bagel's 14th movie: Good Luck, Bagel! (2019)

same as the BTM: BLB! variant, but after the arc, the sky turns blue and the haunted house turns to the current 2006 castle. the arc turns to it's usual colors. instead of ghosts flying and revealing the nickelodeon movies logo, we see a rainbow falling from the sky before turning to bagel. bagel gets a white box and throws it revealing the nickelodeon movies logo.

Bagel's 15th movie: Even Even More Sneak Peeks are Here (2019)

the Walmart clown commercial is shown, but his wig is brown with bagel charatcers replacing the kids. the walmart logo at the end is replaced by a still image of the disney print logo from 2012. the Nickelodeon Movies logo is resembling a Empire Commercial from the 80s.

Bagel's 16th Movie: Sneak Peeks are Here Again (2019)

the Christopher Robin Variant is shown, but instead of fading to "Disney Presents", we fade to the nickelodeon movies logo on a paper background

Bagel Trilogy P2 (2019)

a combination of all the bagel variations.

Fantasia 3000 (2020)

the 1995 Logo is shown, but after the "D" forms, mickey comes.

Go Animated 3: Eric gets OSs (2014)

normal logo but the star at the start is replaced by the Go! from the GoAnimate logo. the arc is replaced by a computer mouse forming the goanimate remake of the arc changing to a goanimate remake of the disney logo. the sparkles that form "Disney" is gone.

Bagel's 17th Movie: Even Even Even Even More Sneak Peeks are Here (2019)

the 2031 variant of the 2006 logo is shown, but after the buena vista byline fades in, we zoom to the castle as the castle plays alot of commercials that form the nickelodeon movies logo from 2030.

Bagel's 18th Movie: Even Even Even Even Even More Sneak Peeks are Here (2020)

same as the BSM: EEEEMSPAH Variant, but the nickelodeon movies logo is from 2040.

on the trailer, bagel is holding the 1990 logo with the buena vista byline on a blue background and the 2030 Nickelodeon Movies logo.

Go Animated 4: Eric gets Errors (2020)

normal logo but when the flag appears, a windows error is seen saying "You got a Mickey Error" with the buttons saying "Cancel" and "Delete". a computer mouse is seen and the animation stops. a mouse is seen and clicks on "Cancel" but turns gray and the mouse moves by mickey and clicks on "delete". then, the rror closes and the logo chsnges to the 1990 logo and changes to the pixar variant but soon glitches to the 50 years logo then, the background dissapears and the text and tinkerbell dissapears and a red background is seen with a Comedy World Mickey and "Mickey was killed by CCG88" (with "CCG88" in it's own font) is seen. then, the screen turns off but turns back on. it trys again for 12 times and then the computer gets the blue screen of death. then, a key sound is heard while the windows 10 logo is seen loading. then, we get to the 2011 logo but starts with the flag. when the logo is done, we zoom out to reveal the Vyond studios logo.

Bagel's 19th Movie: Another D.I.Y. Marathon (2020)

The logo from D.I.Y. Marathon is shown, but the 2011 logo is the 2031 variation with the byline in a diffrent font.

Bagel's 20th Movie: We got Sneak Peeks Take 1 (2020)

same as the BSM: EEEEEMSPAH Variant, but a "20" replaces the flag and the commercials are diffrent.

Bagel's 21st Movie: We got Sneak Peeks Take 2 (2020)

same as the WGSPT1 variant, but the 20 is replaced by a bagel.

Bagel's 22nd Movie: We got Sneak Peeks Take 3 (2020)

same as the WGSPT2 variant, but the commercials are diffrent.

Bagel's 23rd Movie: We got Sneak Peeks Take 4 (2020)

same as the WGSPT3 variant, but this time, this is the 1st film to use the nickelodeon movies logo from 2049. the 2049 nickelodeon movies logo replaces the 2040 logo.

Bagel's 24th Movie: We got Sneak Peeks Take 5 (2020)

same as the WGSPT4 variant, but since the nickelodeon logo changes in 2060, the 2060 Nickelodeon logo replaced the 2040 logo and the castle is diffrent.

Bagel's Last Take of We got Sneak Peeks (2020)

same as the WGSPT5 variant, but at the end, the nickelodeon logo disapears and the background fades to black to make room for the paramount players logo.

Bagel gets Sucked in the Game (2021)

the 1990 logo is shown, but "Walt" is gone and "PICTURES" is replaced with the buena vista byline.

Cream Eggs 2 (2018) and Cream Eggs 3 (2021)

Same as The Cream Eggs Movie variant, but the buena vista byline is seen.

Cream Eggs 4 (2021)

Same as the Cream Eggs Movie 2 variant, but this time, the goo gun splats the screen instead of forming the text. the cream floats down, revealing the 2021 logo made of chocolate.

Bagel's Big Adventure (2021)

the 2011 logo glitches, with alot of Disney logos (incuilding the incrediles 2 variant) brefly seen.

Cream Eggs 5: Gooing to the Mountain (2021)

Same as the Cream Eggs 4 variant, but this time, instead of the 2021 logo made of chocolate, the goo mountain from the film is seen instead. a cream egg is seen gooing to the mountain. then, the mountain melts revealing the 2006 Castle. the cream egg goes from left to right, making an arc around a castle. then, some cream fades in and forms "Disney".

Cream Eggs: The Series (2009-2021)

The Cream Eggs 2 variant is shortened to the goo gun.

Bagel: The Series (1980-2021)

the Bagel the Movie variant is shortened to the arc and instead of the opening, the bagel productions logo is shown.

Go Animated: Mission: Ungrounded (2019)

the logo plays on Caillou's TV. before the disney text forms, boris comes in and shuts the tv. boris looks at the camera and says "You are So Grounded". boris comes to the camera and shakes it, falling down. then, the color bars are seen. the bars fall down, revealing the Disney logo with caillou instead of the castle. boris comes in and throws the set, revealing Caillou's room and he destroys the arc and Disney text and the sparkles turn to cardboard and fall down. then, Boris says "You are So Grounded" to caillou and caillou runs away while crying and boris comes to the camera and shakes it and the camers falls down to the floor, making the color bars. the bars fall down, revealing the Walden Media Variation.

Maus 4: Cheese to Tree (1981)

The Background is Dark Blue.

Maus 11: Maus’ Easter Egg Hunt (2013)

Same as 2000 Variant, The Castle is Patterned with Orange and Brown, just like The Mouse (Die Maus).