I Had A Dream Of The V Of Steel, It Flashed 9 Times, LOL.

Also I Had A Dream Of The Turner Adult Cartoons Logo, It Played In Reverse. xDDDDDDDDDDD.

I had a dream where i found a 1984 VHS of Dumbo at my Random-ness Wiki Friend, Maxwell the scribblenaut's house and it had a pretty good look. I ran the tape on my Magnavox #NB677 VCR and it had the green 1991 FBI Warning Screens but after the FBI Warning screen and the Lincensed screen, the green Duplication screen from the Canada VHS Tapes of Disney was shown. Then, the Ultimate Walt Disney Classics "Metal Diamond" Logo video by the YouTube user bslatky was shown, then text saying:"Due to a Lawsuit over the Song of the South Movie release on VHS in the UK, this VHS of Dumbo will be released by Columbia TriStar Merv Griffin Home Video". That was very odd. It was, Columbia TriStar Merv Griffin Home Video themed, too!

UPDATE: Today, i was watching the videos of hao3401, then all of my favorite cartoon characters popped out of my computer! Gosalyn said the logos need help! Then, i was in the logo for Bee Caves Road, then, the animal in the logo gave us a map. Then, i found the logo for PBS 1984, then i put the S on, etc. I woke up next to Gosayln. Then we went both back to sleep and dream #2 started.

Then, me and Gosayln were eating Pringles rewind edition while watching Minimax's FTA slot. Sailor Moon was playing on Minimax at this time. It was aired at 2:30 pm, a more favorable time slot. Then, the logos got repaired by themselves! Then, i was okay. Gosayln was happy and so happy!


Silversword55: I had an HBO Ind. Productions logo in my dream, but instead of the Light of Doom, it had the 1996-2005 Variation, with the HBO logo surrounded by "INDEPENDENT PRODUCTIONS" on a glass parallelogram, in a navy background. Another parallelogram appared, then a bunch of random text popped up on the sides, and the best part is it didn't scare me!

JHprod: I had 2 Hanna-Barbera All-Star Action logos, but different. It has the Gorillaz-like people who had blue shirts & 1 zebra. The first one is those guys walking n' runnin' & the rock guy gets slammed & the 2nd one is these guys running & the zebra stands still on the left & then, the zebra gets slammed. The 1st logo had the extended version of the Hanna-Barbera All-Star Action jingle. The 2nd one had the original version of the Hanna-Barbera All-Star Action jingle.

xxStarMan122xx: I had a dream that there was a logo called "VCI Collection". Instead of the music used on the SVI logo, it had the same music and animation on the UK Video Collection logo. It was cool at first, but the logo on the end scared me. So I wish there was that logo.


I had a dream where I bought my pet Fire Ickis, we watched SWAT Kats together, but at the end insted of the Hanna-Barbera logo had an extremely funny video, ViD mask started screaming and singing "I LIKE FOOD! THERE ISN'T ANYTHING BETTER THAN FOOD!" and the logo was completely sped up. Then the Klasky-Csupo logo appeared, but he said, "HEY LOOK! IT'S FRED FLOON-STEEN!" followed by Pinchface singing Figaro's Aria. The Enterprise clapboard logo was replaced by Dexter saying "Welcome to Enterprise home video, please be sea-" Dee Dee interuppted him saying "HI DEXTER!!!!! Ooooooooh! What's this pretty logo do????" Dexter said "Don't press that! It'll scare the viewers!" *CLAP* Dee dee screamed and said, "EEEEEEK! MOM! DEXTER'S GOT A SCARY ENTERPRISE HOME VIDEO LOGO!". It was followed by Bubbles and Blossom getting scared of the Closet Killer. But hey, no Buttercup. Then it cut to a Cow And Chicken episode where Chicken laughs at the V Of Doom logo scaring Cow. Thundarr destroyed the SSF, WillWill45 was glad, Sealab 2020 had a shark scare away the S from Hell from Penelope Pitstop, which caused Hong Kong Phooey to accedentaly kill the Warner Bros. logo! The Warner logo had a headstone... but top Cat killed the Zoooming H-B logo from scaring Tom & Jerry.

3. I had a dream last night where the Paramount DVD logo was sped up, causing the DVD to play 50 Spongebob episodes sped up 37000%. But after that the dream ended. It was SOOOOOOO odd! o_O It was followed by my first dream listed here.

8/23/11 Update: Last night, I had a dream where I saw an Embassy logo simular to the Paramount logo, first I saw a big E (ala Embassy logo) made out of rock. Then a star near the logo fades in, the Embassy Pictures fades under low, the logo crossfades into the normal version. Then I saw the VID logo transform into Kermit The Frog. Then the Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment logo was normal, but inside the "from", there was the new Telepictures logo there. The Hanna-Barbera CGI Swirling Star logo had the same colours as the original Swirling Star logo, under it said "HANNA-BARBERA CARTOONS" and under that it said "AN AOL TIME WARNER COMPANY". Such a 2003-styled variant to see! Then the MGM/UA Television Productions was seen, but it was replaced by "MGM Television" and the byline was "An MGM Holdings Company". If my memory serves right, the 1987 roar was used. It cut to the Lorimar logo, but Lorimar was replaced with the words "VIACOM". I saw a logo like Viacom, but it was called "The Atari Logo Of Doom". The Cartoon Network Productions logo followed as the final, but the logo was replaced with the Windows 98 logo. Odd... but cool, too! Wait... I had another where there was a Hanna-Barbera logo, but it had Bugs Bunny on it!

10/3/11 Update: I had some cool dreams of logos last month! One is when Paramount Television was returning. The logo looked like the Paramount Hi-Def logo used on Blu-rays except "High Definition" was replaced by "Paramount Television". The new Viacom byline was under that. Then a dream about the MGM 1924 logo, but Leo played the role of Slats. Then I saw some Paramount FP logos in my sleep, I woke up after that.

10/31/11: Last night I had a weird dream. First, me and my pet Fire Ickis were watching TV, and suddenly it started to rain. The Gracie Films logo appeared on TV, but after the Shush Lady said "Shhh", the logo completely froze and rusted! So me and Fire Ickis moved to the family room to watch Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!. But right in the middle of the episode, it cut to the Stretch Films logo, it played again, and again, and it got faster and faster. It went so fast that the NBC Laramie Peacock logo appeared. The VID logo played but the VID mask turned into The Wizard Of Oz. He said, "I am Oz, the great and--". I turned off the TV. Something funny started to happen. The TV turned itself back on. It had a cute little show where the V of Doom, the S from Hell, and the Flashing WGBH logo had their own puppet show. The V puppet said to the WGBH puppet, "Hey S from Hell, how many stupid WGBH logos does it take to go to the bathroom? Just one, YOU!!!!!!". That got WGBH so mad, he turned into the 1972 WGBH logo. V and S got so scared, they got very crazy like the Muppets. Fire Ickis started laughing so hard. Than WGBH turned the TV off. The dream ended after that. ODD!!!!!

12/15/11: I had a dream where the Warner Bros. logo kept going faster and faster. It got so fast that it cut to the NBC 2011 logo. Then I went to the theater to see a Pink Panther movie, but while the film was rolling a REAL Pink Panther came into the camera room and ripped up the film, then the dream ended. ODD!

1/14/12: I had a very long dream. The MGM 2008 logo appeared on my TV, then it was followed by the 20th Television logo. Then a Simpsons short came on to be a filler. After that it was followed by the Gracie Films logo. The a screen with "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" appeared. Then followed by the 20th Century Fox Television logo from the 1980s. Then followed by the Warner Bros. Pictures logo and the Cartoon Network Studios logo. Then, Tom & Jerry run into my house, and for some reason everything is funny randomness. Charlie Brown falls down from the ceiling, and then Popeye punches Rick Astley while Hong Kong Phooey wheres a V of Doom shirt causing the VID mask to scream and run away. Then Charlie Brown kicks a football without missing a hit, then a pencil test version of Gorosaurus from the Godzilla movies smashes a Coke can while Mario beats up Popeye. All of the MGM lions break into the house and drink the root beer. Then Neon Mickey and the SSF come in . The Golden Book Family Entertainment G says, "BE QUIET! I'M TRYIN' TO READ!" Then the dream ended.


10/03/2011: I had a dream last night that I watched the end of The Simpsons episode "Homer the Great". I expected the 1987 Gracie Films logo, but instead, it had a variation with the logo tinted green with Kang and Kodos in the audience. The 1990 VID logo played instead of the 1995 20th Century Fox Television logo, but with the mask singing "USSR" by Eddy Huntington. When the song was finished, Noel Bloom Jr. (from Just for Kids VHS tapes) appeared and said to the mask "That was a great song, VID mask!" The mask said in the Easter Island Head's (from Night at the Museum) voice "Hey Dum-Dum, you gimme some Gum-Gum." Noel told me to turn off the TV, then the VID mask turned into the Mysterious Stranger (from The Adventures of Mark Twain) and said "Noel, you are but a thought." I pushed the Power button on the remote, but instead of turning off, it changed the channel to Disney Channel, which was playing the "Under the Sea" scene from The Little Mermaid. Espio (from Sonic Heroes), Lilo, Stitch, Sebastian the Crab, Ickis, Oblina, Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Homer Simpson, Edna Krabappel in mermaid form, Kang, Kodos, Bloo, Missing Link, Mushu, Devon and Cornwall (from Quest for Camelot), and the sharks from Finding Nemo joined in the TV audience and sang along with the song. When that song was finished, I turned off the TV. I woke up after that.

11/19/2011: Last night I had a dream that Ickis and I were about to watch The Pebble and the Penguin at Oscar's Theaters in the town of Pacific City, CA. After the previews, the Gracie Films logo appeared, but the text "GRACIE FILMS" was replaced by the Oscar's Theaters logo and the words "Our Feature Presentation" in a Laser font. The music in that logo was replaced with a part of an 8-bit cover of "The Final Countdown" by Europe. When the MGM logo appeared, the film burned up and the 1992 Oscar's Theaters "Final Countdown" policy trailer appeared on screen. Later, a screen appeared that read "MISSING REEL". Below those words read "Sorry for the inconvenience. - Theater Management". The song from the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail played after that. When the song ended, the dream was over.


I had 3 dreams, here's the first one, it's like a CREEPYPASTA!.

So I watched The Garfield show credits on Boomerang, and I expected a logo on the end but it was all static, then a black background, and Garfield with a weird, creepy style without eyes walked to the audience with a axe, then they showed me in Jon's garden with a heckler&koch g3, I go into the house, and everything was shaking, I turned up the light, Garfield was there with a VID mask replacing his head and a axe in his hand, the VID mask didn't have eyes, it was bleeding, a big Paramount logo in the 100th anniversary style goes up in the street, it was all blood, Odie was putting up the mountain, and the 22 stars flied in, but they flew in the house, I grabbed the axe, and killed the stars, then tried to axe the demonic VID mask Garfield, I was from outside, watched the television, then boomerang got all static ,a odd creepy old V of doom was shown, the text was in Segoe UI Light, and the text said, Windows 8 Demonic Preview, the BG was green, and a creepy blurry windows logo zoomed in quickly, it had skull eye sockets and a creepy red star flew around it, then they showed blurry B&W creepy bloody human heads they had white eyes, then my house exploded, I waked up and go back to sleep, and the second dream started.

I was watching Phineas and Ferb, then I at the credits I expected the Disney logo, but a odd MGM logo was there, it had Perry in the circle, Metro Goldwyn Mayer was replaced with Disney Animation Corporation, the drama mask was not there and it was in cartoonish style, Perry morphed into Mickey Mouse, and he said:kgbeugzwf.referjfwqeeeeeeee3 I said "What the hell?!", then go into Boomerang, it showed human heads from the first dream, but it stopped and showed a B&W depressed Google Chrome logo for 3 seconds, then it go to a odd closet killer, a shortened version of the Paramount 100th anniversary logo, the printed mountain was replaced with the 100th anniversary mountain, but it doesn't had 100th anniversary text under it, the text was in Segoe UI, and when we zoomed in the logo, it had a radial blur effect, then a odd Boomerang ident was shown, we zoomed in some gold coins, then it revealed the Ducktales logo, an announcer said "Ducktales is coming next to Boomerang" while we go left and some new Boomerang logo was there, instead of the scribbled Boomerang logo, it had a similar one, but it had a gold line under it and aren't were lines between the letters, and the OO had eyes, cartoonish eyes, and it looked around, then a commercial goes, it had slow music, showing the old blue Boomerang logo zooming in slowly, then the depressed google chrome logo was shown, he said "The scary *cough* presentation was old boomerangs funeral. Please there aren't a montage". Then the 2nd dream ended, after 19 seconds, the third and last one was shown.

I,the VID mask, the SSF logo, Ickis, Nermal, Odie, Arlene, V of doom was watching the TV, then the Closet Killer logo popped up,and Top Cat come in with the axe from the 1st dream (brrr!) then cut up the Closet Killer logo, then the S from hell zoomed on the TV, then a French toast was shown on the TV, but it flew away showing a purple VID mask with a cutie face (awww) with a body legs hands, then it danced and VID mask said hey its my sis, KAYLA!

CYCN's logo dreams:

I had a dream in 2017 when i was driving past trucks with the Columbia Tristar logo on it. The dream repeated, but that time the trucks were being painted over.

FainterPingy: A Dream...So I watched TV with my white kitten Odie (yes that's his name) We watched Disney Channel, It was Kid vs Kat, And the credits came on. When the studio B logo came in, The bubble thing from XP came on and said, No more space on the disk. Then the logo glitched up, the BG goes green, the B slides every way and it turned into a skull, a Loud noise played, It scared Odie away! Then some Adobe Premiere effects on the 2009 YTV logo Played, It was inverted by 40%,Then swirled, spins, then the distorting spinning stopped, then it slides. Then a commercial to the Garfield Show came on, But it was Nermals Picture for 5 sec. Then Odie came back. I give him some milk. He drink it up. Then my LCD TV automatically turned to TCM, it played the Windows XP logo swirling, then the loud noise came back, But Odie talked: "IDIOT WINDOWS XP" Then I turned to Boomerang, it was the Flintstones credits. The newer one...Then the Screen Gems S from hell came in, it was the polka Flintstones song. And the S was on a stone BG, The Text was white. And the S was Green. Then I go to sleep with Odie at 9:30.

Green_lantern40: I had a variation of the Hanna-Barbera "Zooming H-B" logo in my dream. What was different visually was that a drawing of Scooby-Doo on a nest zoomed up in place of the H-B. Also, the music was a grumbling sound as the drawing zoomed up, and a SCARY lion's roar when the drawing stopped.

WGBHBGW: I had a dream where I was watching a variant of the WGBH logo that was faint and blue instead of orange. It came on after an episode of the 2000s era ZOOM and had no sound or music that I could recall with certainty, but I think it might have had an announcer on it.

Wolfie14: I had a weird dream where I was watching a variation of the V of Doom. The V was red, the background was black, and the text was light purple. The V was zooming in slowly, and there was an almost heavenly synth as music. It was really weird.

Another dream was from 2010 when I was watching a variant of the Paramount 2002 logo, but the stars were orange and moved differently. The text "Paramount" was in light blue and zoomed from the "m" instead of the "P". Several light rays came down to the mountain and made a flash. That was weird.

Yet another one, it was when I was seeing the 1984 PBS logo, but when the piece moved to the right, it rotated and flew away instantly. After that, the P-Head turned yellow and the text "PBS" faded up and zoomed in below. Finally, another piece came out from the P-Head to the right. That was so odd!

Another one was when I was watching a still version of the 1975-1986 Paramount logo. Suddenly, a red V of Doom zoomed in and made the Paramount logo zoom in very quickly. After that, the words "A Viacom Presentation" faded in instead of zooming in. That was odd.

The next one was when I was seeing the 1971 PBS logo, but when the "P" turned into a P-Head, the background turned white and the text turned black. Also, the "B" turned green and the "S" turned red. After the music finished, the P-Head grabbed a microphone and yelled "Hey, you guuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyys!" That was odd.

I had a variation of the 1965 Screen Gems logo in my next dream. The difference is that the background was black, the "S" was yellow and the text was blue. Also, instead of drawing in, the already-formed "S" spinned in to the middle position and the text "SCREEN GEMS" slided in letter-by-letter instead of zooming. The music in this logo was a quiet peaceful fanfare. That was odd!

Another dream was when I visited the dining room at my house to eat a sandwich. When I did, I saw a paper bag that had a picture of the 1976 LBS logo with black text and a white background. That was weird!

Another dream was when I was watching the 1978 Lorimar logo, but when the music finished, the logo spinned around for three seconds. After that, the words "HOME VIDEO" in red and in the Times New Roman font zoomed out below "LORIMAR". That was so odd!

PaPaLuigi: I had a wacky dream of a variation of the cool SSF logo. The SSF's face was replaced with Optimus Prime's face from the 1st Transformers movie and he said, "Megatron is in my sight.". When the letters appeared, they were replaced by some of the faces of the robots in the 2nd movie. They transformed into the letters afterwards.

DreamMechanic: I had a dream when I was about 5 years old, I think sometime during 2000-2001, with numerous Disney logos. One had a bumper with the Walt Disney Classics Diamond at the top-left corner of the TV screen except it had numerous characters on the screen, all I can remember was there was Wart from The Sword in the Stone and Dawson from The Great Mouse Detective peeking out from behind the diamond and there was an announcer saying "Available now on videocassette." before it zoomed away ala Sorcerer Mickey. Later on, can't remember if it was in the same dream though, there was a Walt Disney Classics logo that had the Orange small alien from Space Jam trying to open a treasure chest, he looked at the screen and laughed, then unleashed a load of balloons and the background changed to the background in the Just for Kids logo (with the castle and hills) and "Walt Disney Classics" appeared. The end of the music was the tail end of the string quartet music used for Peter in Disney's Peter and the Wolf, just before Sasha the bird appears, mind you.

When I was about 6, I had a dream where we had a TV in my room and I was lying on a bunk bed with my mom on the lower bunk, and there was a Universal Cartoon Studios logo that had the main characters from The Land Before Time on balls bouncing around the logo, each one was on a different-colored ball.

When I was about 6 or 7, I had a dream where I was watching We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story in my living room and I was at the part just before "Roll Back the Rock" where Louie and Cecilia were looking at each other romantically, but all of a sudden the "Coming Soon to Home Video" bumper from the 1992 VHS of The Rescuers came on and I was so scared that I jumped up so high that my head came through the ceiling and poked up through an upper room.

In July of 2006, I was 10 at the time, I had a dream where I found a 1992 copy of 101 Dalmatians (My family did have it before, but it got broken or something) and I put it in a VCR but a strange variation of the Walt Disney Classics logo came up, it had Sorcerer Mickey in a different position, pointing at the right side of the screen, then when "Walt Disney" was written, it zoomed out really far, but then it settled in front of the diamond, but the background was very bright sky blue. Then, the spark turned them extremely bright, and when it ended, the diamond opened up like a door and zoomed in, it revealed a background like the "flashbang" bumpers, and text faded in asking us to stay tuned for previews after the movie.

Walt Disney Classics logo 101 Dalmatians

Later on in November, I was 11 then, I had a dream that started with my Grade 5 teacher putting on the 1992 VHS of Beauty and the Beast for the class but it had a series of strange "Coming Soon" bumpers, but I can't really recall them, though.

I had a dream where I was visiting a friend of my older brother's house for their birthday and I played a trumpet that had the "Disney Videos" logo on it sans the "Videos" rectangle and text, and after I blew a couple notes, the trumpet was rumbling and shaking so I let go of it and it floated in midair. Then the rectangle with the text "Videos" on it flew out of the mouthpiece, at first it was a CGI hourglass shape that morphed into "Videos" as it flew out, and settled where the "Disney" logo was.

Another logo dream I had, I think it was back in 2008 (can't believe I remember that far, especially since it's a dream), was when I was watching "Teen Titans" on TV on one of those "syndication" channels but instead of the Warner Bros. Television logo shown after the credits (although the logo was still superimposed in the end credits) the long version of the Sony Pictures TV logo was playing but throughout the logo, Knuckles was chasing Sonic(as they appeared on Sonic X). Yet another one, the WNET logo played but the text circling it is in gray. Red outlines appear at the very end.

Adventure_Time: I had a dream when there was a V of Doom As a Flipnote. Then I got a DSi XL to sign up to Hatena but the DSi crashed. It was the V of Doom, but it did not scare me, it was funny that the DSi XL crashed. Another one is where logos dream about their new replacements. Then gizmo, a flipnoter came along and it was scary logo fight of other friends of Hatena (Everybody). They were holding water balloons with the WBGH logo on them. gizmo said 3.. 2.. 1.. but later gizmo said FIGHT! The Hampster Dance played when battling the scary logos. At the end, Homer Simpson came and said D'oh! That dream is funnier than everybody's. Another one is that a yoyo with Walt Disney on it. When it goes down XD instead of Pictures in Exablock. (a la the Disney XD logo.)

I_Like_Peanut_Butter: A couple of days ago, I had a dream about a Zombie invasion, and at one point a Bloody, kinda Gory V of Doom smashes into the screen, and then a Zombie bursts out of the screen. That was probably the Weirdest part...

ATROCITYSODA333: I had a dream of the 20th Century Fox logo playing 12 times. Each time it played it was spinning slow. It played one last time which was when it turned beet red. Then it plays again for about 3 more times and speeds up to 4x. It plays one last time which was when it turned inverted and was changing to slow-mo. Then the 20th Century Fox logo blinks 5 times. So odd.........

BreilLogos: I had a dream where movie logos are seen at my old house. This is one back in 1993. I saw the 1990 Universal logo with an MCA copyright date, and another 1990 Universal logo with an MCA copyright date in Roman numerals. Here is another one: Back in 1994, I remember seeing the 1984 MGM/UA Home Video logo in 3-D. It comes out of my old TV. It had Leo roaring, this time using the 1982 lion roar. I see Leo roaring. Before Leo roars. I mute it, but I turned the volume back on. I turned off the TV afterwards. A 3rd one: Back in 1997, I remember the credits coming, then into the 1993 WGBH logo. However, it is in slow-mo. I just turned off the TV as well.

MechaKingghidoraFan: I had a dream that the Walt Disney Home Video 1991-1999 Feature Presentation logo's music played over the 1986-2000 WDHV logo (albeit the music was extended). Creepy...

ncarw: On September, I danced on the WGBH logo, but then, somebody danced on the WB Shield and then, an ugly V of doom crashed the studio wall. Another dream this month (in October) I played chess by myself. But then, I saw Nathan B. coming to where I was. Blake was happy to see me. But then, an SSF came but then, used the V of Doom to scare the SSF away.

kidinbed: After puppygnu109694 moved, I saw a DiC Kid in Bed. Newave went to Retrojunk but the V of Doom crashed and broke. Is it odd?FJK2344: In 1999, my dad had a dream when ncarw wore a V of Doom T-shirt. Leo started to roar. In August of 2009 and this year, I saw a yoyo that said Tristar. A Sony byline fell down below then went down. I threw the Tristar yoyo And the Sony byline away outside.

aidan6829: I had a dream about 3 strange versions of the DiC Kid In Bed logo. First, was the DiC text was small and wide and on the top of the screen. Second, was instead of zooming in on the window it was zooming in on the kid in bed. The kid in bed woke up and screamed. Third, was instead of zooming in on the window it was zooming in on a shelf. There were 2 items on the shelf. A jar and a stapler. The kid in bed woke up and pushed on the stapler.

Another one are 2 versions of the SSF. First, was there was Kermit's head saying, "Klasky Csupo". Second, was there was a small K-C logo above at the end of the logo with Kermit dancing.

Another one, was a Barney version of the 1993 Tristar logo with the SSF and the Sesame Street sign. The pegasus was jumping towards the Sesame Street sign and crashed to a light blue screen with Barney dancing. Barney runs over 123 Sesame Street apartment course, in the footsteps of 123 Sesame Street. Then Barney walks on the sidewalk, then pushes on the stroller with Baby Bop. Then crosses the street, here comes the Magic School Bus. Goofy (Goofy is a Disney character) wears boots and jeans, a T-shirt and a jacket. Then the pegasus comes saying Tristar Films as the SSF comes.

ComedyCentralLover2: I had a dream of where I was in my room, and I had a collection of Fifi and the Flowertots DVD's. I put one of them on, and when it started, a still of the 2 entertain logo is seen with "Home Video" in red glowing lines a la the WALL-E styled Disney Interactive Studios logo. Then the 2 entertain warning came up. After that, the 1994-2006 VCI logo plays. Then the 2 entertain logo plays. Then the DVD menu begins and I choose "Play All". So so so so so so odd.........

And another one was I had a variation of the 2002 Nickelodeon Movies logo (not the Dog one, but the Sneezing). What was different visually was that there was a deep grumbling sound before the deep voice was about to sneeze and sneezed in the normal way in the real logo. Also, the music when the balls appear was...I think... a remix of the 2004 Nickelodeon Movies logo (not the Moons, but the Bubbles). At the end, the Nickelodeon ball turns to the Movies ball, and they shrink, while "NICKELODEON" changes to "NICK" and "movies" changes to "m" (short for "Nickelodeon Movies"). Also, it cross-fades to the Klasky Csupo rooster logo. Very odd...

Yet another one was where I had a dream of the Nelvana logo, but the BBC Toybox logo as seen on its videos and on New Toybox (I got it again because it was broken and we gave it away) replaces the Nelvana logo. It came on Timothy Goes to School and has a weird 7-note tune and I think the byline "NOT A Corus ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY!" is under it. That was completely odd...

And another, was when I was on the Sega website and I saw an odd looking Sega logo with the audio high pitched and I saw a description telling us the logo like the Wetpaint sites.

Another dream was the scariest of all dreams than everybody else's. I am watching a DVD, and the 1984 LBS "Unfolding Letters" logo came on, with the usual music. When the last note of the music comes in, the music bends up at a high pitch, then the entire logo explodes! (I watched this twice.) This may be perfect for a Monster LBS logo, but really odd and SCARY too.

And now, another one was where I had a Disney DVD logo after the real DDVD logo. It was a black space background with the logo in light purple, and I think it animates like the 2002 logo, and I think the byline says "THE MAGIC IN HIGH-DEFINITION", and Tinkerbell is in her 2007 style. The music remained, however.

MattBr: I had one earlier this week, a variant of the 1995 variant of the 1988-2006 Paramount Home Entertainment logo, except "Paramount" was replaced by "Public TV for" and "/\ VI/\COM COMP/\NY" was replaced by "E/\ST TENNESSEE". After that, "SUPPORTED BY VIEWERS" replaced "FEATURE PRESENTATION". Also, the announcer said "We are pleased to bring you public TV for east Tennessee".

Another was that of the 1991-2006 Universal Cartoon Studios logo, except "UNIVERSAL" was replaced by "SOUTH CAROLINA" and "CARTOON STUDIOS" was replaced by "EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION". Also, the background was the outline of South Carolina against a green background.

5/1/2011 Update: One I just had, it began with a black screen with blue text saying "YOU ARE WATCHING THIS PROGRAM VIA VHS". Then it cut to the "ALSO FROM" variant of the 1986 WDHV logo, but "ALSO" was censored and Bryan Cummings said, "****** from Walt Disney Home Video." (the asterikts is where he normally says "Coming" but it has been censored. Then it cut to the intro of some Shirley Temple film in sepia. Then suddenly the tape fast forwarded by itself and it stopped at the final minutes of the credits and then the normal 1986 WDHV logo played in reverse, but during it, the tape froze and this appeared on a black screen: "An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button, remove the VHS, then cut the VCR's electricity Please contact Walt Diznee Home Video for information via telephone."

8/8/2011 Update: Just had another one, this one I was watching the credits of 2 Stupid Dogs, the Hanna-Barbera logo came on as usual but instead of the Turner Program Services logo there was a strange logo. It started out as the 2002-2010 Regal Entertainment policy trailer but there was no dashboard and the concessions were replaced by planets. Then after the roller coaster passed by the futuristic hall, it zooomed in onto Earth and then onto downtown Detroit. Then "A WTVS Detroit Presentation" appeared in a manner similar to the "V of Doom", then "in association with" faded in, then it cut to the 1983-1996 Georgia Public Broadcasting logo, which then cut to the 1993-1999 PBS Kids logo.

And had another one, a new WGTE 60th Anniversary logo that was similar to the 2010 20th Century Fox logo. The camera pan showed the Toledo, Ohio skyline at dusk, then showed a structure that read from top to bottom: wgte (in the same font as their current logo), TV 30 and TOLEDO. "A News Corporation Company" instead read "Public Television for Northwest Ohio". Then it panned up and then it was like the "Celebrating 75 Years" portion of the 2010 20th logo but the light streaks drew "60" instead of "75". Then Yoshi, Toad, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Mario, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Birdo, Koopa, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Speedy, Tom, Jerry, Garfield, Odie, Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole all said "Celebrating 60 years of providing public TV to northwestern Ohio". Then it ended.

Another one had many logos! I put in disc 3 of a four-disc Super Mario World DVD set, then the 2nd Cinar logo animated as usual, then "HOME VIDEO" faded in beneath "CiNAR". Then the 1997 Disney warning (VHS variant) came on, then the 2nd Strand Home Video logo appeared, followed by the Golden Book Video "Goldenvision" logo appeared. Then the menu appeared, I pressed "Play", then the 5th Coporation for Public Broadcasting logo appeared, then it cut to the 4th Connecticut Public Television logo appeared, then the Super Mario World opening intro began, but at the end, the title card morphed into a fire hydrant, the pink BG turned black and it culminated into the final part of the opening intro of 2 Stupid Dogs. Then the Super Mario World episode Cave Christmas played, followed by an episode of the revivals of Secret Squirrel that appears on every episode of 2 Stupid Dogs. Then the credits of Super Mario World played, then the 1992 MTM logo appeared, then the Viacom "Wigga-Wigga" logo played, then the menu appeared again. The oddness was way off scale!

1/19/2012 Update: Last night I had a dream that Yoshi and I were about to see The New Looney Tunes Movie (fictional movie, so don't go find a showtime for it!) at the Merrie Melody Jellystone Stadium 10 theaters in Woodhaven, MI. The 2010 Merrie Melody Theaters policy trailer appeared. Afterwards the Warner Bros. Pictures logo appeared, then for some reason Tom & Jerry ran into the camera room and knocked over the projector! Then a silent 2004 Merrie Melody Theaters policy appeared, then these words appeared: "Movie not found. We are sorry. This screening has been cancelled until further notice". From this point on everything was funny randomness! Snoopy tripped over the projector and crashed through the glass onto the auditorium floor, then Kamek came in through the broken glass and teleported me (and Yoshi) to the concession stand where I saw: Penelope Pitstop being held hostage by Iggy Koopa, then Red Green came in and saved Penelope; all three Powerpuff Girls flying out of the arcade, then a Wiggler entered and then left with Penelope, Charlie Brown appeared and kicked a football that was on the ceiling, then the dream ended! 3/9/2012 Update: Another one last night, this time a new Hanna-Barbera logo came on twice! It was on a black background. I think it had a red "hb." There was also a black bar, possibly a useless byline was beneath. One of the times, I think another byline appeared on the bar.


I had some CTW dreams.

1.I was watching the credits of sesame street, and I was eating a donut. Instead of the logo, there was a weird commercial. I ran out of the room, screaming with a mouthful of donut.

2. I was watching the house of boredom logo, and it kept repeating. After a couple of times, it went hey baby to MY MOM!

3. It was justa new logo that was kinda long...

I also had a dream where me and my dad were playing monopoly and the credits for gumball was on, then, an ssf in g major turned on. It sounded like Jimpachi from tekken 5(Does anybody know what im talking about?) then I said that was weird.

NickMatt94: Here is a list of logos that appeared in my dreams:


I watched a VHS of "Quack Pack". When I pressed the Pause button by accident, I had a staring contest with Donald Duck in that Feature Program logo. After 30 seconds, I came closer to Donald Duck's face and his eyes turned red. Then Donald Duck said "Aw darn born NAZI!" and I tried to press the Power button on the remote, but the TV wouldn't turn off. Five minutes later, Donald Duck turned into a zombie who stared at me. Then the tape caught on fire and A Error 404 Screen Appeared, then I fixed it. That was a NIGHTMARE!!!


I saw the red words "Walt Disney" from the 1986 Walt Disney Home Video engraved on my white T-shirt. I went to my pet Ickis' room and screamed "AAAAHH!!!" There is something ugly in my white T-shirt!" Ickis took the logo off my T-shirt, then a blue spotlight above him turned on and he did Sorcerer Mickey's pose from the 1986 logo. A spark flew out of Ickis' hand and wrote the words "Walt Disney" in a red Walt Disney Script font. Ickis said "Coming from Walt Disney Home Video", then a preview of The Rescuers Down Under is shown on the TV in my bedroom.

After the preview, the 1989 Feature Presentation logo appeared in red and zoomed out of the TV screen. The Feature Presentation logo's music was replaced with the 1960s Constantin Film logo's music. When the last note of the 1960's Constantin Film logo's music plays, the whole room shake and I screamed "AAAAHH!!!" again. The Tape Broke And The Film Inspector Gadget 2 Played In Sepia And It Ended!


The Face sang "The Lone Ranger" by Quantum Jump. When the song was almost finished, the Fists said "Thank you! Thank you!" in Elvis Presley's voice and I zoomed out to reveal Elvis watching a TV, saying "This show ain't no good", and turning it off.


1. Nickelodeon Box Bumper (1993-1998)

The face was singing "Disco Band" by Scotch. When the song was finished, the face faded out. Mickey then appeared on the box, saying "That was a good song, Mr. Face!".

2. MGM Tanner the Lion (1934-1953) and MGM Television (1959-1961?)

I watched a VHS of a MGM movie, then the MGM 1934-1953 logo came on, but Tanner roared 10 times. I lowered the volume, but Tanner then roared very loud. At Tanner's 5th roar, the 1959-1961 MGM Television music played and i screamed "AAAHHH!"

3. Nintendo (Mario Kart 64 Variant)

I was watching a video of the Nintendo logo seen on Mario Kart 64, but the Nintendo logo was silver. At the end, the logo didn't faded to white. Instead, the logo zoomed in, breaking the screen. After that, the Nintendo logo stopped spinning, but it then exploded.



First when i was 2 years old i had a dream that i was in my car stroller watching tv in the living room then A Paramount logo appeared it had two bylines(?) On each side ,they were moving from side to side ,i heard the nick jingle (NI-NICK-NICK-NA-NICK-NICK-NICK!) I was scared.

Another one I had when i was 4 years old, is that I saw the Golden Book Family Entertainment logo (With the G reading the book),, but then the G jumped out of the TV! I started dancing with it.

I also had a dream last year about a new EB film company logo, I don't renember it that much but I think it had a charecter from the EB books reading, the text "EB Film Company" was below it.

I also had a dream in which I was watching TV with my Chickens (Yes, I have 5 chickens) and I saw the Revue logo (The Film Camera one).


Last night I had a dream that i was watching The 90's Are All That then I saw a Nickelodeon Studios logo, but it was diffrent, The logo had Chickens in it playing around the studio! Also there were Fish swimming in the Universal fountain!

more TBA!

LogoFanatic2011: I remembered once I think in 2007 or 2006, that i had this dream that i was watching Youtube and saw this variant of the 1957 MGM Logo it looked like the one from Strange Brew but with Leo in the logo, I think he did three or two roars then after words he fades to a text inside the circle saying I think 50 years of great entertainment. then it faded out.

Lukesams: I recently had a dream when I was watching the end of a Big Time Rush episode on a Big Time Rush DVD one afternoon. What was unusual was that instead of the 2009 Nickelodeon Productions logo, the TriStar Television logo from 1995 was seen, but the music was borrowed from the 2000 Disney Channel Originals logo. After that, the pegasus morphed into a green slimy substance. Then, the logo cut to the 2003 Warner Bros. Animation logo, the 1984 KingWorld logo, and the 1971 PBS logo. When, the 1971 PBS logo ended, the screen faded to white and the 1965 Screen Gems logo zoomed in, causing the DVD to play 104 SpongeBob episodes. That was very wierd.

offcampusstudent1993: There was this one dream I had last year. While watching a Jim Henson Video tape, I saw a Feature Program logo which was a modified version of the Feature Presentation logo as seen on "Muppet Classic Theater". The music was the same as the one heard on "Wish Upon a Starfish", the 1992 WDHV music with the announcer saying "And Now, Our Feature Program".

In 2004, I had this dream where there was the 1985 Warner Home Video with the "AOL Time Warner" byline. Such a rare variant to see.

TheBigLogoFan: I was watching the credits of a show (I forgot which one), so after this, it went to the Viacom Pinball logo. I had my captions on, and there were two captions during the logo. One said "(VIACOM PINBALL THEME MUSIC)", while the other said (I think) "(WEIRD SOUND EFFECT)". When the final note came in, the logo zoomed out ever furthur on a black screen with the last note replaced by an ascending in pitch sound effect.


I had a dream where I was watching Garfield & Friends, I expected the 20th Television logo at the end, but instead, the TCF Television 1960 logo played in colour! I danced to the theme, because it sounded more beautiful than ever! Then the THX Moo Can logo played, but Tex was replaced by Arlene! I saw a logo called MGM Animated Entertainment, with Leo at the top... just like the Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment logo! I watched Top Cat with my pet Ickis, at the end, the Turner Program Services 1993 logo played, then Warner Bros. Television played. A Castle Rock Television logo played, then the Viacom "Wigga-Wigga logo" played. Keegan Strain Productions proceeded it, then Jaybird Films played. We saw Fred Flintstone smoking a cigarette on a "Turner Adult Cartoons" logo, and then Leo from the No More Ladies trailer smoking a cigar. On Johnny Bravo, the Cartoon Network Studios logo played, but Ickis noticed that this variant had the ViD mask trying to scare Johnny, then the MGM 1928 logo played and then the Nickelodeon Box ident. It stormed and rained, Dish Network had it's Complete Signal Loss thingy: But here were the listings: 1. To be doomed by the ViD mask, press 5. 2. To kill turkey, press # 3. To watch TV, watch ViD mask for 10 hours. 4. But Wait! Button 3 Rules! 5. Call Dish you idiot to fix this problem. T-Bone & Razor pressed the 5 button, and me & Ickis got scared. But we changed the channel to TCM then changed it back to Boomerang, on Boomerang, they played PPG with the DiC logo and the CiNAR logo at the end. Me and the Fire Ickis went to bed at 10:30pm.

1/14/12: I had a very long dream. The MGM 2008 logo appeared on my TV, then it was followed by the 20th Television logo. Then a Simpsons short came on to be a filler. After that it was followed by the Gracie Films logo. The a screen with "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" appeared. Then followed by the 20th Century Fox Television logo from the 1980s. Then followed by the Warner Bros. Pictures logo and the Cartoon Network Studios logo. Then, Tom & Jerry run into my house, and for some reason everything is funny randomness. Charlie Brown falls down from the ceiling, and then Popeye punches Rick Astley while Hong Kong Phooey wheres a V of Doom shirt causing the VID mask to scream and run away. Then Charlie Brown kicks a football without missing a hit, then a pencil test version of Gorosaurus from the Godzilla movies smashes a Coke can while Mario beats up Popeye. All of the MGM lions break into the house and drink the root beer. Then Neon Mickey and the SSF come in . The Golden Book Family Entertainment G says, "BE QUIET! I'M TRYIN' TO READ!" Then the dream ended.

3/28/12: Last night, I was watching videos of the SSF. But then Kermit The Frog jumped out of the computer! Kermit said that the logos need help. Me and Kermit were in the logo of SSF. But only the blob was there. Then, the SSF popped up and gave us a map. Then the SSF ran away. Then I saw the BND logo from 1990, but BND wasn't there. I strangely wake up from the dream while Kermit is talking to me.

4/29/12: I had a dream that I was digging through VHS tapes at a Pawn Shop. I bought a tape marked "DUMBO". And the copyright was strangeley 1984. Whenever me and Fire Ickis ran the tape on a VCR, the Walt Disney Classics prototype logo appeared. But then a screen says "This VHS tape of the motion picture Dumbo is an exsclusive edition released by MGM/UA Home Video. Currently Disney is finding new productions to distribute. We will show you alot of the productions' logos at the end of this tape so you can call and vote which company can distribute this vido tap bi Diznee." Those typos got me confused. Could this be an evil Dumbo tape? Then when in the middle of the movie when Pink Elephants On Parade a creepy Intermission sign popped up. "THIS IS AN INRMSON. U CN FT FOWERD IF U WT." And I was like What in the world. Then a bunch of logos like GoldenVision, MGM/UA, Paramount, and a bunch of other logos popped up. And then at the end of Pink Elephants On Parade the logos went crazy and had a sonic explosion filled with rainbows and logos. Me and Frie Ickis were really scare, it was a logo NIGHTMARE!

I had one where the MGM 1987 (1995 variant) logo played, but after Leo's final roar, lots of cartoon characters popped up and said, "Happy Birthday!!!" to Leo. Leo looked directly at the camera, I became worried and pointed at myself, I had NO idea what in the whole universe was going on. Leo smiled and said, "Come join the party!", I was inhaled into the Television... I was at an Oz-like town, it looked like Munchkinland... I went inside Leo's lion pride and proved I was a new member. Tom & Jerry were at a Go-Kart race, I joined in, but don't believe it, Jerry won even though he had the smallest. Leo took the gang a tour of Jackie, Coffee, and other lions. When it was almost dinner, I waved [bye] at Leo. Leo replied, "Thanks. And please come back." That was it.

11/11/12:Thomas Kong62704(aka Globe): I have a dream in the logo, the ntt logo crash from the "Pictures" on the black background, Me scared in the room.

I had one in the golden book video, scary gold logo in the black backgournd, zooming in, I Scared "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!", I Feeling SSGZL(Super Scary Golden Zooming Logo)

"Brody Holton"

5/26/13 i had a dream that i will see Moose A Moose ans Z Bird at the Noggin logo with charechter like. Sonic. Manic. Me (in Sonic Underground). and more said "Were are happy to see you back Noggin!" to the logo. Mosse and Z, directly looked at the camera, I becamed worried and pointed at myself, I had NO idea what in the universe was going on. Moose smiled and said "Come and join the party!" and Z blinked 2 times making a blink sound. I was inheled into the television... I was at a Paramount logo that the mountain looks ugly and the words "A Paramount Picture" is on the logo and when it was almost lunch time, i waved (bye) at Moose,.Moose replied, "Thanks, and please come back." and z blinked 3 times. that was it. PolarJack77: I had 15 dreams that had Logos. 1. I was on a Fiary they have a Fictional show "The New Adventrues of Sonic The Heghog" The Credits were going and Knuckles says "The New Adventrues of Sonic the Heghog is the Pordutchion of The Childerns Television workshop" It had Sonic and Amy holding the Ctw Plaqe logo. The backruond had trees landscape as a Heart and Sonic was wearing a tux with pants and Amy was wearing a Sparkily dress that is white of course! And it Scared me! 2. This looks some censorsed pokemon episode to you! So Here it is! Me and my sister was watching a Pokèmon movie it was a new Pikachu the movie logo it had Lumeouse City a Pokèball was bouncing it bounce on Ash causing Ash to trip boucning on Clamont's head and Pikachu and Froakie where chasicng and landing on Serana butt the Pokèball opening revealing the Pikachu the movie logo.

Toby Whistler

One day, I had many weird dreams. My first dream was the WHV "Cheesy Shield" logo, but the shield was replaced with the SB logo and the text read "Shaw Bros. Home Video". My second dream was the Viacom "V of Doom" logo, but for some reason the background was black and the V was red. My last dream was the second PBS logo, but then, the background turned white, the text turned black, the B turned red and the P-Head pulled out a microphone and began to sing "Rock, DUDEEEE!". My dreams ended when I woke up.

The next day, I was watching the end of Rugrats on Nickelodeon, but I remembered the Klasky-Csupo logo at the end. The SSF was replaced by Eric from Go!Animate and the text read "ERIC ROCKS!". Then, the DiC "Kid in Bed" logo appeared, but then, the kid got out of bed and went downstairs. Finally, the VID TV logo appeared, but the mask was replaced by my head. Then, the Tails Doll from Sonic R came in and burnt my house.

WalkingBird: For one reason or another, i had a dream of the Nelvada logo, but the whole thing is replaced with ice, and a angry Polar Bear roaring and growling, and there was a star on the ground!

Databrawldude90000: I had a dream (not real so please don't mind.) Where I got a Nintendo switch. When I started it up, The V of Doom played, It was coming out of my screen. And then randomness happens, Where Proto appeared out of nowhere, Saying, "Antivirus is not enough, You need protegent." And then killing super why, which is also killing 1999 Super why. And then when The V of Doom smashed out of my screen, White bomberman appeared. Saving me instantly. Nintendon't: So last night i had a nightmare. I was watching a Greeny Phatom rant. Episodes of the show played like normal, y'know. The first "logo" was some rotating 8-bit head in the middle of a white background. There was nothing but the rotating head in the logo. And then out of nowhere, there is a mashup of the Sony Wonder logo and that rotating head logo i just told you about. The ranter said something like "i think there will be klasky csupo" or the opposite. And then a static purple screen faded in. I knew it was the Klasky Csupo SSF logo. And if you know me well, the SSF is the scariest thing ever to me. So i tried to close to my eyes, it didn't work. I tried again and gladly i could close my eyes before anything happened in the SSF logo. Actually i think i covered my eyes, but whatever. Gladly i could not see anything or even hear anything. The nightmare stopped after that, i didn't even have to wake up! I hope to never get a nightmare like that AGAIN.

Hostess9: I had a dream, I was watching Gumball, And i saw the BND Logo, and it was replaced with a blue ball, it was going very faster, and the mask was replaced with Gumball‘s face, then I ran away from my house

Timpbskid: Last night, I had a dream where I was watching The Amazing World of Gumball. At the end, a strange Cartoon Network logo appeared. It can a be a earthquake closing. I noticed a earthquake in my city, and I survived it along with my family. My house survived. The dream ended.

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