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Several logos have been referenced and/or spoofed in other media, often with humorous results. Here's a list of some of them in the fictional world.

The Amorim Nazario Show[]

The Rolling Ball Amorim Nazario logo and a animated version of the Klasky Csupo, Inc. Splaat logo are the main characters of the show. They are rivals in the show.

Transformation Abridgedmy[]

In Rog the Best's second abridged series, both in order and in popularity, Transformation Abridgedmy, based on the El Kadsreian-Japanese kadsreanime series, Transformation Academy, a few logos have been parodied .

In the episode, "The Fox and the (Wolf)hound", Eiji Fukisawa (voiced by Jershey's) comments on Hatsumi's fox-form, thinking to himself that Hatsumi looks like a 21st century fox. The 21st Century Fox logo theme plays sped-up as Eiji says '21st century fox'.

In the abridged version of Transformation Academy Prequel: The Lost Past of Korowa ("Abridgedmy Presents: Korowa's Other & Forgotten Life"), an intro parodying both the THX Broadways & 20th Century Fox logos respectively plays before the episode. The digitally mastered text now says, "NOT Digitally mastered for optimal video and audio performance", and the THX logo now says, "MEME", and the text above and below the logo now says, "BECAUSE IT'S A" and "BOOMERS", respectively. The Blender Matt Hoecker model of the 20th Century Fox logo is used and the text now says, "ROG THE BEST PICTURES PRODUCTIONS STUDIOS CORPORATION PRESENTS".


In the scene where The System (played by Marceline Abadeer) is explaining Wendy Watts' (played by Connie Maheswaran) plans in front of a wall of TV screens, the 1999 Nick Jr. Productions logo can be seen on one of the screens.

Little Robots[]

In the Christmas special "A Very Sparky Christmas", during the scene where the Sparky Twins meet Father Christmas’ reindeer, when Sparky One asks them about Rudolph and Prancer responds saying that he is on holiday, showing them a postcard with a picture of Rudolph relaxing in a hammock at a beach, the calypso music in the background is to the tune of the 1968 Rankin-Bass Productions logo fanfare.

In the episode "And Baby Makes Three", aside from the broken baby robot Tiny eventually repairs and the Sparky Twins eventually find and raise as one of own, one of the things that falls from Stretchy's junk chute is the 1997 BBC logo in the form of toy building blocks, colored to match the three streaks on the flag of the BBC. US airings on PBS Kids edit out the first B and the C and replace them with a P and an S, making the blocks spell “PBS” instead.

Big Shiny Toons[]

Near the end of the episode "Telly's Hints", what follows Telly's episode-long Blue's Clues parody is a spoof of the 1996 Nick Jr. Productions logo, featuring the "Kangaroo and Joey" logo variant with the copyright notice replaced with text reading "Sleep with one eye open, Garrett..." (This is a reference to how Garrett Kensley, one of the show's creators, was once afraid of the aforementioned variant in his youth.)

Nick Jr (BST)

The character Terrence has a neon sign shaped like the 1997 MuchMusic logo in his bedroom. (This is a reference to how MuchMusic was the creator of the Big Shiny Tunes rock compilation album series on which the show was based.)

In the two-part episode "Wherefore Art Thou, Qubo?", Telly and his pet land whale Miss GoGo attempt to boycott The E. W. Scripps Company and start a petition to try to get Qubo to come back, much to the annoyance of Terrence who, after snapping from the need Qubo fans have for it to be revived and the hatred they had for Scripps solely for shutting the channel down, scams Telly and his newfound Qubo fan friends into a Fear Factor-esque reality show he created called "Torture For Qubo". Throughout the episode, recreations of both the Qubo and E. W. Scripps logos are seen numerous times, the latter to a lesser extent of the former. The Qubo logo looks more like a Rubik's Cube, with a 3x3 grid design on each of the three visible sides of the cube, with white on the top, black on the left side, and blue on the right side, and the "qubo" text is written in a Comic Sans-esque font. (Terrence is seen taking his annoyance out on a Rubik's Cube resembling the show's version of the Qubo logo at the end of the first part by smashing it to bits, then smashing another cube in Telly's face when he reveals his reality show was a trap made to torture Qubo fans.) The E. W. Scripps logo is lime green instead of blue and has a more-realistic outline of a lighthouse (reminiscent of the one used in the pre-1985 logo) as opposed to the more abstract design used in the original, and the "SCRIPPS" text is written in the Futura font.

Little Robots: The Great Robot Adventure (2005)[]

An Easter egg on the DVD release is an “Alternate Fox Opening” that depicts the 20th Century Fox logo playing normally before breaking down, with Tiny coming in to fix it. This is an obvious homage to THX’s first “Tex” trailer.